Zig pen won't dry!

Over 40 hours ago I used a Zig Pen to put a 1/8" taped-off pinline on a hot coat that was sanded to 220 grit and the ink is still not completely dry! If I touch the pinline some of the black smears onto my hand and the pinline is messed up. Has anyone else experienced this? The pen I used is the Zig Writer, which is a 2-ended pen that has 0.5mm fine and 1.2mm bullet tips. I used the bullet tip end. I’ve never used Zig pens before so I don’t know if I’m using the wrong Zig pen or what is going on. The board has been in a warm, dry spot in my garage this whole time, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

I was going to spray the board with clear acrylic from a can but I don’t think it would be wise to do this on the still-wet pinline. Also, I can’t wipe the dust off the board to prep it for spraying since this would smear the pinline. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Howzit Glide, Those are not the same Zig Pens I used, but I know someone who had the same problem with the type of zig you used. The Zig pens you want are single tipped and the body of the pen is metal I think with a 6mm wedged tip.Aloha,Kokua

Thank you very much for your reply. I think I’ll try to wipe the ink off with acetone and try to find the pen you mention.

My other thought is to try painting on the sanded hotcoat with black acrylic paint and then cover it with clear acrylic spray but I don’t know if that’s as durable. I would do a resin pin line but I don’t want that look on this particular board.

Dang it. I just used a double ender for my pin lines. (2mm/ 5mm wedge) I hope it dries. Any hits to make it stick- Kokua? Hair dryer’d it a bit. might have to get midevil on this sucker

Possibly Zig is using idfferent inks in similar pens. I was using the 2mm side of a 2/5mm pen the other day and sure enough it didn’t dry very well. Dried enough to gloss it though, but don’t touch those rails son! I did try one of the 0.5 mm single tip pens. It dried to the touch, no smear after only 20 minutes or so.

I have used the Zigs that don’t seem to dry (Zig Calligraphy and Zig Textile Marker) - looks kind of dry but smudges if you touch it - and have sprayed acrylic over the pins with no problems. Have also glossed over them with poly resin - both with and without a light acrylic sealer before glossing.

Wipe as much dust off as you can without touching the pins, if poly resin - put some acetone on the rag…blow off the rest with a compressor, but not too hard - 40 to 50 psi max.

If you’re worried, do a small test on another (old) board - just draw a small line on a sanded bottom and spray or resin over to see if it works. Beats trashing a whole new pin if you don’t have to…



Should have directed my reply to you - didn’t realize the original post was so old - never look at those dates…