Zig pens

Just wondering which type of zig pens everyone uses. I plan on using the model posterman or scroll and brush. Also, how do the pin lines come out. I want to draw the pin lines in and then resin over them. Thanks.

Howzit RIsurfer, When I could get them I used the easy writers with a 6mm wedge tip. Now I refill them with India ink since they’re no longer available here.Aloha, Kokua

How do you refill them?

Howzit Soren, I punch a small hole in the bottom and fill with a filler that I had from one of those printer ink cartridge filler kits,then duct tape over the hole. The best thing I’ve found about india ink is it doesn’t bleed when you gloss over it. If you want to refill a Posca pen, just pull the felt tip out and fill,they don’t hold much so be careful. Aloha, Kokua