Zip pens (Help)

Need advice. My wife is about to use Zip pens on a sanded finish. BUT she has penciled in the outlines of the artwork. There’s a lot of graphite on the board. How will this effect the finished product? Kokua? anyone?? Also, what about the little hand marks that have already accumulated on the sanded finish? Can we just Zig over them and then matte acrylic? Thanks, Rob Olliges

Howzit Rob, No sweat, one nice thing about Zig pens is after your wife finishes the art work and the ink is dry,real dry, you can wash the board with soap and rinse the soap off, your graphics should be okay. That will also take off the graphite and hand prints. If by chance any art work does come off just redo it. If when she does the art she needs to do any recoating make sure the first coat is completely dry before before a second coat, other wise some will wash off. This also true when using Posca pens or India ink. You may have read my posts about refilling pens with india ink,that’s because I can’t buy Zig pens on Kauai any more. Aloha, Kokua