Zippi fish slot technology

Hello folks,

Is this a design worth considering, or something of a fad ??  I guessing the whole idea behind this is to reduce water tension (channels) ??  What would happen if the slot was extended to the middle of the board ??  Pluses or minuses, I want to hear it all....


Thanks, Skip ....

Got a picture dude?

Or did you attach one and I cant see it ?

    Some I’ve seen the concave is so minimal that I doubt its effect. For channels and such to work their has to be some depth, say 1/2" or more.  

Foils- It is a single channel that funs out the swallowtail of the fish from 12" or so.


Look for the red fish.  It's faint ...  It seems to start just in front of the fins...   


Thanks for the pic Huck, reminds me of Larry Bertleman boards from the 80's when he had 2 short sharp channels in the tail of his twin fins.

 Does it work ?