4 Way Fin System - feedback???

Does anyone have any experience with this fin system? I’m looking at having it put on a new board. I’m not very excited about the small amount of contact area compared to a Future Fin system for example, does it have a lot of hold? I find it interesting that you can fine tune the performance of a board.

Thanks for the feedback!


Okay, there doesn’t seem to be much familiarity with this fin system. Let me tweak the question a little. Since I can’t get a bunch of boards shaped for me and have fin positions tweaked to my specifications little by little, would there be a benefit to having a fin system that allows forward and back, tilt, and angle changes? Or is it just better to have the fins set as the shaper feels best for the board and go surf it. Is it a benefit or a gimmick? www.4wfs.com



I think Bert was using them a while back, might be wrong, have a search in the archives. Personally I reckon adjustability is great, unless you can have a new board shaped each time you want to try a different fin setup.

we got blown off by the US rep when we inquired about how to get some to try.

I guess amateur bozos like us don’t rate.

You can’t go wrong with the probox guys you just won’t get the toe-in adjustment.

Lokbox would probably give you better customer service as well if you can get the fins as your local surf shop.

if you want a self adjusting system drop blakstah a line

even dave as small as he is treated us with more respect than we got from the 4WFS rep.

looks interesting but I think access to parts would be a challenge.

I’ve used them in 5 of my boards so far.

Installation : really easy…the jigs are well usable and accurate, glassing them in is child’s play.

In use: really good - liked them a lot - it taught me a huge amount about fin placement and its effect…truly amazing how toe - in can change the way your board rides completely with a tiny change…

I’d say try 'em Gringo!

Haven’t tried them but the aussie and NZ reps both got back to me the next day when I sent them an e-mail. Even got an e-mail from the US rep who was covering for Paul the NZ guy who was doing a Bali trip. Their prices seemed pretty comparable to most of the other systems available here. I’ll probably try a set or 2 to see how they go.

lovely bernie

thanks for that

when will they ever learn

some manufacturers and wholsalers are so damm ignorant at the power of web2

in the near future online communities will not only have a say

but will make or break a company

4wfs sales rep blows off respected swaylock veteran and compsand tech developer

OTAYs trolling makes surftech look so much like A holes, you would assume its actually there opposition posting as OTAY

standard surf industry stuff imo

i dont trust anyone and i dont tell anyone in the industry anything about my builds anymore

maybe a bit harsh

however first impressions count

and to have a sales rep that isnt the most friendly helpful guy in the universe

is a big mistake

we got blown off by the US rep when we inquired about how to get some to try.

I guess amateur bozos like us don’t rate.

You can’t go wrong with the probox guys you just won’t get the toe-in adjustment.

I don’t see why Probox inserts cannot offer a 1/16" change or so. It would require a 3/4 mm change in toe at the ends of the inserts. It would seem VERY do-able. That is pretty close to the relevant range for fine-tuning a board. It oughta tighten down exactly the same.

Contact 4wfs directly instead. I got my set from the former european rep. who was almost to helpful…

Actually the Australian guys were really cool. It’s the US distributor that let us down. Was supposed to get the prices for 5 boxes. The Aus. guy sent the US dist. a note to send me the costs. The US guy gave me an excuse about something then never sent me anything after that. I decided that it wasn’t worth it if they couldn’t even give me a simple cost estimate.

I drew up with a simple design for a box that has adjustable tow, cant, a little fore/aft movement, and it should be very easy to manufacture. I can’t let anyone see what I’m doing until I know it works. My brother thinks I’m nuts, but I know it’ll work. Who knows maybe some old timer has already tried it years ago.

I ordered a few sets directly from South Africa and I’m very happy with both the system and the service I got. The system is easy to install and it is great to be able to adjust the toe-in angle, especially when I use the same board for both surfing and kitesurfing. I don’t think the small base is a problem as it seems to give enough hold even for kitesurfing.


It would be nice if they could set up ordering directly from the website, and get their butts in gear making the inserts for different cant angles and the horizontal offset inserts the website has promised for over a year now … I had a several-week delay dealing with the US rep, but eventually got all the stuff I ordered…

It would be great if ProBox would develop/offer toe angle changes, like a box-within-a-box-within-a-box setup. One box for toe, one for cant…


i have used the 4 way fin system: www.4wfs.com for the last 5 years and have been impressed at it’s strength through it’s wider base (compared to futures) i also was super stoked when they provided me the HD-Block cost-effective solution for reef breaks and for directional kite-surfboards, the HD block made a huge difference given the stress-loads provided from the kite-surfers… I have used the HD block to solve all my twin fin issues i was having with fcs.

Because 4 ways is designed to break under high impact or stress the boxes have performed well over the years with more surfers breaking fins and their “Inter-Discs” than boxes themselves… but don’t get me wrong i have seen boxes come-out too…just had a lot more success with 4 ways than any other system not to mention the variable quality of PU foam as being a major contributor to most fin system’s failure that’s why i love the HD block…

The fine tuning aspect is unbelievable, 0.5mm movements will enhance board’s performance…

(included a small pic of the HD install)

Oh yes, seen some post about their service…well from my experience, they have gone out of their way here to service me… wouldn’t be surprized if u get contacted by 4wfs international regarding that US query.

Hi there AG, friend of mine asked me to join the discussion w.r.t 4 Ways www.4wfs.com as i have just returned from the Billabong WCT event in J-Bay, South Africa.

For sure there is a huge benefit in being able to fine-tune your surfboard for the different surfer and surf conditions alike.

besides the comprehensive information provided on our web-site, feel free to email me: deang@4wfs.com for any further information or questions you may have regarding the use of 4 ways in your next surfboards.



Hi there,

Please feel free to contact me directly on deang@4wfs.com if you are not getting the service you would like to have w.r.t any 4 way fin system related product.

The person to contact directly in California is George: tel 949-2930380.

I am not sure who you spoke to and the the details exactly w.r.t your enquiry but we at 4 Ways Int. pride ourselves on our product innovation, quality and service levels that we have developed over the last 5 years.

We are a company run by surfers for surfers and shapers alike, we know what you guys want and are passionate to deliver product when u need it.

For all others who potentially read this thread, please take our commitment to innovation and service seriously, if you don’t get an answer timeously or at all (for whatever reason) please contact info@4wfs.com as well as your local agent again via email, we will endeavour to reply within 24-48 hours on all orders and requests.

I trust this clears up any misconceptions out there.



Hi Dean, I contacted you back in March 2006. You were very helpful about giving me information about your system. You sent a note to George Mayou to give the costs for 5 boxes, fin sets and everything I’d need to install the boxes. I still have your emails.

Don’t mean to trash your company, but I never got those costs.

Harry Alama

Hi Blakestah, You are right we at Probox have been in R&D mode with Toe-in options for some time. The market is fairly new to all these options, I wanted to let the market experience the wide range of adjustments while we at Probox keep progressing to push the limits with a superior fin system and fin designs. When I go to manufactures now they blow their mines with all of the Probox options. We will keep you informed with new things as they happen! I will post more later next week after all my Probox orders from the Swaylockians and Distributors are shipped. Thanks for your close attention to fine detail Blakestah. Mahalo,Larry

I have 2 boards with them, one is a Gun from Deano, I was so impressed that I refitted an FCS to 4WFS.

Next board I will be shaping in September, maybe October - when winter sets in, and will be going for 4WFS side fins.

Contact dean direct in SA if the agent is giving you Gip

Blakestah, i noted your comments about 1/16 toe on the probox system. Have you ever tried 4 way fin system www.4wfs.com ? not only do they have all the other adjustments, but toe-in & out, which is pretty useful to have…anyway, just thought i’d ask if u had ever used 4 ways and if not…why not, as it is the best adjustable fin system in the world, i’ve ever seen. surfrat