5.8 Disc EDS #006 Glass er up!!!

I shaped this thing a few months back and the customer flaked on me (damn surfers)

I lam’d it up today with some colors. It didnt come out as I wanted but I like it

It came out good ,but the rails mudded, dark! here it is


pushin down the cut lap tape

all masked


the man and the subject

I wanted more reds and yellows…Oh well !

trimin the lap

and more

all trimed up

in case you want to know

ready for the deck patch

almost there

deck patch done

second deck layer ready


ok Im running out of resin

baste over the freelap

Iguess I will go and get some more resin tomarrow so I can sand coat her up

thats it for now

Nice looking cutlap. Bummer about the customer. Maybe get a deposit next time?

He was all hyped on this board and I wanted to shape it anyway so I did before our scheduled appointment time

then his dad passed away and he’s having a tough time dealing with it

he fell out of contact with most everyone, wont return calls ,etc…

But I’ll sell it to someone

heres some more pics

all routed and ready for boxs

heres a close up of the modified Probox router guides/box installation jigs

(ProboxLarry take note)

All poured

next step grind em down


Why do I have no attachment capabilities?


looks like this is the only way the other way seems to have disapeared


after further review, proboxlarry and myself are collaberating on a quad/twin fin setup

I will do the mods before the final polish

please stand by


Thats a fine looking disc you have there…Nice job on the resin work!! Enjoy it!

hey mudy

as you can see I didnt mix up enough reds and yellows to try and get it like yours…Oh well!

it came out pretty cool looking though

will post after I add the boxs and fins and polish


It turned out great!

I had three base colors to begin with. I laid out about 10 or so dixie cups then did a series of mini mixed batches(swirls) in each cup. Each cup would have dominant base color with just a slight dribble of the other two colors. Its an amazing feeling everytime you pull the resin and reveal the abstract swirl pattern.

Keep the pics coming.


Nice looking disc Ken…

When are you going to bring it in so we can check it out?

that is a weird looking shape. really wide tail. let me know how it goes, with that fin set up i bet it is really skatey and fun. beautiful glassing

hey guys

thanks for the props


I just started a hi dollar side job and that comes first

as soon as i get the additional fins and boxs I want to add on

And finish the side job I will get back on it and bring it in

I added more box’s

saw a 7 fin awhile back

said what the heck

stick out your neck

sanded to 220 ,need to polish

Ken, you’re a mad man. So that thing is only 5’8 huh? That puts those front boxes how far up from the tail? What sorts of configurations do you plan on first? Let the craziness ensue…is the board for you???