Yep, you heard right, a new model!     It's the PRESIDENT OBAMA SPECIAL, and because of the long title, it will be abbreviated, and hereinafter referred to as the P O S.   Not to be confused with that other POS, the pipeline olo special.    This new P O S has some serious limitations. It's WAAAAAYYY EXPENSIVE, the only color available is black and white, and it ONLY GOES LEFT.   If you try to take it in any other direction, it goes even FARTHER LEFT! ! !     It is also very thin skinned.     This P O S is not for everyone, some like it, but most have developed a dislike for it, since its limitations have become known.    I just don't understand those that still like this P O S.    But I do think they're really special, don't you?


Still trying to work out the bugs on my 50/50 model.

When it goes left, it tends to get squirrelly on steep sections, has a hard time making up it’s mind which line to take.

When it goes right, however, it just plows the same line over and over, collapsing a lot more sections then it makes.

For some reason, seems to work best when I just point the middle of the board straight at the beach.


Not going to contest any patents or copyrights here but my very first board was a P O S, and I think it’s safe to say my design is too hard to replicate for the mere mortal.

It wouldn’t even go right OR left, it was very advanced and only the very best riders need apply for a test run, most who tried skipped out on the first bottom turn and that was it!

I don’t know how I did it but I managed to jag my P O S on the first go.

Please PM me for orders, not only am I slow and rough but I’m also very expensive :slight_smile:

yours in shapes,


perfect for the subset cliffs

is chasm a left?

black and white placed right 

will be perfect for paddling with Orcas.

Like in greece the ‘orca at delphi’ another 

great left.north of dolphin tanks?

Are those bubbles blowing out 

that mersham pipe?


I think youre right

a POSpecial wouldn’t

work in La Jolla.


hey Bill

I get ya,,,,

maybe that P O S should be part of a sacraficial burning.

Awesome!   Bill!

Hey Bill maybe we can export them all to China!

Well, I say he deserves his own model about as much as a Nobel Peace Prize.  Oh, that’s right, he has one of those, too…   Mike

For those less informed: saw yer little post before…didn’t see it anymore…

(that’s pronounced** “dub ya”** for those of ya’ll less civilized folk)…he’s not a war monger…and never was…he is however a “Texan”
and when you mess with a Texan you want to always ensure you don’t bring
a knife to a gunfight… or try to kill his daddy… or murder
3000 innocent people…that would also be a bad thing to do to a Texan
cause he most definitely will carpet bomb a large continent to get some
payback bro…big time!    

         ** I …would… vote… for… his… dog… before… I …would… a… POS!**

But hey that’s just little ol’ unenlightened me…the guy that wore a uniform…and carried a gun…in 14 different countries…for twenty years…so dipshits can get a personal bailout and pretend… that we would all get along were we only nicer to the people who want to kill us…well that’s workin out really splendidly now isn’t it?

Hi Bill -

I had one of the very first models and even though it hasn't been ideal, I'm thinking of getting another.  With a bit of tweaking it might even turn out to be OK in a couple of years(?)  I hear they really rode nice during the top secret super stealth surf trip to the mysto spot known as OBL.

I checked out all of the new asymmetrical freakazoid boards that only go right and they definitely aren't for me.

Didn't the last 'only go right' model end up in the long run costing a bit more than the sticker price? 




I am not going mince words or speak in any kind of code. While I am not thrilled with the present administration, it will never change the fact that “W” is a lying moron and was an embarrassment to the office of POTUS. The war in Iraq was initiated through a series of blatant lies and fear mongering. The fact that he was ever elected to high office speaks poorly about the average American. Dumb-ass sheeple.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Hello Huie,


Where did you get the sheet cork? Pm if you prefer.





That must be why GITMO still contains the most dangerous criminals in the world.

That must also be why every single anti-terrorism measure created by his administration is still in full effect.

That must be the reason why we haven’t had another successful terrorist act on our soil.

Because hundreds of thousands of dead people, illegal aliens, and dipshits voted and hopey change has arrived.

That is one thing I will hang on W, he should have investigated what has ballooned into rampant voter fraud in this country. That should have been exposed and dealt with while he was in the WH.

People said the same stuff about Reagan…he was stupid…blah…blah…blah  They said those things because it’s easy to say and impossible to prove.  I just love how over the top lefties want to “capitulate” to whomever they fear at the time. 

…Nixon was a  mean spirited “crook”…but had the stones to end Vietnam and go to China! Reagan was considered “reckless” for standing up to the soviets and they called him a stupid puppet… George HW Bush…was a “wimp” but pulled the trigger on the most successful air campaign in the history of modern warfare.  “W” stood up and went to war to avenge a travesty of murder on the American People.

I will say this…there are one or two lefties that I do respect to some degree…William Jefferson Clinton…yep…any guy who had the guts to try to convince Hillary that a “Hummer” is not sex…now there is one brave lefty! Then of course is there is the “Holy Grail” of liberalism…a fine young man by the name of Kennedy…read his election platform sometime…you might even forget he was a liberal and by today’s standards…???

One little last tidbit…I always love how people want to hang the “war monger” slander on conservatives…POP QUIZ…Who committed the U.S. to more Wars and Combat related conflicts? EXTRA CREDIT…who won more…and or ended…more conflicts. Yes the cold war counts!

Alright, alright, I’m tired now and hafta get to bed so I can get up early, go to work and do some capitalist pig stuff tomorrow…somebody’s gotta pay taxes!


**Politics? **

Shit, which way did I turn?

**Oops, I’m in the wrong thread! **

Oh well, er… Bill, I will take TWO.

One Red, One Blue… don’t have the budget for a Green one.

Maybe NEXT year.

**…don’t expect much will change.

[quote="$1"] Didn't the last 'only go right' model end up in the long run costing a bit more than the sticker price?  [/quote]

No, it faded right, but turned left at critical times.    A serious error, and great disappointment to me.    But, far superior to the current train wreck by a long shot!

stick to what you know best or maybe talk to all your yuppie friends who buy popout sups from china but vote republican GOP [greed over principles].offshore banking ,derivates, federal reserve ,military industrial complex for all you vets who believe cause you served are somehow  given a soap box read what general Eisenhower said in one of his last addresses to the American people his fear of the military industrial complex,air america. bumper herion production in afganistan the last few years where does it all go?? truth you wouldnot want to know cause if you did then you have to act on it.surfing is such a selfish act let leave it at that and be grateful that you are not picking up your dead children off the streets, all in the name of exploiting resources!!! then again we are picking up our children on some strreets in America for our need for drugs!!! but thats another story for another time, now go mow some foam… godspeed

Reagan was a deceitful criminal. If I was able to get away with it, I would shit on his grave.

haaa’’   can i say something?

 nah it  will get the thread locked     (go billy)



** cheeres huie

to hell in a hand basket attitude

is the domain of a specific age group

what it  is based on edited memory.

Eisenhower’s quote was

‘beware the congressional military complex’

the olitical bovine fecal matter slung so adroitly

about on election years is even penetrating the 

surfing sub sub culture of swayloholia.May we

survive even this and be cleansed by simply goin’

surfin. Be it a presiding entity from the moon,texas,

arkinzaw,warner brothers , punahou,or yale … We 

will continue to be duped into thinking we have

any influence to select a president and therin

can absolve ourselves of any responsibility by making 

a single man a skapegoat for our imagined misery.


make a bitchin board ,and then ride it.

you can only do ,what you can do.


my father stopped voting

beacuse he lost faith after

ron and ollie refused to own

up to the chicanery.

he was a chief machinist mate

 and served in wwII ,the korean war

and was recalled to active duty by JFK

in 1961,some call it the cuban missle crisis

he went to saigon,

go figure that.

Go surfin ,its better…

surf for world peace,

arguing over scapegoats

is for the birds.


**not a new model  but a surfboard built with out the help of the surf industry **


5’ 11  infused nylon wood skin bottom.    duell density core no not from the surf  industry in any way.

nylon reinforced rails     reinforced spunbonded cork deck    5lb 4 oz strong as.

 oh and no performance lost .                     pu pe   dead in the water    except for my logs haa’’

**and no wax required    .


 cheers huie