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"all you vets who believe cause you served are somehow given a soap box"

HA HA! Love that line!

very nice Huie

A couple of thoughts, 

If you want it, buy it and pay for it.  The right wing wanted the war in Iraq, so they should pay for it.  The left wing didn’t so they shouldn’t.  Tax the right wing contributors to pay for their war.  Tax the rich, tax the wealthy.  Tax the oil companies.  Tax everyone who supported the war that they bought.

The left wing wants social supports, so they alone should bay for those.  The left wants amnesty for illegal aliens, so they should support them.  Adopt a family and move them into your Garage.  The left wants the teachers to never be fired, no matter what, so the left should pay to take care of every student that was failed by a teacher who should have found another job years ago.  Not sure on the left’s payment for the teachers that sexually abuse their students. But really, if the left wants perverts in the classroom, with no way to get rid of them, just so they can get campaign contributions from the teachers unions, let them pay for that.

Lastly, Obama didn’t get elected because of Bush.  Obama got elected because our choice was between him and McCain, with the fear that McCain wouldn’t survive four years, and Palin would become President.

So really, Everyone who supports Palin should pay for everything!  But good luck getting anything out of those trailer parks in Squirrel Hollow, Kentucky.


Wow, I’m glad I got up early and got this in before the thread lock!

I got mine right next to the GW BUshhog model.

In case you didn’t notice, the all suck


I was going to post that Goldwater quote. Someone I know put it on Facebook just this morning. It was juxtaposed with a Santorum quote. Fitting.


There is a guy in my area who is always writing letters to the editor in our local weekly paper. He is very right-wing and pretty narrow minded. He led a move to ban certain books in local schools. He rarely fails to mention that he’s a “Marine”, or to inject “Semper Fi” in his comments. I am always irked by those who think that certain things give them the moral high ground in a debate. Whether it be religion, military service, parenthood, whatever.

I was drafted in 1968. I make no claim to having superior knowledge or being on the side of “right” just because I wore a uniform for a few years. During my time in the Army, I was struck at how ignorant the average serviceman was. And please don’t give me that BS about “protecting our freedom” where it pertains to Iraq. They were never any threat to the US. Just like N Viet Nam wasn’t.

Speaking of taking a shit on a dead man’s grave makes you a coward.

All the "surfboard models of the past promised a level of performance and few of them delievered. This current model the “POS”, claimed to be the solution to all the problems of past models. It has failed. We should learn from our experiments. Maybe it is time to rack this “POS” model and try something different. I for one would rather surf a bedroom door than give this “POS” another paddle out.


He is the one who “shit” on an entire country, and the Constitution it is based on. He was a criminal, plain and simple.

I love it when folks cannot engage in a discussion via reasoned argument, and must resort to name calling and ad hominems.





(Waiting for the birthers to chime in, next)

Name-calling doesn’t help, but please explain your thoughts. 

I, for one, could easily think of many graves to desecrate.  I’m not cowardly, I just remember history and the infamous.

To desecrate the grave of someone is some how helpful to your cause? And yes, in my opinion it makes you a coward. Stop blaming the past, hold the present accountable and hope for a better future. It is alright to have different opinions, but some things are sacred. How can the grave of a dead man defend itself? To attack the defenseless is cowardly.


Reagan was fond of doing just that. Let us not forget that he ratted out his friends in the movie industry during the McCarthy era. He acted as a spy for HUAC. Those who voted for him can take pride in the fact that they supported a stool pigeon.

Those are good points and whether I agree with you or not, it is a good topic of debale. It is the debate that can change opinion and cause change. To desecrate a grave proves nothing.


Agreed. But, it’s my way of expressing my utter disdain and disgust toward the evil scumbag. In my lifetime, there are two Presidents I consider to have been outright criminals. Nixon and Reagan. Most of the rest were just shady.

I never get that mentality.  Always call out the evil for their acts.  The real coward stays quiet.

It helps the cause because it isn’t a statement to the dead (they’re  dead and won’t hear it), but to the living and those who remember the dead. The grave of the dead is the canvas for a new statement.

Don’t blame the past, but learn from it.  Santayana is known for the saying, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

It appears to be easy for some to call out the past Conservative administration, but those same people refuse to hold the current evil administration accountable.