a rare find Maybe?

I know surforms are not real popular these days, but I happen to use one to blend
With on occasion. Is this one I found any good? I got it for $12.00 at a flea market.it
Didn’t come w blade, but it has mounting hardware. Anyway, I like the handle + knob. Can anyone date it ‘roughly’ and tell
Me anything about it? Tia

Put it in the collection, the handle is way better.

Better yet would be vintage blades!!! hippo is holding the goods…

Rare??? No… Better than whats current… yes

the steel is stronger so they dont twist and are better for boards. but you can still pick those up for 5.00 all day long.  

There are a few rare ones that will fetch up to 100 bucks though.

Thanks fti -Aqua-glassing and -Matt… it is definitely nicer than a new off the shelf one…Hippo has blades avail? Are they micro blades? if so, I’m lookin for either for it.

Anyway, I cant wait to try it! T c-Jim

Gentlemen - this one I think is from 1950s! Atleast that’s what the guy told me. Anyone know about it? Blades are still sharp! :slight_smile:

This one I’ll keep in my pocket whilst shaping. Ya know, plane a little, set the pp down, surform, sand…repeat.
Now I need to get a few blanks!:wink:

Available @   Home Depot, right now.

Please let us see what’s in that green box in the background 

Ok, well I got took a little! Lol. The gentleman Said my pocket planes are from the fifties. Oh well, I like the push handle!

If the handle and knob isn’t wood;  It’s not that old or rare.  I’ve got quite a few.  The old ones can be found pretty easily.  I re-do them and re-sell them to the younger shapers up here who are used to seeing plastic junk from Home Depot and Harbor Freight.  The yellow handled one that Stanley makes is OK but the handle is junk.  I’d just as soon have the China “knock off” that HF sells.  A good blade is the most important part anyway.  The short silver one you pictured is 50’s or 60’s.  Lowel

Lowel - it’s wood man! I’m feeling a little better now. Lol. Thanks for the Info!

That’s cool your offering sum useful products to your customers! I think what you’re doing is WANTED as I myself would visit a – surf shop & supply shop if nearby. As it is, I think I’m traveling 20 mi + for blanks. Resin I got from a shop I wont name bcuz he’s giving me enough to keep going. Will have to order online if/ when I take it to the next level…for now --it’s hobby time! Good luck with your Shop! We need more places like that ! :)JIM

Just so you know, I’ve had my’‘Pocket Surform’’ since the mid 60’s.      The one currently available at Home Depot, is identical.     Emphasis on identical.    Yours could have been made any time in the last 60 years.     By the look of it, it’s probably on the older end of the scale.      Blades for it are also on the display wall too.

thanks - Bill! I am now feel better…you know before I.bought em, I was trying to dig up my own in storage…one I have is seventies ( Dads ), or Gramps?

Bill - that’s good info! The sixties…that’s a time when I was four sitting outside my Folk’s health food store in Montara, ca! We had surfers stopping in often… I was wondering wth were those craft on their roofs…I got the nerve one day to a reg customer, and said, " do you ride that in the waves!" " does that fin go on top behind you?" He said, " no man!" " that goes on back underneath!" I was fascinated by it - I still remember the board it was yellow,single fin and over 7’ long! And the guy was a Hippy! Those must have been good times back then. Fyi - that was near Half Moon Bay in 1967’ !

Bill - I figured out why it’s a ’ pocket plane ’ as I now keep mine in my sweater jackets pocket. FYI - I devised a method where I plane out my flats, and I jam out any ridges w pocket plane…real quik - just knock n em down close to surface…then I grab a block w sixty grit 11" block and get my bottom as smooth as I can…also take any spine down w block plane. … my surform is pretty much my ‘clean up’ tool… it’s what the Shapers I watched shape use - so that’s what I do. In fact, the first way I saw shaper cut his bottom rail bands. Top he did his rail bands w a BIG OLD Skil 100! Just like the one I just got. I would bet you got one to!

Back to my tools, the gentlemen who sold I think said -the fifties? It could be, I never saw a black label?? I bought a second one just like it. But label gone…I like these bcuz they’re small n thin. I must admit I use a surform a good deal… it’s probably
My way of cleaning up the rough spots my planer left…I even use it after my primary rail bands, cutting in rocker, cross cutting etc…I geuss I’m developing my own concepts, or doing what works for me…then I blocked it out, switch to a screen, and I wrap a rail w drywall sanding sponge also…it’s just my own idea.only top rails! The bottom is all surform and sanding, very little screen work, and finally light hand touch up w white 275 gr. I’ll walk around and do my touch ups…I use my gator drywall sanding sponge w sm block plane taking down spine if poking up, also for touch ups on flats. Give it a one over w 150 gr sanding screen on upper rails etc…and im done. Yes, my surform is my friend.:slight_smile: sorry for my long winded msg! Just describe n how much I use a SURFORM! It’s also used after I saw my outline …great tool to have on hand!



I couldn’t find the extra long ones. Everyone said they do not make 'me anymore… It was a14"-16" can’t remember.

Jim, everything after ‘‘Thanks Bill’’ is  absolutely unnecessary, and unrelated to my post.       Please restrain yourself.    I don’t want to know, and don’t need to know, any of what you had to say.     As an example:  What makes you think anyone needs, or wants to know, how long your sanding block is?      Please don’t answer, the question is for you to ponder only.   

Well I got to cleaning my little grubby surform! Overall I think I did the right thing. The new ones look like the crap yella ones fins hours loves to own…LOL. I geuss I’d use one if I didn’t have a choice…but as you can see I do.

I’ve seen a few on ebay, but they got a lame handle…It’s not a surform file is it?

Those crap “yella”?? ones do me fine duuuuuude.
You probably could have purchased another blank or even glassed your #2 (lol) fish by now if you weren’t out trying to buy used old tools that you think may “impress”
The more experienced shapers.
Actually… you say you have resin… you have a finished blank … so why aren’t you glassing this amazing run of the mill fish yet??? The old “I blew my wad” story is old…
The only place I see you " blowing your wad" is around here on this site.
Cloth costs like 30bucks and you got resin…
Get to glassing big fella …
Or are you still baffled on how to cut the cloth???
Maybe you should start ANOTHER thread…
Maybe after you glass you could start 5 or so threads on glassing… coz we all know you’ll have the hot tips dude man! “Shap” or die duuuude !

Can’t wait for the scissors and squeegie threads to come.