AB3....Who's going this Saturday?

Weather and waves look fairly decent for the weekend so it could be a pretty good time. I’m bringing my wife, 6’2" Bonzer Octafish and 7’2" Spence Hull. Will have our blue VW Westy with a white top. Stop by and say “Hi”. And of course, test ride the boards.


I’ll be there with a 6’2" Steve Seebold quad fish, dirty blue chey full size. Swaylocks Inspired sticker on the back window.Picking up some hitcher named Stingray or something. Claims he has a “magic board”. Pfft…

omg, but what about the angry guy on the tri-fin longboard?!

leave it at home :wink:

they’ll be plenty to test ride

I’m going to try…it’ll probably be early. I’m bringing the Stingray Quadmobile and my point breaker. Never got the fish done. Hope to see ya all.

I’m work’n on it. Family stuff going on in the afternoon. If I take the side bites out of my 8 footer does that work as “anything but three”…ha ha…

It is a magic board…Trust me…

Where & time again??

Maybe I’ll glue some extra fins on a tri fin and call it Sissy?

Ill be down there for sure, last year was killer!

so far im bringing (for others to ride):

6’11 hull (stringerless)

6’7 twin hull

6’3 b5 (chippiy type)

6’2 glass panel flextail quad fish (SDq)

6’ SDq

5’7 full template quad fish

5’9 bonzerfish (stringerless)

and a few others from my quiver :slight_smile:

Cardiff Reef Sat March 22


you got room in that rig of yours for a single fin 9’0 and a 7’10" keeler,

pregnant woman and a backseat driver?



Sure, but isn’t she due…like…TODAY???

Besides, my son had a fever of 102 last night and is blowing snot all over the place. Looks like we’re hosed for this trip. I can’t tell you how disapointed I am. We’ve been looking forward to this trip for awhile now.

Well, in the spirit of the event, my boards are still available for you guys to test ride at anytime. Hopefully we’ll make it down to the So. Bay in a couple of weeks and I’ll bring em with us.

My wife says everything happens for a reason. Yesterday I saw two bad accidents on the 101 fwy in L.A. She thinks that our son being sick may prevent us from being involved in some unpleasant event over the weekend. I’m just bummed that we’ll be missing a really cool event.

Hope everyone has a great time and take lots of pictures for us.


Be sure to let us know when your little one is born.


Change of plans. No more fevers, and the runny nose must have been allergies. Not sure what the fever was about but he went to school yesterday and today and everything seems fine. Sooooooo…we’re heading down to Cardiff this afternoon, got a hotel room for the night and will be at the lot at sunrise. If you see a blue Westy, stop by and say “Hi”. :slight_smile:

Will have a 7’2" Spence Hull, 6’2" Campbell Bros Octafish and a 9’ Hap Jacobs 422 (wife’s) for anyone that wants to try them.

See ya there!

Just checked the wave cam for Cardiff…small, small, small! Perfect for the flextails! If, at 4am, I feel like doing the drive, I’ll be there.

Which exit is it? (That area is terra incognita to me)

If memory serves, Birmingham exit westbound, then south on 101 to

the end of the San Elijo state campground.

Sunsetpoint is sending three of his 5 fin fishes there on his own dime

let us know how they go and are accepted by that that trendy beer and drug subdued cali beach crowd down south…

could finally be the thing to open some doors to this 20 year old design…

At least some of us here are praying for that to happen for him…

let us know how it goes…

it was a fun event but the waves were so very weak. The Ranger was a dick, we all had a good laugh on him. Gregs boards got some attention definitly but the waves did not have any juice whatsoever to get anything really going. Surfed a real fun 6’6" Mitsven quad fish and a 7’1" or so Josh Hall quad fish that was fun as well. Bob and Josh were very nice. Checked out some real nice looking DelRay quad fish as well but had no more time to surf. Thanks to guys at surfy surfy and the surfer mag board who put it all together.

I’ve had a semi ever since I saw Josh Hall’s quad Fish Simmons.

They look gorgeous.

His keels may be the closest thing to a frye fish for under 3k on

the market these days.

It was a great time with a lot of nice people and some really, really, really cool boards. We parked between Surf4fins, LeeV, Stingray crew and Bob Mitzven. Plenty of good stories and design talk. I rode Bob’s 6’6" quad as well and had a great time on it. Also had a chance to ride his wooden fish. That board had a surprising lively feel that was unexpected. Now, I’m motivated more than ever to finish my HWS.

Had a chance to talk to Shawn Ambrose, the guy is light years ahead of so many others. He’s definitely not trapped inside the shapers box.

Props to Ryan at Point Concept. That kid has learned so much in such a short amount time. BTW he does all of his own glassing and pinstripes.

Mitzven, Zippifish, CI Fishbiscuit, ACE, Zamora, Bonzers deluxe, so many beautiful boards and extremely talented board makers.

The whole family had a great time and it has everyone motivated for the next Swaylockaholics.

See you there,


wow I had a killer time!

tons of people there, and TONS of boards to ride…it was cool to meet alot of guys from sways; LeeV, Pato and a few others.

heres a few photos from the day:

early bird…

hardest turn I saw all day (guys riding a Zamora HP fish)

the few that I took down


Just stoked to be there…