absolutely no drive on my single fin

i turn it and it dont do nothing. it has a fairly radical bonzer bottom with a 7" fin set far back. the tail is mega wide but still there is no speed generated from this board. how can i add some drive to it? what sidebites shoudl i do? bonzers ro standard sidebites, i dont wanna re-do the fin.


What size board?

How far from the tail is the trailing edge?

What shape fin?

Sorry, just thought a few more details will get a good response from others.

i got no pictures cause i got no digi camera.

4’10" x 17"n x 22" x 17"t x 14" pod

single concave going into deep double concave

7" single fin 4.5" from the tail.

4’10"!!, I’ve never ridden a board that small.

Personally, I wouldn’t have the fin that far back.

how does one define drive, anyway? i’ve always wondered.


i got no pictures cause i got no digi camera.

4’10" x 17"n x 22" x 17"t x 14" pod

single concave going into deep double concave

7" single fin 4.5" from the tail.

make the board at LEAST a foot longer …how does a 1’ long flextail sound to you ? [Take out existing fin and box and relocate it .]

…I wonder if you could join an extra foot of foam strongly onto an existing board ? if so , do it !

You gotta ask yourself sometimes WHY you want such a small , non floaty non-drivy board ?? [I know I have asked that , after failed experiments , plenty of times …think of all the money and time and labour I wasted , over the years !]

I wanted to add foam to my 5’5 fish which because of the spooned deck , had no float and drive also

… Dave , maybe ONE day you WILL listen to me , BEFORE butchering another board ? [ I don’t want to sound like LeeD , BUT …take it from me …my nickname here is “Ben The Butcher” [!!] …but no more !! …I want boards that float , paddle, and turn, now I’m in my 44th year !]


it was an experiment to see how short i could go. i could easily drop 4 more inches and it would paddle na dfloa tfine i think, my nipples are dry at 160pounds.

i dont liek having the fin that far back but a larger fin didnt look right any farther forwards didnt look right either. thats why i wanna add side bites


how does one define drive, anyway? i’ve always wondered.

You can feel the speed you are generating through turns or when pumping.

Looking at the dimensions seems like a pretty wide board overall. Moving the fin up all the way and testing it might give you some idea what you are looking for. But there are many variables that affect the “drive” on a board and until we could see the actual board and the rails its just pure guessing.

why not experiment? i highly doubt that the length of the board has to do with it lacking drive.

i glassed the fin on due to budget contraints so im not moving it, worst case is i give it away to some little grommet. i think ill throw in some futures boxes since i allready got futures side biters laying around here.

for all who are giving me grief about length of board, youll be jealous when i get my new 6’ epoxy stinger.


The Campbell Bonzers I have all have pre-marked notches on the finbox:

5-1/4" from the tail end,

which is supposed to be the ideal setting for the distal part of the center fin. Maybe try moving forward it next time. Another suggestion, try a smaller 6.0 True Ames “BONZER” fin.

Take my comments, lightly- I kind of overlooked the fact you had a single fin set-up.

no no, that helps me majorly, i think im going to throw on side bites so it will be even more like a bonzer. not exactly but i pray that it helps.

generally speaking singles dont have much drive…

I could go cynical and say use a thruster…

if your double con has rail to rail vee then you loose drive as well…a double con is less efficient than a single con…

youve offered lots of info except what really matters…SINGLE FIN SPECS…how long is the base…how much rake…if either or both are inadequate then yeah no drive…

even if you get the right fin config in there a curvy outline like that will kill your drive/projection…

youve got conflicting themes in your head…your mind wants one thing but your board design will give you another…all part of the learning process…big lesson to be learned

i got no pictures cause i got no digi camera.

4’10" x 17"n x 22" x 17"t x 14" pod

single concave going into deep double concave

7" single fin 4.5" from the tail.


Though a different animal from your board, the Velo kneeboard linked to above is about the same length. Key differences however include nose and tail measurements approximately 2" wider and a 10" fin that has a 7 3/4" base.

Get a bigger fin. If the bottom of your board is relatively flat it is doing little or nothing to forward your progress along the wave. You need a big fin to drive a 4’10" surfboard.

since good ol’ Spence who should know mentioned velo …

Dave , have you ridden this midget as a KNEEBOARD yet ? [since they are kneeboard dimensions you’ve got ,

"why not experiment " , eh ?

Maybe on your knees it will work better for you . Try a bigger raky fin further forwards , then , perhaps …


Well, dooo tell. Uh huh.

I ain’t ridden me a board that long since the invasion of Surfboards Australia’s 4’10"'s back in '71. Yesiree Bob, thems was tha days.

Fun little Summer buggers. Tail as big as ol’Molly tha mule’s lazyfatass. Thicker’n a stack a Maggie’s bellybuster hocakes. Mmmm’doggies. Flat bottom wider’n a Texas flood. Sweet little kick in the nose, too. Yuppers. That’s her alright. Uh huh.

She done turned like a screw. Grape’s a little fuzzy lately, but I seems to recalls thems gals was twins! Dang, I sure wish I had me couple of em right now though. Sure do. Un huh.

Why I’d nail her to tha wall… just for lookers of course. True’en’uff. Don’t get me wrong. Uh huh.

But all I’s gots left from them days is a 6’ Rick twin and a 6’2" Sunset single an botha them bitches’ll drive ya straight into a brick wall. Uh huh.

What’s tail rocker got to do with anything anyway? And what full double foiled twin finner ain’t gonna track? Nosiree Sonnyboy. She don’t hunt.

An what’s all this I hear about some newfangled epoxy this’n’that?

Well, whitewash my outhouse…what’ll they think of next?

Uh huh!

Well, gonna get me’n’other cuppa 500mile joe, now, so Adios’n happy drivin’. Yes sir. Un huh.

Kram Reldnips

Hey Mark, ya mean like this one?

Its all of 5’2" :slight_smile:

Bingo! :slight_smile: