"ACE" is done

Rob has had this board for 14yrs. The deck is in bad shape from heavy use BUT the final blow was captured on video. I just got done shaping his new one.



Phew, i thought you meant you were leaving. Glad its just the board going. I bet he's spewing he's getting a new one hehe!

Ace, you sure do have some clean outlines.



That's great insurance co. footage, ha ha. 


Looked like Rob was having a blast on that shape, right to the end.  Nice board!



My speakers are broken...rad film clip...what a way to go!

I will fix that board for FREE. I've been wanting to pay you back for the free blanks MarkSSD and I scored from this thread...


The small blanks got shaped and glassed. Have you seen the Purple Egg and the Mexican Blanket fish that I've been posting photos of ??? Your blanks....thank you. The Longboard blank was a top quality Segway Composites blank. Mark is about 3/4 done shaping it. That blank is worth well over $100.

You get the damaged board over to Keith Melville or Mark Scott. I will come down to San Diego and pick it up and fix it for Free.

Stingray...............Share the stoke!

 Ace,Nice looking Bonzer.  How long is that board?  14 years is a nice run. 

Stingray It would be nice to see that board repaired  and back in action

Ace like Stingray said gett me the board and We will get it fixed for free, Get back to me so I can make arrangements to pick it up.


Thanks Mark

Wow. I will pass the info to Rob. I am sure he will be stoked about your offer.  Thanks

i like the fin set-up.

how's it ride ace?

reminds me of a slick stik .........if you know who i'm talking about.



That fin/channel bottom setup works great… I used to have one, a 9 footer.  Herb, you would like it.


i'll bet i would...........looks like it would hall ass!


actually what always impressed me was not the speed down the line, but how well it TURNED…



It’s hard to tell by the camera angle, but it looks like the guy paddling made the rookie mistake of going for the shoulder in front of the guy riding, rather than trying to paddle behind him.

Dang, tough to see such a nice board get nailed.

But…that was a fun little video, with those little mics (goHero digicam?), and the splishy splashy water sound, and the way it played out at the end with the guy coming over the board, it was almost like an old cartoon. The remants of the fin in the nose cinch it.

Beautiful board, glad it’s getting fixed.

“It’s hard to tell by the camera angle, but it looks like the guy
paddling made the rookie mistake of going for the shoulder in front of
the guy riding, rather than trying to paddle behind him”

Actually he tried to go behind the guy. The guy was the rookie and did not/could not turn. Another reason why I seldom surf one of my favorite waves. Too dangerous. When we were kids we were not allowed out there until we could prove we were worthy AND there was a very big cliff to scale. Now there are steps…


The fin design worked really good. Seemed to kick in when you got em into some size. Also nose rode really good.

Just made a costly board to make in a world of

     Howzit Sammy, I was thinking the same thing and what a totally kook move since the shoulder is where the guy on the wave is headed for so you always go for the white water behind him. Aloha,Kokua

His new one

ace is NOT done, it took some work but i got back in rideable condition. i had to cut out alot of the deck and sanddown a bunch of foam then put some more foam in and reshape the deck, the stringer even had a nice big crack in it, then deal with the big fin gash and a few random rail cracks but now it lives again[img_assist|nid=1059560|title=ace|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=201|height=295]















Ace you have done it again.  Looks like a fun ride.  How long is the new board?


Pretty much the same as the old one just pulled the nose in a smidge