acrylic spray finish

Hey guys.

I have recently given up on my speed finishes because it was just too dangerous for me to spay it in my little shed without a real exhaust system.

I had a bathroom exhaust fan but I soon realized that flammable fumes through an electric motor was not a good idea.

I will add that I was using auto acrylic laquer with flattening base thinned with acrylic thinners.

Ended up with a great finish but it was just creating a big mess and my wife complained about the mess and smell every time I sprayed.

What I was wondering is if I used a water based acrylic, would there be less pollution, smell and would it be safe on my body and my wife washing?

And would give me good results as a speed finish??

Epoxy or polyester ?

Herb’s question is right-on. I’ve used minwax waterbased polycrylic on polyester resin and it turned out good, but I’ll never put it over epoxy again. Every time my board goes in cold water (which is everytime I surf) it gets cloudly white. It doesn’t sand off very well either. Maybe other brands are different, but it doesn’t seem to ever completely harden.

G’day Mds,

If you are just doing boards for yourself and you are not worried about seeing the weave from sand throughs, leave the filler ( hotcoat ) as a sanded finish, or if you are not worried about weight put a finish coat of resin on the board and sand this too about #400 or #600.

The board will be watertight and last twice as long.

Or you can use a product called seal skin which will leave a semi-gloss finish, it’s water based and you just wipe it on with a chux cloth or similar.

If you are down this way drop by and I’ll give you some.




Epoxy or polyester ?

Well, both actually.

I have been doing speed finishes on poly boards with what I mentioned earlier, and have bought stuff similar to future, but that doesn’t give a finish like a speed finish.

Only just starting to get into epoxy so was looking for something that will give a good speed finish on epoxy, and won’t burn down my garage.


Try this,

Waterbased polyurethane…you can get it at most hardware stores,and it will work with both.Most brands offer their product with various finishes.

PLUS,It’s rally,really slick in the water,like skateboard wheels on wet pavement.Herb

What about simply using a spray can of Minwax Polycrylic? Insta-speed finish, perhaps?

Just wondering if you still get fumes from the can. I know that when I apply the finish from the can it doesn’t really smell.

However, just wondering about Stinkbug’s statement on how it clouds in cold water…or is that only on epoxy?

No Acrylic on epoxy.

Well guys, I will give a few things a try but I think the best (and wife friendly ) way to go will be a sanded finish.

With poly, it’s a sanded gloss coat as mentioned earlier. No problems there. I can get wet/dry paper up to 1500 grit.

With epoxy, is it the same formular??

As in, sand down your hoatcoat (fill coat ) then, another layer of resin and fine sand that to finish??

One more thing.

At what grit do you start your sanded finish??

You dont want to many scratches to start with.


Epoxy and polyurethane are co-polymers.

It just doesn’t coat,it bonds.

Acrylic urethane?


Just polyurethane…no acrylic blends.

Howzit Herb, This morning I had to get some more Spar Varnish for a new project and saw some Spar urethane on the shelf, would that work.Aloha,Kokua


I believe it’s waterbased as well.

Behr at homodepot has a waterbased job in different finishes.

Applies just like acrylic,and dries fast.

It’s the perfect sealer for epoxy.Herb

Howzit Herb, I’ll check to see if it is water based, the Spar varnish I use is oil based.Aloha,Kokua

Hope your doing well Herb.

FWIW, I’ve used Minnwax Helmsmann Spar Urethane (Home Depot) clear gloss on epoxy before. Leaves a very nice shiny coat. But I had some limited experience sanding the stuff I do remember it being ‘softer’ and clogging the paper.

Any advice there? I would think spraying it you wouldnt have to sand, but I like a sanded bottom, 400g.

I didnt spray it, I rolled and brushed it on.


EDIT: I also remember the gloss coat being slick in the water…so duckdiving without wax on the rails was a problem.

Just wipe it down w/ acetone a couple times then sand. Unless it oil based PU, then you need to use Goof off instead of acetone.

It doesn’t have to be waterbased to use,but the waterbased stuff is much more user friendly. Plus the oil based PU seems to yellow quickly and yellow dark at that.

Howzit craftee, How long did you let it dry before sanding? I have found that even though instructions say the drying time is usually 24 hrs but it can take longer due to the environment. The spar varnish I use says 24 hrs but I let it dry for at least 48 hrs and then sand, makes a big difference.Aloha,Kokua

Is this the stuff: