All kneel and spray! Show us your knee boards!

**How 'bout it?  Here's mine...**

**Always overhead club chime in!**

sent me by a friend in Oz

It would be great to get some measurements on these boards. I build surfboards in the 5’6" x 23" range and always get asked if they are kneeboards. I would be curious to compare notes on rocker, bottom contours and foil.

do you have a photo or two , please , southpaw ?






 [ there are a few kneelos lying around here , i’ll get on it …]

**I maybe lame but the most advanced knee boards are coming from our brothers in Australia.**

**Different set of rules here.**

**I’m kinda new to this but considering I was taking the drop on my knees in bigger surf WHY not?**

**This summer a buddy from Maui visited and bought me this “Blast” knee board( to make me surf more), rode the knee board he brought with him (a quad set up) never rode one standing up (HA) but the control of release and thrust is insane! As soon as my buddy got home I started bugging to get info on fin placements way outside of what we are used to! See the board he left me was a 3 fin set up. In doing some repairs and tune ups the finer details came up. It is probably best to divorce yourself of "standup" as rather than a gradual take off, it is get up and GO!**

**Thinking a “Fish” blank would render width and rocker, I’ll get some pix’s and measurements tomorrow.  Oh, all I have seen are “dead flat” bottoms.**

**Jump on**


**Style and function!**

Cool thread love waching the kneelos in action theres a couple that come out occasionaly at my local. That low centre allows some great surfing
Looks like a blast buggered knees has kept me from trying one

A guy at work has knee issues but rides a knee board. Reckons it’s no problem. I find it odd, I’d imagine it’d hurt more. My uncle also has knee issues and also rides a kneeboard. When you think about it there’d be much less stress on the joint. Maybe more weight, but less directional movement of the joint. Maybe?. Nice looking boards btw 

…here are a few Vicco ones …


by neil luke , before his move north …

A couple of Sydney ones … a Crozier , and a moulded pop out …[? sold through ? nock and kirby’s in the early 1970s?] … the thing weighs HEAPS !

frank , and myself , years ago ,  with knee AND standup options boards … I occassionally kneeboarded both the bushfire ‘fish’ , and the ‘prawn’ boards I made .  [ lest we forget steve lis fish … were KNEEboards , originally ]


The “bushfire fish”  pictured was , originally , a 5’9 x 25" [!!] Tony Hardy KNEEboard , from margaret river in the early to mid 1970s … hence the 15" finbox [big scythe fin , waaay forward in the box ]…


Around the same time , in Sydney , Peter Crawford [R.I.P.]  used little side fins , as stabilisers [ I guess to help with the 360s he pulled regularly ? ] , 'cos his SLABS were REAAALLLY wide tailed affairs …

 beerfan the bending isn’t the problem its the twisting dirt bikes are not your knees friends.

For the kneelos I see some have the fins up a long way and others near the tail  is there a reason or more of a personal preferance thing?

 hiya Tom !   ( how ya beeennn diddlin’ ?)


 firstly ,  I certainly ain’t no kneeboard expert …


 I just noticed that they liked the box ‘forward’ , and a fairly big  R A K Y  fin , on  the single fin kneeboards that  I saw  in Sydney ,  back in the seventies.


  Kneeboarders ride further forward [ and lower down than standing up ] , of course .


  A mate or two back in Perth are riding thrusters , twinnies , and some are riding quads , too .


 And , experimenting with ALL sorts of hulls /  bottoms …single concave ,  single to double , vee, flattish , double concave , chines.


…Whatever works for you , and your waves  , I suppose , eh ?!   :slight_smile:


   cheers mate !



Hi all,

Signed up to the site moons ago but never been that active, stumbled over this thread which inspired me to get my act together and post along with some more boards coming up soon! Here’s a few (all my board designs also except the Off Beat), hope you like…

(and sorry some of the pics are a bit dodgy, should have archived them a bit better!)


Tom, most of the ozzie influenced boards have the front fins up at around 16" to 17" from the tail with back fin roughly half way between depending on personal preference. It puts the power under the spot where we can apply and control it most! Huge amount of variety out there from Romonosky being much more on the tail to some of the South African boards being up at 18"+!


PS. Southpaw, happy to share measurements, rocker etc if interested?


nice !!


are you located on the east coast of oz , bryn ?


and , how do you like the twin-boxed board , what fin template[s] have you used with that ??




very informative thread here! Fyi - I’ve tried knee boarding by accident on my six four fish surfboard lol. Got totally buried + spit out wave! Lol. Not much stress in the
Knees @ 15 yrs old! On a gnarly over head bowl I noticed the knees pivot so torso faces wave, and feet dangle over op side…crazy chit! Then I started stand n again…good times.

Thanks Ben! Nope, South Devon UK. Lucky to have a good scene with solid lineage here! Plus had the benefit of advice tips and the odd late night phone call over the years from the master Bruce Hart at Flashpoint (mentored by Chris Crozier). Bro Diplock our resident UK master shaper learned from working along side the likes of Albert Whiteman, Dave Parkes and others, an amazingly skilled shaper his work up on Instagram speaks volumes! Spent a lot of time working on boards with Crox in my slightly younger more athletic days as well who posted his split flex tails on here a while back I believe.

The twin fin slab was my first hand shape and I love it! I also have a 1977 Friar Tuck twin fin shaped by Peter Ware as well. Fins for it were taken from the originals kindly photographed and measured for me by Albert Munoz (one of the talents behind and a world class ripper and collector of all things kneeboard) and I got them made up by Rainbow to the templates. Will post some pics when I get a chance!



thanks Bryn !


I look forward to seeing the fins !


are you FROM Sydney  originally though , mate ?  [ they are a LOT of aussies that you mention there ! ]


and , that right in your first photo could easily be here …


  cheers !