If you want to glass your own board and want a pre-cut off my machine I have 100 of them.

I’m in the process of moving so I’m purging all my inventory of blanks and Pre-Cuts.

I will have limited space so I need to reduce my stock.

These cuts are clean.

I will list the Dimensions latter today and post some photo’s.

These will go cheap $0.60 cents on the $1.00 $40.00 for a pre-cut Blank. (Shortboards)

Some will be $20.00 each depends on the blank used? Some are ICE 9, US Blanks, SurfBlanks America, Just Foam, Bennent, KIng Mac?

Clean current shapes.

I also have some longboard cuts that are super cherry - 9’0’s, 9’4’s, 9’6’s precuts (However I would like to keep those) $100 each.

7 Billets of XPS Blue are available for $75.00 each if you take them all otherwise $100 for one. Yield is 2 blanks per billet 24" x 8’ x 5.25" Blue Dow.

Many brand new boards some gloss and polished below wholesale.

Time to move on and adjust for the new economy.

It’s all good!

PM if you want a killer deal?

Dead Shaper bought 100’s of EPS blanks for $0.20 on the $1.00 - He Scored!

I sent you an email. Good deal!

No kidding…move fast and have cash.

I started the clearing out of my factory today. By the end of OCTOBER must be completely cleared.

I had to throw away so much Balsa and Basswood. Too bad people on swaylocks don’t work with wood?

10 foot beams x 6" tall x 4" wide. Trashed. No one wanted it? We were breaking perfect precuts in half

and throwing them in the trash. Surf Sacrifice is kind of fun. It was like Grubby Clark breaking his Molds!

He must of had fun? I still have a hundred left. My longboard precuts are so clean. I need to take some pictures and post them.

Maybe there are not any swaylockians in orange county? It’s funny because I have over 1000 clamps that I put in storage today.

I’m sure in about 2 months I will just throw them away. It looks like no one is building boards any more?

The economy must really be bad? Anyway I feel quilty trowing everything away! All the rocker jigs for hotwire trashed. Over 50 of them.

10 foot hotwire bow for cutting stringers for longboard eps blanks. Cord, wires everything. I was going to trow away the variacs

they were only $150.00 each. I over bought. Now I need to purge.

Guess I shoulda brought a bigger truck?!

i think iam gonna be sick! thats craziness .throwing all that good stuff away . if i wasent in school i would drive down from canada and buy as much as i could.

I post and no one responses? Maybe I need to post pictures to have people take it serious?

Trowing out all that wood was painful. Breaking Pre-Cuts was fun!

What size board do you ride?

I will save you one!

I started the clearing out of my factory today. By the end of OCTOBER must be completely cleared.

I had to throw away so much Balsa and Basswood. Too bad people on swaylocks don’t work with wood?

10 foot beams x 6" tall x 4" wide. Trashed. No one wanted it?

You threw away 10’ beams of Balsa? Sorry I missed you posting about all this stuff :frowning:

yeah me too. I would have driven up there for big balsa sticks, I just didn’t catch that when I read the thread earlier. One of my neighbors wants a balsa longboard but can’t afford the lumber. Oh well. Don’t suppose it’s still outside in your dumpster?

Balsawood boards sell for $2,500 dollars (made well) more if your famous. So I don’t understand the statement that you can not afford the lumber?

If your neighbor wants one have him buy the materials? I trew out a bunch of balsa and have some left. Need space.

no, not that I can’t afford the lumber, HE can’t afford the lumber. I’ve told him several times if he buys the materials I’ll make him the board, but they have kids in school and thats a higher priority for them, basically…

Sorry! It’s right of you to pre-qualifiy a customer. You have to take care of the kids first.

The economy is kind of funny right now so there’s not going to being a lot of Wooden Board buyers like there was a couple of years ago. It kind of goes in cycles. I will make a bunch more wooden boards, however not to sell them but to hang them in my house. Wooden boards have a ZEN feel to them. Wish I had more space to store the building materials?

It does take a lot of room to make these beast!

I don’t look in the Industry section very often. As a back yard guy I don’t consider my self part of the “industry”. Too bad you had to throw out all that good stuff…Maybe you could donate some of those blanks and clamps to Cerritos College. That way you could get a tax break and they could get some cool stuff. Maybe you could donate a blank to the Swaylock’s raffle at Big Sur…or throw some of that stuff towards Kieth M. or John M instead of the dumpster…

My current $$$$$$ plan includes cutting all spending and working 62 hours a week at two jobs and fixing boards on the side

Hope all goes well for you


G’morning SD…I didn’t have much faith that the Fed would bail you out, so I did my part. If I’d had more time I would have gone upstairs into your wood shop and bought that too.

The thing about our economy right now is that it is in a state of flux. This is a disaster for some people and an opportunity for others. For example, Warren Buffet is currently spending millions of $ on stocks that are way down in price and currently under valued.

What happens in a Depression is that the rich get richer. This has been a mechanism the wealthy have manipulated for years in South American economies and other 3rd world nations. Although the media is having a feeding frenzy with plentiful news to report, this event isn’t really all that extraordinary. It primarily stems from home values dropping, wages on the decline, and too many jobs going offshore (750,000 jobs lost this year).

We are now paying the price of the cheap deal, and the banks that told people they qualified for twice as much as they thought they could, prompting them to buy a bigger better house or boat along with the house, or fancy car, or whatever.

Too much debt is like having to sell your quiver and sitting on the beach, watching perfect waves rifle off at your favorite break.

My philosophy is to maximize with the minimum, save for a rainy day.

I can’t believe I was there for the last four days, and didn’t check in to Industry Talk until after returning to Tennessee! AAARRRRGGGG!

I would have loved to relieve you of some things.

That said… contact Terry Price , Cerritos College Plastics Department; (562) 860-2451, ext. 2927 to donate to the education of our Swaylocks brethren.

Pay it forward!


Mike I want to come by on Friday, I want the hotwire bow and alot of what you have, my shop is really busy and I can use alot of the stuff, dont throw it out, give me a call 714-351-7699


get a hold of me i know someone in Hawaii that might take the balsa richard 949-412-7141

I feel bad because I threw out some wire tools. I can show you how to make some really good tools if you like?

I would have snatched that hotwire in half a second if i had known when i was down there. I just kicked myself reeeeaallllyyyy hard.