...AND, the shot I hope to NEVER get...

…stealth torpedos

heavy !!!



The U.S Army would like to advise … Don’t feed the animals…

Happy Surfing,


" HAPPY surfing ?! " [ / “having fun yet ?” ]

at 5.30am tomorrow ? just me, and a seal ?

after you posted THOSE photos ???

… yeah, RIGHT !!

schmick buddy, real schmick…

you’re lucky you live at “Hawkesbury” [??!!], or I’d be dragging you to the beach here for sharkbait photos tomorrow , Joshy boy!

Sounds like someone needs more shark photos…hahahahahahaha…


i believe the one in the wave is a dolphin…ok carry on.

Ralph Kiefner is insane…crazy…bats in the belfry…crack pot…gone…daddy…gone.

That shot is too heavy to look at. Man meets a real monster.

Ralf Kiefner’s shots are purely amazing. Check out his entire site not just the sharks:


The “one up” man, Michael Rutzen, demonstrates the extreme with regards to putting your head in a tiger’s mouth.

Mom always said, GW’s aren’t the pettin’ kind of shark (lucky you’re only missing a pinky!):

Just for the record… Ralf Kiefner took the shots. The diver is Michael Rutzen. He states there are only very specific conditions in which he will attempt to swim with Great Whites. Clear water so there is less chance of being mistaken for a sea lion is one of them.


some pics for ya, the mako was caught off of Nova Scotia

That is a huge Mako!!! How big was it do you know?

Why is it that humans have this innate desire to seek and hunt down Nature’s most magnificent, beautiful, and awesome of creature’s in order to destroy them for no discernible reason other than the sheer pleasure taken in doing so?!!

you can say that …until one bites a few body parts off you, perhaps.

So does that mean we should just relentlessly hunt down and wipe out all of the sharks in the world! And while we’re at it, what about all those other ocean critters which could pose a possible threat to us while we’re enjoying their home, the ocean (e.g., sea snakes, killer whales, etc.)? Where does it end?

Sharks are an integral and important part of the ocean ecosystem. They have a basic right to existent. We are the ones invading their domain!

I have no objection to eating fish (and other creatures, for that matter). I do have a problem with destroying them for the (supposed) sheer pleasure of the ‘hunt’.

When I enter the ocean I accept the fact that I am also entering the food chain and have no special status as a human. If you can’t handle that fact then I respectively suggest you find another sport that doesn’t involve accepting this risk!

…you can say that , too, until one bites a few more body parts off you… or, worse perhaps…your offspring / loved ones ?

“…come back here , you chicken, it’s only a flesh wound…I’ve had WORSE ! …I can still bite you !!” [with thanks to Monty Python]

Hey Chipfish…

How was the seal @ 5.30? After those pics i hope you wernt looking down!!.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shipman, thats a hilarious pic.

PS: I remembered what I hate about Bondi today… I should just stay away…

‘Happy Surfing’


Well , Josh, it was onshore , grey , drizzly today…I didn’t bother.

If tomorrow’s sunny and offshore , I’ll try again early BUT…

…thanks to ‘Hicksy’, I now have the “stub” to ride tomorrow !!!

So, my… er… ‘focus’ [!] will be more on that, for sure ! [the ‘green pin’ is here ,also, but the ‘stub’ is what I want to christen/ launch tomorrow !]