Another Popout Ad

Someone posted a scan from the Sept '64 issue of Petersen’s Surfing Mag in the Dextra thread (bgreen?).

I took a look through my copy of the mag and came across this ad. While some may find the model used in Dextra ads to be noteworthy,

I must say that she can’t hold a candle to the likes of Susan Hart. Co-star of Ride the Wild Surf, who agreed to model for Phil Sauer since his

boards were used in that movie. Nice shape, no?

Phil “surfboard of the stars” were popouts?

Don’t really know much except the story of the old studio board with a “Phil” sticker brought to Velzy.

He looked at it grabed a grinder and buzzed the tail right where his OLD lamed rope logo was, pow any more questions?.

Susan Hart her stuff was tuff!

Lovely shape,I see what you mean by popout.

All you know or talk about is history…Ya know, I just talked to another member and I asked about you. I asked him if he ever saw you build a frig n surfboard, and he said “NO.” This comes as a surprise bcuz you sound as if you’re the most knowledgeable shaper in here. Infact, you seem to correct a lot of us inc myself - which I do appreciate. But I don’t appreciate being made out as a retard. FYI - I earned a hs diploma, and I got a 109 on a iq test - I’m no idiot like you say I am. NOW LET’S SEE YOUR STUFF! I WANT TO SEE HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE! I think I’m pretty decent considering most of what I know is from my observations. Perhaps I talked a lot-but I eventually delivered - which makes me NOT a troll.Now it’s your turn! Are you going to show us your stuff? :slight_smile:


Moderators- this guy is going to be a pest. He needs to be banned.

You’re seriously going to argue with a shape like that posted above?  Even if she is in her 70s now you should appreciate finely tuned curves

Sammy has a shadow.

In the ad, the lines are well blended.

No I’m not. He doesn’t have to do a thing, but I just want to see how good he is. I’m willing to shake hands w anyone in here and whatnot as long as they apologize about all the disrespectful bs they directed at me… This is my final post on this thread. I just want to see if he can shape.

no, the gal in pic looks fine! In fact, my new gf is a cougar! Lol

Is this one of those optical illusion tests? I just don’t see the surfboard no matter how hard I look.:) 

There’s been some reasonable evidence that those sixties girls did do sex-appeal. I would’nt have guessed, looking at my mother…


I thought hawtness only arrived for my generation. 


Marsha Bainer. 

i thought you were like 50? does that make her 90?

Wasn’t she Mike Doyle’s sweetie in the day?

If so lucky guy!

One the Charles Manson gang casualties…





nice board too.



There is always a guy to screw up a photo or the party and I’m the fool!

SammyA??? Oldest surf honey? At the time she looked more like Ma and now, tandem anythime!

Mozelle was quite the number. I’m sure you know who her husband was? I wouldn’t have wanted him to catch me ogling his wife. The man was a badass.

My personal favorites of the mid 60s surfer girls were the Calhoun sisters and Sherry Haley.

This ad with Marsha Bainer caused a big stink and triggered some nasty letters to the mag. Tame by today’s standards. I don’t think she was Doyle’s GF. She modelled a lot for Grannis when he did ad shoots for Jacobs and Doyle was riding for Jacobs back then.

Sidenote: As of this thread, I now have two people that I refuse to respond to here on Sways.

I do not suffer fools gladly, as they say.


Unquestionably. How about the fact that they were sold at Abercrombie and Fitch, the parent company of Hollister? I find that funny, and not all that much of a coincidence.