any tips to speed up spackle drying time??

can i put my blanks out in the sun? what about using a hair dryer?

just curious,


Little bugs like to land on and get stuck on barely wet surfaces.

If you’re super careful, hairdryer might work, but it’s soooo easy to overheat a spot and pinhole the spackle…

Better to provide a warm, dry enviorment indoors for the blank to sit for one day.

Oh yeah.

There’s a very simple way.



if your spackle is really thinned then it will dry quickly

you should be able to sand it in about 15-30 min if in a reasonable warm env.

I’m curious too. I’m switching (not totally sure) to spackle. I’ve heard spackle dries in 24, but a couple of days to cure crackling hard.

I have always had the gut feeling that even though Greg da man says spackle is better cosmetically (for painting?), I have wondered that because spackle is water based, that if the glass is gouged enough and the ding is exposed to saltwater for a while, would the spackle break down and leak into the foam. No, that would not be much of a factor for mature surfers that fix dings and take care of their boards. But what about the groms that tear up boards left and right and don’t have a clue what ding repair is?

Does anyone know definitively if the spackle will break down when exposed to water for an extended period?

Greg Loehr has tons of experience so I wouldn’t rule out his expertise on the subject.

On the other hand, SFoam website recommends the epoxy microballoon bog as a sealer. They mention spackle as having a potential for breakdown and delamination if water penetrates.

Their site was down this evening but check it out when you get a chance… it’s listed somewhere in FAQs.

Yup. Seen 'em both. Both are very knowledgeable. Just wondering if someone else had independent definitive info. That has been a gut feeling I’ve always had about the longevity of eps boards with spackle sealer. Painting is also an issue too.

Maybe one is better for bonding and the other for painting?

I have my opinions and theories, but I’d like to hear from everyone else.

Kirk, I doubt a hairdryer would substitute for good ole fashioned cure time.

Microballoons for bonding and spackle for painting, …right? Opinions?


Microballoons for bonding and spackle for painting, …right? Opinions?

If your microballon set up blushes, you have a terrible bond. Plus, the bond is only as good as the strength of the material its bonded to – and that would be foam – not strong at all – weaker than spackling compound. As for paint, I have painted on the spackled blank, and simple paints between the layers of epoxy. Both work well. But, time will tell – the jury is still out. Kirk, thin the compound way down bro. 24 hours and it will be good to go.

Hi Shine -

Agreed. FWIW, in their (SFoam’s) section on glassing they do mention alcohol wipe followed by sanding… in that order, so any blush doesn’t get ground into the sanding grooves.

The foam strength/bond issue you point out is also a valid one.

I recently sealed an EPS shape with a lightweight spackle… could not find Greg’s recommended Dap “Fast & Final” anywhere. It worked OK… it took awhile to dry but overnight in the house (it was chilly outside) did the trick.

Well…I have been using spacle with pretty good results…I think the breakdown issue with a ding is valid…I know I used to spray some of my urethane blanks with acrylic to semi - seal them and make the foam sparkle…Any one tried thinning the spackle with acryllic instead of water??? Just a thought…You trying to glass in the cold Ozzy??? LOL


[=1][=Black][ 3]Well, then you cannot sand too well. But, I have wondered why not just paint the board to seal it. Kill two birds with one stoner. Use a roller and a good quality paint with a bonding agent and catalyzer. They used to seal EPS with white glue not too long ago. I have also thought about sealing with a two part epoxy paint – however, my R&D budget is running a little low these days for such experimentation.[/][/] A better way is out there. The answeres are still “Lost in Space?”[/]


I recently sealed an EPS shape with a lightweight spackle… could not find Greg’s recommended Dap “Fast & Final” anywhere. It worked OK… it took awhile to dry but overnight in the house (it was chilly outside) did the trick.

Hey John. I am not sure about CA, but here in FL, the only place I have seen Fast and Final is Lowes Home Improvement and sadly, Wal-Mart. Lowes sells the big pails, Wal-Mart only sells the little ones that are enough for 1-2 boards.

Maybe that will help, although I am sure you’ve looked into it…but if you can find in it is worth it. It works better when thinned out than the other spackles I have tried.


How NOT to do it:

I set my newly spackled 1lb EPS board out in the sun today, and my kids sprayed it with the hose.


…You trying to glass in the cold Ozzy???

That’s my patented slow hardener with the molasses lam.

How NOT to do it:

I set my newly spackled 1lb EPS board out in the sun today, and my kids sprayed it with the hose.

:slight_smile: Keith, I don’t think my kids & a hose have ever yet had an experience together that didn’t devlove into some kind of mischief…

Sorry to hear about your board. Can you save it?

Doug: I’m getting some new foam from another supplier (surfcore usa) and they don’t recommend you spackle… and I’m not going to this time. They say their foam (2 lb.) is so tight and hard that it dosen’t absorb so much epoxy as to require a stopper. Any tips on how to lam without spackle? Do you measure the amount of lam resin so you don’t use too much? Should I use the quick cure resin so it kicks before too much gets into the foam? I’ve also hear that fine sanding can reduce the surface area for epoxy migration…

If you don’t want to seal and you’re not doing a sandwich skin, I’d really recommend wetting out your glass elsewhere than your board :slight_smile:

Its surprisingly easy to fold or roll up your cloth and saturate it with the proper amount of mixed epoxy, then transfer it to the shaped blank, trim with scissors, and tuck the laps. I think you’ll like it, and you’ll get a very nice, tight, dry lam with very little drama.

Hi sbvfive -

I tried a brand called “Custom” Premium Grade “Patch -N- Paint” Lightweight Spackling at local Home Depot.

It is VERY light and almost powdery. I have not seen Fast and Final but I think this stuff is probably pretty close. It blends very well with EPS. Hard to tell where the spackle ends and foam begins. Mixed with distilled water (an old epoxy tip from Noodle), it spreads nice. Doesn’t seem to add much (if any) weight once it dries.

I’ll keep on the lookout for a Lowes or Wal-Mart. They haven’t opened stores in the neighborhood… yet.

HI NJSurfer,

Like Benny says, wet it out elsewhere if it’s glass over EPS. Actually, this is the way I’ll be doing it on compsand anyway. I think it’s probably a good idea with epoxy, in any case.

An alternative (if you aren’t a weight-junky like some of us) is a very light sealing coat of epoxy or a paste of epoxy and microballoons.

Personally I’d recommend a normal cure-time epoxy and careful measuring. You have the advantage of extended cure-time with epoxy, so use it :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts, anyway. Plenty of ppl on here with way more experience than me in this.