Anybody Heard from John Mellor

John’s occasional posts/comments about the Ryan Burch “Lord Board” catalyzed my developing a Lord Hybrid Bboard hull.
Anybody heard from John Mellor?
We communicated on FB occasionally.
I knew he was having health problems.
In the last year or so, he vanished from FB.
This is cause for concern.

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Hi Bill - I’m still on my feet and still above ground. Thanks for asking! I hope all is well with you and yours.


Very glad to hear you are still in the game.
And thanks for the “Lord Hybrid” catalyst…

Thanks for the prompt Bill.
Just had a good catch up with the man, the myth, the legend!


Glad you tracked him down.

Hi John!!

Good to hear all is good and well!

count me in.aloha from waipouli… typing sideways in the dark,
picking up shells off the beach
found a realbitchin one yesterday
haven’t held it to my ear yet
what it’s like to become 76
aware yet … how to conjugate
flummox surfing in your mind
with only your finest friends out…

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Taylor O

Hi John. Hope you are well. I miss the old Swayolics gatherings.