Auslock, Auslocks AUSLOCKS!!!

I hope you get a few surfs on it , ‘bunyip’ , before passing it on …

are you guys getting any swell at the moment ?


The Auslocks journey continued tonight as Bunyip took the board onwards.

Congrats hicksy. its moving along again.

Excellent Josh,

Hope you enjoyed having it, Bunyip, try and get some piccies if you can…

Have fun mate…



Bunyip, when you;re done send a pm to me and robbo, and also put a post on this thread mate. If any sydney blokes want i thats cool, i’ll wait til they are done. If not i’ll drive up and get it ok.

Hmmm driving to the cbd gunna be tricky, whereabouts in the cbd so i can plan if i need to.

Picked up the board <cheers Josh!>…

I wasn’t intending to ride it, just pass it on. I’ve been given a 7’0 Simon Anderson with a simple V bottom to try and I’m really keen to see how she goes, but when I pulled out the Auslocks last night…I knew the SA would have to wait. That fin set-up with the bonzer side-bites looks unreal.

Doesn’t look like it’ll get to Sydney tonight so I might get a crack on the w/end.

Beerfan / Robbo - how does early next week sound to you?

I’m in the heart of the CBD, O’Connell and Spring, near the Quay. But, I can take a ferry ride out to Manly if that’s easier. I’ll pm my mobile so we can work it out…

Beerfan, You also mentioned your folks are near the airport…I’m heading that way on 29 December???

Bish, you still keen to pick up in Sydney??

Hey Guys

I live in Shellharbour (south coast NSW) and work right near the airport in Sydney.

If you guy are having trouble moving Auslocks south, I would be happy to help out.

I know a lot of people that would be interested in the Austlocks, including myself.

I’m sure Beerfan wouldn’t mind having a go.

Let me know if I can take Austlocks off your hand, experience the craftmanship, and move her on to others to enjoy.

Hey mds good to hear from you again. Bunyip will be near the airport on the 29th, so i’ve pm’d him about meeting him there then. If you are working then and its near where you work you can grab it if you want, but i dont mind goin up there, my olds live about 10 mins from the airport, so i can visit them. My dad’s a mad photog, so he’ll get some good snaps. Either way, when it comes down, we’ll have to get together for a surf mate!

P.S how’s the big guy tri comin along??

Beerfan, I’ve sent you a pm…29th is pencilled in…

good stuff , guys !

it will be GREAT to see the board moving again !

and , of course [goes without saying , eh ?] …photos , PLEASE !!



No problem Beerfan.

It might be better for you to collect it. That way you can surf it strait away.

I am working right through to boxing day, then off to the inlaws for my 3 day break (Dubbo, no surf) and then back to work for another 7 days.

When I get a chance we will definitely have to get together for a surf and compare notes.

The big guy tri is actually finished. Its my favorite board at the moment.

My thread died when my camera died, and then my work took over my life so I didn’t get the chance to keep it going.

I am going to post some pics soon.

I promise Chipfish.

Keep in touch Beerfan


Mick, i’ve arranged to get it on the 29th dec. Can’t friggin wait!!. I’ll let you know when i have it mate.

Cheers, and have a good xmas!

It’s all teed up with Beerfan for the 29th - If there’s still anyone on the coast that wants a ride before then, we can arrange over Xmas…but it’s definitely going South on the 29th.

Took it out last Sunday - only 2 foot down at Avoca, pretty marginal but a bit of push in the waves still.

I found the board glided effortlessly into the waves and I scored a nice couple of rides. Not too bad since I come in at over 200lbs and mostly ride a longboard!!

Thanks for the ride fellas…no pics yet…maybe we can arrange some over Xmas…

Much thanks to bunyip ( phil ), i finally have the board. My dad is a keen photog, so he i asked him to take a few pics, he took a dozen or so!!. Will post when he resizes them ans emails them. Just about to try it with the big blue fin, and small blue bonzer/keel side fins. I like the look of the board, and the soft rail around the tail intrigues me, i thought you had to have a hard edge, im obviously mistaken!. Taking it out very soon, in ( probably ) onshore mush. I like the look of the smaller carbon looking centre fin, but it looks like it would snap if used.


Ok so i took it out in 2 feet onshore choppy mush. I found that the board paddled great, but it was odd for me to get used to most of the thickness towards the back of the board, my 2 other boards have a lot of volume in the front of the board, and float me like im 50kg’s!!. Catching waves was pretty easy, but i was not used to turning off the back foot, which the board seemed to like. When i tried to get on the front foot, it just didn’t happen. Im keen to get it in some nice shape waves and try it again. I’ll swap the side fins for the carbon ones, or try it as a single. I like all the names and stuff on the board, looks like a lot of people had some input into the board.

Cheers, and i’ll report soon, as im surfing on new years day.

MDS, let me know when you get home, so we can surf and i can pass it on to you.

I just came across this thread again .

thanks heaps for the update guys and yes , I look forward to seeing the photos your dad took Mark !



[the carbon fibre back fin may need reinforcing with either superglue and / or a layer or two more of cloth and resin on the base …feel free to modify it as needed ! cheers guys

Here are some pics. My dad used a wide lens, so i think thats why one of them looks distorted. Im pretty sure its meant to be like that, i’ll have to ask my dad.

thanks mr. beerfan snr !

nice shots

that back fin is pretty far forward …how does it go like that ?

have you ridden it without the side runners ?

how’s the forecast looking for early new years ? [when people are normally not surfing]



[the nearly matching t-shirt was a nice touch …now maybe you can bleach your hair blonde to match the other side of the board ?! ]

Hello Josh, see that’s how you do it, cheers mates, on ya young central coast grom, H.