Australian fish fry

If you were thinking about a trip to OZ march would be a great time. Come on down to the Alley and enjoy a day of surfing! Meet some legendary shapers and try some cool boards!

Lots of other waves and points of interest as well, in queenslands sunny gold coast!

what is the date Lokbox?

oooh i’m interested.

Seeing as you have made the big step to grace our shores, do you want to have one in NSW as well? Though I know March in Qld is a great time, it’s not so bad further south as well.

ARE you coming , Jim ???

will you be bringing jp or pinliner or any others from there with you ?



…if only Currumbin wasn’t 4000 miles away from Prerth , eh ? I hope ‘Zimmi’ takes lots of photos …

be good to see the lokbox range and share some waves too…

Hey guys, this event is not being put on by Lokbox, although I’m gonna cruise down to be there for the day. May show up a couple or 3 weeks ahead of time to see if I can get some Lokboxes into some boards for the fry. Any of you board builders that would like to have a visit from me can PM me your location, and I’ll do what I can to get to you. Most likely I’ll be limited to Brisbane south to Sydney. This event was put together by Grant Newby, a long time friend of Dick van Stralen. He asked me to spread the word, so I figured what better place than here and Chip I don’t think JP or Pinliner will make it but you should ask them yourself. The date is March 7th 2007 at the alley. Feral Dave I’m most likely gonna bring your board back to you (retro fitted of course) so you can have a test model at the fry.

Thanks and see you in march!

Would get there but its a bit far away. Pics is a must!!!

Kia ora!

I’m seriously considering heading across the Tasman for the Fish Fry. Can any of you recommend a good (read “cheap”) place to stay not too far from the action?


Cheers from murky Aotearoa


maz, get of the plane at coolangata airport. take a taxi to our diverse shop at tugun. (about $6). put your bags down. walk within a 500m radius to several real estate and holiday resorts. choose your accom. its a 6 minute walk from our shop to the fish fry…

Cheers Dave!

Looking forward to checking out your place and your boards.


Siik ill be seeing everyone there!

we will be selling of a bunch of used demo twins and quads there… auction style drop boxes to assist the keen.


im there, sounds awesome

Top! Now that we’re getting a bit closer, here’s some of the names that should be on hand at The Alley -

Rich Pavel

Chris Christenson

John Belik

Dick Van Stralen

Feral Dave

These are just a few that I’m pretty sure will be there. If anyone knows of others please feel free to add them to the list. Feral Dave says he has a bay to work out of for us, so if anyone wants to have a Lokbox board for the fry I plan on being on hand around the goldy around a week or so prior to the fry and can install or retrofit a board for you. Just send me a PM or e-mail me at . Pavel will be arriving around the 26th and will be shaping some boards around the Byron Bay area. See ya at the beach! Thanks Jim @ Lokbox


We are more than happy to give you a couple of 6’6" Fish blanks. PM me and I work something out for you

Peter Empire Foam


Top! Now that we’re getting a bit closer, here’s some of the names that should be on hand at The Alley -

Rich Pavel

Chris Christenson

John Belik

Dick Van Stralen

Feral Dave

and i hope maybe some of these show , too…

dave rastovich

andrew kidman

neal purchases… jnr. [and snr.]

derek hynd

tommy peterson

daniel thompson

?M.R. ?

bushrat surfboards

mark rabbidge

michael mackie

?erle pedersen??

and …

…flextail and single fin fishes , too !

And Chipfish???

…malhereusement , non , monsieur…

Thanks Peter! I’ll be sure to PM you here pretty soon!!