Backyard Build

Hey Swaylocks hang on to your bandwidth, I’m gonna choke the WWW. I left my digital point n shoot camera & tripod set up in my shed while I built this board last week.

Missed a bunch of key parts but snapped pictures & vid clips when I could. Gave up messing with the audio in the vids.

I have thick skin so have at it, but I look forward to constructive critiques

USBlanks 6’0P Red, 4mil ply
5’7 x 18-3/4 x 2-1/4 wing diamond tail quad, fluted channel
Fiberglass Hawaii UV cure resin, 4+4x4oz e-glass plus toe patch
Yellow pigment, cutlap & acrylic pinline
LokBox ‘MicroBox’ fin system, post lamination install
Sanded finish/polished hotcoat



Next up, lamination





next up hotcoat





    Howzit Bud, Makes me want to get back in the business but my health comes first.Good job.Aloha,Kokua

very nice, Bud!

Bud, how many times do I have to say “I love your work”?

And now I have to say I want one.  THanks so much for putting this up to view.

all the best

Nice, great step by step for newbies.  

Have fun on that ride

I need some more years of practice before I can pull out such nice pinlines…

Great job, from beginning to end.

Bud, Great job documenting the build. From the photos of your workshop looks like youv'e kept yourself busy and have quite a few boards under your belt now. Again great job. Beautiful.


PS. I bought the JC videos from you some years back. Aloha

Clean as usual, Bud. The pinline trick is well executed.

the option of watching two 

videos at once is comforting

to the hungry manic mind.

I can got to sleep and dream .


high on rocky road

vanilla and fallen 

hayden mango

4:05 a.m in my town

good job lad.

That was awesome, thanks for the step by step

Great work Bud.

As always, I love seeing your shop. Small space, very well setup and well used.

I baste with Lam resin. I think that is the norm. 


That cutting too is an electric scissors. I think its a black and Decker model. I would love to try one. They are fairly inexpesive.





cool vids

always great to compare others methods

great videos Bud, as usual your boards look unreal.

my question...right before you pinlined (with acrylic paint, am I right?) it looked like you laid down a baste over your cutlaps. Was that with laminating or hotcoat resin?

Aloha Bud:

Great post and I am totally blown away.  I can see where your true passion is. Like I said before, your set up is very effective and efficient.  I need to get one of those electric scissors. I learned a lot.

Mahalo for sharing.



first off - wow thanks for all the comments, I was kinda expecting to get some heckling but i guess there’s still plenty time for BammBamm to show up  :slight_smile:


$19 black & decker power scissors, very useful for this part. though IME does not work for actual lap trim.

AFA the bottom lap- I use either the grinder to knock the tips off any high strings or a 3M hard rubber block hand sander if there’s some bumps. Not very often though, usually very little lap sanding ever since I started laminating with the yellow 6" bondo spreader. wrapping the deck lam with the stiff yellow bondo spreader; the wet lap against bottom lam, you can really squeeze it flat, almost flush. Later, wrap some of the deck hotcoat around to the bottom lap becomes even less of an issue & fast-easy to clean up-take down with the milwaukee & 6" pad

yes acrylic paint. first I go around carefully with a hard roller to press the lap flush, then once around the lap joint to level the crease & create about 1" path with lam resin; then around once more this time a light coat with some SA to make it sandable & tape-able. real fast with UV cure. the best part is that my pinline is under 2 layers of deck lamination, safe from that damn sander!! :slight_smile:

Hmm, no discount for me from USB, but couple years back I asked for the logo, they sent me a truckload… when I first started I thought it looked cool. now I put 'em on almost without thinking about it. <shrug>

Bud, what is the hand tool you are using to cut the first layer of deck glass? That looks better than scissors if it is next to a hard surface.


One thing everyone always seems to leave out is sanding the bottom lap, which because it is on the bottom seems the most important for water flow. Do you sand the bottom lap by hand or use a sander?


Some people also cut the lap right at the bottom rail edge around the tail. 


And thanks that was really useful