Best SUP on a Budget?

Hey Everyone!


I started SUP’ing recently to kill the boredom of a few flat spells.  At first, I thought the SUP thing was a childish fad but I have to say that I’ve been having a blast.  I want to get an SUP for my girlfriend, but the two issues that I’ve come up against are 1) price and 2) weight.  

I know you usually get what you pay for in life, but $1400 is a little steep.  Anyone know where I can get a solid SUP for under $1k.  The other problem is that all the SUP’s seem to be around 35 lbs which is way too heavy for my twig of a girlfriend.  Does anyone know of any shapers that make lighter/smaller SUP?  Thanks so much everyone.



go to walmart

and buy one

of their returns.

cheap junk at half price

should keep your investment in 

this girlfriend to a minimum

and provide you with

endless oportunities for repairs.

After you break up with the girl

you can sell it for a 50.00 profit.


if you really do like the girl

buy somthing you can usse after she gets bored.

If you really love this magnificent beauty

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signature model

Does your girlfriend plan to surf it? Or just paddle flatwater?

If she plans to surf it, get a tiny one. A top quality custom 8’0 SUP is about to $1000-$1100 and more than enough volume for your girlfriend. Plus the board will surf way better than some 30 lb 11 ft POS.

If she’s going to paddle flat water, search for a used 12’6 raceboard. People into racing, are turning over their gear like crazy in the chase to win. A 2 year old race board can be had for $1000 and will paddle way better than a Costco POS.



Couple of sheets of foam from Home depot and 2 gallons of epoxy.  Under $300.

So Brose…   You shop at Walmart??  They have SUPs at Wally World now??  Can you pick me up one of those kukui nut leis from the Philipines?? The pipes are frozen this morning…

Where do you live?

I’ve seen the Boogie Board Foam type boards they used to sell at Costco here in Hawaii for under $400 with paddle. Another company is selling roto-molded plastic SUPs for $300. He told me they were for the tourists in Waikiki or flatwater paddlers at Ala Moana Beach and not for serious surfer type SUP riders. Walwart sells SUP boards but they are not cheap.

I made one with EPS and XPS block foam for my daughter, but it’s a little heavy. 

Get a bigger girlfriend....I like a woman not a girl.

If you go cheap on the SUP what will the wedding band look like? Do you plan on buying a cheap house and driving a cheap car...maybe you could buy a Budget Rent a car at an auction.....

Do you have a job?....So.... this is a board building web site....why not build your own....

The blank will be over $100.00...Resin and cloth will be over $100.00...Fins and Fin System over $100.00....deck pad $50-100....paddle $50-$500........

At $400 a used POS SUP is a deal.......Does your Hot GF know that you are a cheap bastard?

It's OK....I married a woman...we are both very slow to reach for the wallet....just make sure you tell her the truth......Like this......."Hey Baby, I'm broke today you need to buy your own SUP".

It's all for might have to throw the hammer down on this gal....and find one that understands money...or lack of money..............Stingray


Seriously-------------  For the money the best deal is  Hard to compete with their package.

check out tower 5 Sups out of San Diego.  Check Ebay There are some deals there. Also craigslist. I think a lot of people bought into the Sup thing and now are forced to look at their mistake collecting dust.

Hey Ambrose!


Thanks for your reply…you had me cracking up.  My only concern is several people have told me that the CostCo models are quite heavy and prone to taking in water easily.  Although I want to save a little cash (who doesn’t), it might defeat the purpose if my girl can’t carry the board due to weight issues.  Thanks again for you advice though.

Hey Dwight!


Thanks for your advice.  I live near a harbor so we’ll probably be doing flat water 60% of the time and 40% surfing.  Because of this, I was thinking of an in between size…something like 10’0.  What do you think?  And thanks for the tip regarding CostCo…I’ve heard bad things about their boards.

Hey StingRay!


Good point…you are hilarious.  I think you’re right, times are tough and most of us don’t have a money tree in the backyard.  I’m a horrible board builder so I’d rather just buy something outright.  I’ll keep exploring my options.  Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks McDing…I’ll check them out.

Thanks artz!  Hoping I can find a good used one for a great price.  I’ll check it out.

My wife hates surfing big boards. Even a 9 footer is a house boat in a SUP when you’re a women. But 10’ does make flat water more fun. If your wife is already a good surfer, she can probably handle a 10ft SUP in surf without getting hurt.

To make this thread more interesting, here is a 9 footer nc paddle surfer has moved to: Bonus Photos

My wife Jacky the Surfer Girl on Vimeo

This is the “best” kind of SUP


Mr Surfandsea if you live near a harbour you can go to west marine , they sell sup,s as low as $699 complete with all this bits and pieces I think they also sell inflatable sup,s , if you are not near a west marine you can buy online ,free shipping .