Big Sur 2018- sept 21-23

It’s that time of year, plan to pack up your tent and head on out to Plaskett. Camping reservations are 6 months out so don’t miss your window to get a spot…coming up very soon for the weekend of September 21-23. Aloha and see you there.

Woo hoo

I got my spot.

I just got the 2nd to last spot. One more left. Hurry up and get it before some hang gliders snag it.

Pretty sure ChrisP got one or two extra spots for guys who aren’t quick enough…but I agree anyway let’s get the Sways crew in there. Tell your buddies…

My activity director(wife) tried to get me a spot last week. The site wouldn’t let her and said it had to be booked within a six month window. All while others were getting sites. Let me know if anyone wants to share their site with me and one very friendly dog. Mike

It told me that too when I tried it on the 19th. So I just booked it from Wednesday to make sure I got a site. I was quite confused at first but yeah, it’s gotta be a max of exactly 6 months. If yours was shorter than I’m not sure what was goin on.

I have a buddy and his son who are gonna come up with me but if they back out your more than welcome at my spot.

You will be there! I’m solo in my spot,39, starting on Wednesday. I’m bringing my trailer, so you might need to park in the day use/ overflow area, but room for your tent! Bring the dog!

Thank every surfer! Mike


1 month away…

Just had to double check last night. Forgot all about it. 

How’s travel up through there mr cal trans?? 

All reopened right? 

December 2017, no one out for days…


Its open right now…

Word is that the slide is gonna come back down this winter. Probably after a few rains.

It’s NOT stable

Hi Peter - Here’s another day like we never score during Swaylocks camp outs…    

Yes-Hwy 1 is all open.

Just to clarify, Hwy 1 is still one lane travel with intermittant delays and pilot car usage. Don’t plan on simply zipping through.

When were you last up there TBlank?

I was up there a couple weeks age… No pilot cars then.

Hello Mr. ChrisP, I know a guy working the slide and he says  it depends on what they are bringing in at that particular time. Last week or so, there was a train of rock bed doubles going to and fro. He mentioned it was slow going then but there is a push to get things flowing for Labor Day Weekend. 

Oh, gotcha.

Yep, that makes sense

How cold is the water there?