Bud's Backyard Build 2011

Over the weekend I took a whole bunch of pics while knocking out this short wide stubby convertible for a friend. Questions critiques suggestions let um fly

5’7 x 19-3/4 x 2-1/4 single concave
Outline designed using boardcad.org
US Blanks 6’0R orange formula 4mm ply stringer
FCS Fusions
FCS 1" under glass leash plug
4oz s-glass bottom, double 4oz warp deck with toe patch
UV Cure lam and hotcoat (catalyst added to all batches)
Inkjet ricepaper logos


I would just like to say that you are the gold-standard when it comes to one-room, do-it-all, clean shapes, no-bs board-building. Your works are what I aspire to…

Keep it up.





















should have even a few more when I get this thing sanded & polished up!!!

excellent photo tutorial - thanks for posting, looking forward to the rest

Nice Bud, very clean!  Shape looks fun and functional.

Never seen that leash plug before.  How do you like um?  They look a bit bigger than the under glass ofishls.

Also the forstner bit is gold!  Been using my diamond cutting skills with the fin box router for the leash plugs with poor results.  That looks like a much better way to go.  Thanks!  

excellent photos, nice way to take us on the journey, love your lap work, really good.

Great shape and craftsmanship, and it only took you 17 min. to go from cutting the templet, to rail bands, to finished shape.  Gotta’ be some kind of record.

Very Clean work Bud! This is an excellent photo thread for new shapers to learn from. Nice work man!



Settin’ the bar for backyarders Bud!

Right on!

Aloha Bud:

Your work is both beautiful and meticulous.  I have learned so much from you both on-line and in person. My work is so sloppy in comparison.  Mahalo for sharing!




Multiple post...Sorry.





great looking board, bud. definitely an inspiration to guys like me who are just starting out.