Buzzy Neubuhl photo /Ala Moana

I'm doing an interview with Buzzy Neubuhl for the paipo series. Does anyone have photos of Buzzy or Ala Moana from the 60s  I could use. All photos will be credited and any assistance appreciated..





 I went to school with Buzzy, and lived in Manoa , close to him and  his family, although farther down Manoa road. Buzzy’s dad made surfboards , in their driveway, using the old styrofoam cores with a latex and cheesecloth coating , then Polyester resin and glass.  I got my first “Real board” from Buzzy’s dad. It was   Brian Kobayashi’s board, after he died in a car accident-- --To my knowledge, no one took pictures back then–We just surfed-- Buzzy was a great surfer, and we would watch him and Strauh, Hemmings, Cuhna, Chamberlin, Eberle,Lucas    etc., etc, from the channel, on big days, at Ala Mo…We would wait until Scoops or someone came out and put pictures in the Honolulu  papers–I would love to see some photos–It wasn’t until the Century lenses that anyone could take pics of Ala Mo (The docks were back a whole other row, as the outer breakwall was not done until 1965, along with Magic Island–)  Just too far for a regular camera--  We all started out at the Wall, in Waikiki , on Paipos,  and it was much closer in, so there were more photos taken there than anywhere --Saw the pictures of Ching, so there might be more-- Good luck, and say hi to Buzzy, and have him PM me–Aloha, Mac  (Spelling on his name is incorrect–Kneubuhl is correct-Thanks)

Wonderful post Mac. Thanks.

Apparently Surfer, Issue 4#3 has a pictorial on Ala Moana. Anyone have access to a copy?



I have issue 4-3. No pictures of Buzzy in that Ala Mo article. Just checked it.

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Are there any line-up shots or photos of the crew who surfed Ala Moana?  A photo of any of the following would still complement the text: Kekai bros, Rabbit and Jama [Jammer] ; Richard Ka’u ;Maurice Ikeda. ;Barry Kana’iaupuni

 George Downing, Wally Froiseth, Joey Cabell, Kimo Hollinger, Kenny Tilton , Paul Strauch Jr , Donald Takayama , Sammy Lee, , Conrad Canha or Jose Angel .


I wanted to add something to add to Buzzy's early recollections.



That article has Sammy Lee, Donald T, and others.
Scans to follow.



Many thanks. At the bottom of my webpage is my e-mail address if you wanted to use that route.  Also, does the mag say who is on the cover and took the photos?





Which web page?




I have found two mags so far,  with Ala Mo on the cover. One has Sammy Lee, the other Conrad Cunha. Most of the photos have photog credits, but not all.


Did one of those mags have a sequence of a guy, I believe his name was Gene Harris, in it? Riding from middles on a pretty big day…Always been looking for that one…


Not in the two issues I mentioned…

Here’s a classic Grannis shot of Donald Takayama at Ala Moana, from Nov '61. Oddly, it’s the only shot of Ala Mo in the large Grannis book. I guess he didn’t shoot Town, much? His other hardcover book has no shots of Town, at all.

Larger version here:


Beautiful–Late season south, apparently… Don’t know much about Grannis, although I do have his books…Did see him around a bit , mostly at Makaha though…I remember guys taking pictures at Ala Mo, and saw a couple of the filmakers there also, altho’ I didn’t recognize them at the time…  Anyone got a grip on which of the older surf movies may hold some of the treasure?   Much thanks for sharing with us…

Here is the link to the interview with Buzzy:


It covers a lot of ground. Buzzy was less keen to talk about himself and more to honor some of the greats. We're still working on permission for LeRoy Grannis' Takayama photo. For those who like history there are a couple of classic photos, one of Larry Froiseth that I have never seen before.

Before anyone suggests that Conrad Canha's name is spelt incorrectly, I've had it on very good authority that "The surf spot in Waikiki was named for another family who spells their name with a "u", Cunha".




Thanks for a great article.

Buzzy was one of the regulars in those days. Donald Takayama, Boogie Kalama, Peter Moon,Paul Strauch, Kalani Delovio, Paul Gebauer, Buddyboy Kaohi,Wayne Miyata, Sammy Lee, Brian Ho, Gilbert "shoyu" Kawamoto, Freddie Hemmings, Joey Cabell and more all transitioned between Waikiki and Ala Moana in the 60's. The "paddle down" from Queens to Canoes, to "Pop's" to Paradise over to "3's", then the paddle through Fort DeRussy,then Kaisers, which was just "becoming" a surf spot due to Henery J. Kaiser digging the channel out for his catamaran rides from his hotel. From Kaisers, to middles to Rock Piles & Ala Moana. The infamous rights, of "garbage hole" was still surfable untill the building of Magic Island, covering up the surfing spot with huge boulders. "That" paddle down, was like a right of passage for us young kids then. It was a long paddle if you were 13 or 14 years old.

I haven't seen Buzzy in years, but no one would question his surfing ability's at Ala Moana. He use to hang with another goofy foot rider, Ivan Vanata who also tore up the place.

Regarding Gene Harris. Gene was from the South Bay, Hermosa Beach. There some old film footage of Gene, when he first came to Hawaii in 61 or 62 and getting an insane "in the tube" ride of unquestionable seconds at Ala Moana on a "Pole set days". Gene just dissapears and comes out in the channel.

That old pic of Donald is certainly a "classic". "That "photo, certainly enspired many Californians to make the jump to Hawaii when air fares were only $65.00 to $75.00 and you could pick up an old Dodge or Desoto for $40.00, saw out the back cross memebers where the back seat was, throw the back seat away and toss and old mattress in the back and you'd be living the high life as a surfer. "Butch" told me that photo stoked him out, that when he came over with the WindnSea crew the firs year, 1962, I believe, & he bought a Hudson Hornet, cut the cross memebers out and did, toss a matress in the back and was sleeping at Ala Moana in the parking lot. I know that, I slept on the front seat!


PS: Bud Brown was always shooting film around that time period. Clarence"Mac" Maki as well. One or two more photogs too, but I can't remember there names .. sorry

     Howzit Peter,I maybe wrong but I think Buzzy passed way a few years ago and I hopeI am wrong on this one. Check your PM's. Last time I saw Buzzy was at the Dolphin Restaurant back in the 70's and we had along talk and he hadn't changed a bit. Aloha,Kokua

Kneubal or Trent? I know Buzzy Trent has passed on. This post is about Buzzy Kneubhl.


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Many thanks for your posting on Ala Moana in the 60s.



The interview with Buzzy Kneubuhl was only recently completed and he is on Muai. 

Buzzy Trent died 2006-

I'm hoping going to get a few northern hemsiphere waves very soon. I'll catch a couple for you.