Central Florida Fish Fry

Saturday October 31, 2009 9am till 2pm at Paradise Beach aka Howard E. Futch Memorial Park in Indialantic.

We will be in the medium pavillion on the south end of the park. Alcohol is allowed but it cannot be in a glass container.

I like fish!

October 31st?

Do I need to wear a costume?

Great idea.  I'll be there, and might can help if the task is simple and short.  I'll  bet Mike Daniel will help a bit too. 

I get invited to fish fries with regularity, usually to make hush puppies. Doing one in Vero Beach this weekend. My grandmother taught me well.

Can't wait to see crafty's costume.


Costume? like an orange and blue superman outfit?  Yeah, Crafty, I’ll hook you up as the UF/UGA game is on at 3pm, I think.  You are welcome at my place if you wish.  I live about a mile or so south of it.

Sweet, I'm game.  Might have to bring the orange/blue log too!  If you need any help let me know, I am only up by Diego's!

Fish fry as in eating fish, or fish fry as in surfing fish?

Sorry I confused things by talking about hush puppies. This event is about surfboards.

Howzit Pompano, pls check your PM let me know u got it. Will try but kids are the priority. Will need to plan.


Anyone have a giant hush puppy costume I can borrow?  


Did you say beer?

I’m in! It would be nice to meet some fellow swaylockers in the area. I mostly keep my board building to myself, I already have enough careers that don’t pay well, so hanging out with some other like minded souls should be fun. 

My only problem is the only fishes I currently have are some of my older ones, I sold or gave away a bunch of boards in an attempt to purge. This may be the motivation for a new fish. I planned on a long board build next, but I may have to rethink that given the fry. 


We might have to have a sways banner or something for us to congregate, there's a 2500+ view thread on the local forum about this event so we won't be alone.


i gots fish.

Mike, I'll bring two saw horses if you will do a shaping demo.


Mike, I'll bring two saw horses if you will do a shaping demo.


Gunning for the ''smartass'' award again I see..... (the sawhorse comment relates to a ''shaping demo stories'' thread I started, for those that don't get the inside joke)

I actually could be doing a demo right now, Ricky Carroll called me the other day to see if I wanted to come up to the National Kidney Foundation contest. He's got his demo trailer set up there for the weekend. It's definitely the state-of-the-art traveling shaping room, vac system and all. But I surfed most of yesterday, and I'm headed to that fish fry in Vero today (the fish and hushpuppy eating kind), so I don't think I'm going to make it...

We'll definitely come down from the panhandle for this one.  Is there any camping nearby or on the beach over there? 

you can get a cheap room out by the interstate for under $50.  unless you prefer sleeping on the ground.  do "kayak.com " for cocoa, melbourne, and Satellite Bch.

You can camp at Jetty Park.  I am not sure how much a site is though.  It's either a state or county park.  It's about 30 minutes though but a nice drive down A1A all the same.

Thanks for the tips guys.  I just have a hard time paying to stay in a stuffy old box. Besides, sleeping outside forces a person to get up early enough to catch some pre-sunrise glass - no?   See ya at the fish fry.

One month out...

And a camping tip for camplus, 18 or so miles south is Long Point Park, always ''primitive'' sites available there (but check ahead anyway). It's a Brevard County park a couple of miles north of Sebastian Inlet. There's a campground at the inlet too, but it's booked in advance most of the ''winter''.

I ain't doin' no shaping demo, but I might be persuaded to share some other outdated skills related to shaping.