Change of plans

Trying to beat Resinhead and Keith for cheapness. I think I can beat 'em on price but I can already guarantee mine won’t turn out as nice as either of theirs. First things first, I need new shaping stands. I trashed my old ones when we moved 6 months ago and was planning on welding up some nice pro style stands. Well, I don’t have time for that right now so I slapped these together out of wood we had laying around the house.

Looking good so far!

That’s my style completely - plan on the best, and then end up using what I can jerry-rig at the moment!


I used to drive a Ford and my “friends” used to tell me that it stood for Found On Roadside Dead.  Is that the scope of this project?

What type of foam are you planning on using?


Intrigued. …

I thought it stood for “Fix or repair daily.”

Nice looking racks Chris.

My old man was a Ford guy.

He said,





Nice rack’

Ah, I mean start.

Maybe we should check materials

Into different levels


Ancient foam, balsa etc.


Recycled boards


Cardboard, pallets, wild Agave etc.

NO and sorry

I’m not serious.

This may prove to be fun.

Chrisp +1

Keep us up to date.

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Swied hit the nail on the head…

I will update as things progress

did old ironing boards not appeal as shaping racks , then , crispy ?


  I’ll have to think up a witty rejoinder for the F.O.R.D. thing too eh ?  the holden and ford rivalry here in oz is comical , but I guess ’ bogans '/  'petrolheads ’ take it as seriously as some surfboard guys do , too ?! …  :slight_smile:




 … yep , I agree Matt  !


it’s happened in the past , and , I’m sure , it will continue to happen again in the future , too,  as the price of buying boards ’ off the rack’ in surf shops increases …


[ the 'bushfire fish ', the  'prawn ‘, ‘the greenpin’ , ’ the  orange stub’ , and twelve other boards of mine , being cases in point ?!  :wink:  ]


  cheers !


Like a moth to the flame…you had me at cheapness. 

Change of plans.

Change of plans.

cool !


  will you keep the original fin box too, mate ?


6 months ?


  unbelievable !


…I  woulda grabbed it after 6 MINUTES  , before the rain and sunlight  killed it ! or graffiti …

… will you make another mal [ ‘longboard’] out of it  ?


Or will you narrow and shorten it a bit , for a gun ?  or , for a  mid-lengthish  “fun board’’ [ something like :-  an 8’- 8’6 x 21 1/2 " x 2 7/8” ish ?] , Crispy ?


I eagerly await seeing the progress on this , and I hope it [? and all the other 'spring board builds ’ ? ] , make it to your annual  Big Sur Swaylocks gathering thingy !      :slight_smile:

Chris!  Looks like you have a BIT more room to work now!!!  Nice!

Wow, everytime I drove by that board on the way to the pier, I wanted to take it to make something out of it…glad it’s not baking in the sun anymore going to waste!

Well, there has been a change of plans.

I kept looking at that old yellowed longboard and I could not see any kind of useful rocker in it. At least for my meager shaping skills.

So, on to Plan B

I have had this 1.5 LB EPS sled cut blank in my surfboard supplies for a few years. I hotwired it out of a block and it’s been sitting ever since. It’s 19 1/2" ish wide and 6’2" ish long. I have considered throwing it away many times… A while ago, Lavarat gave me a couple 4x8 sheets of 2" Hi-Load XPS… Lately I’ve been REALLY enjoying a 6’3" Greg Griffin 5 fin shortboard. That board just goes really good! But, it lacks a little in small and/or soft surf. I would really like another board just like it but a little shorter and wider for the small days… The other day, John Mellor came over to my house and helped me trace the outline and template of the Griffin… So, the new plan is to combine the EPS blank, with XPS stringers, and the Griffin outline and rocker. The goal is a board that feels like the Griffin in headhigh and under surf.

On to the pictures…

Clamping the rocker template to a table really helps with fairing it out… Outline template.


This tool ROCKS! It is my favorite tool for fairing templates. It also helps cleaning up the outline of fins, shaping in concave, etc. It is made from doorskin ply with 2 blocks of wood glued to the back. On the other side I glued a rough piece of belt sander. It flexes really easily and removes material cleanly. After I have one good rocker template that is just how I want it, I drill 1/8" holes every 10" or so and connect the good rocker to a rough cut rocker with machine screws, washers, and wingnuts. Bolting them together allows me to make sure that the 2 rocker templates match exactly. The holes will be used later for screwing the rocker templates into the foam for hotwiring.