Collaboration 'Huie-Yorky'

Cheers o’l mate.

‘Huie-York’ nice ring to it haha

Look forward to where this one goes… what your thoughts Huie? :slight_smile:

Smile it’s a beautiful day…

222 posts,  nearly 10000 views about 10 posts of interest.

I love talking to myself… SNAFU


Huie, talk to me.

what are we gunna build, Autumn’s a great season for some R & D


haaa’’ i haven’t been in my shaping room for  over a year  (ill  disturb the spiders)

wot ya thinking

                 i like the board stu Kennedy had under his feet the other day

 nothing wrong with dans dble ender approach for hybrid   h p

bottoms dbles into dble out the back looks like it works

i see finally someone realizes wot i have said since the eighty’s’’ fit the fin on the channel edge



I’ll shape it. Leave the spiders at bay.

he was on a 5’7" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/4" from memory (definitely 5’7” though).

Stu is strong and a bit heavier then me (and probably the hottest surfer on the planet right now).


*Keep it compact.

*Straight parallel rails


Stu’s board looked GOOD under his feet… Best looking board in the comp imo.

i got a bit to say about  this   just be patient

 and we are not using those horrible bling fins full of soric 

this is the bit that has my attention   leave it with me    i can expand on this


cool, I’m frothing.

Stick with the channels, with out the spine coming out the tail block.

just glued this one up

thanks for a little bit of inspiration tom.

… bit of viewing whilst having fun wit the planer.

a bit of refinement from to last build in the below pic.

FINS and placement will be a point of concern right now.


Thanks for the inspiration yorky.


Vimeo Led to a screenshot capture of this pic, which sums it all up.



Here’s the outline Huie, with the narrow double concave in a deep single

5’6" x 18 1/2"


the double in the guts leads out the back into a  triple (of sorts).

Huie, I’m 70kg. If it’s ok can you make me a set of thruster fins, Please :slight_smile:

Futures… (your choice of template)


check to little spine under the front foot, the doulble as it fades into the triple. 

I like that.

Looks good!

I figure since foam has been taken out from the stringer line with the double concave,  I’ll increase the angle to the rail bevel to add some volume there to compensate.

This board will have a bit more of a pinched rail (nothing extreme, just a touch more then my normal shortboard) because of the parallel rail line.

… but it’s the rocker, the rocker’s what i’m most excited about.

Why was this moved to Errors & Bugs?

I thought people wanted more build threads and pictures…

i would like to talk to people who care about pushing performance surfboards forward. 

maybe there in here?

… I think a few people are a little sour at a few things I directed at them. It’s just in jest… ? 

Huck if you think it’s best to move our thread go for it.

5’6" x 18 1/2" x 2 1/4" (2 3/8 rail pinched)

tail width is 15 3/4"

Wp width is 18 1/2"

nose width is 13 1/8"

(i have fin marks on the pics, there just visual guides and the lines will be covered by Futures plugs)

I’m thinking

3 1/8" x 10 1/2" tow between 3/16 and 1/4 (7/32) over 4 1/2 fin base. 

… Yeah so if anyone want’s to chim in as to where to put the fins?



has anyone had any problems sealing the eps with a mix of

wood glue, qcell and cabosil.