Computer Virus on Swaylocks??????

I went to post a reply and up popped this thing called “Cool Search”.It is some kind of virus.Iread about it on Google and it’s supposed to be a bitch to get rid of.I am a computer novice and was just wondering if it’s my problem or something on Swalocks.Sorry for the non related surf question. RB

Cleanlines, i haven’t this trouble posting few minutes back, so i think it can’t be something on your computer.

Everytime i think i can have some virus on my computer i go to and i do the “Virus Scan” thing (it’s on the left column around the middle of the site cover). They update this free antivirus every day and it cleans all your computer.

Good luck!

Sounds like your browser has been hijacked.

You can download/install freeware such as Adaware that should fix this and get rid of most adware/spyware as well.

Adaware can be obtained here:

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CoolWebSearch is a particularly virulent scumware program, that commonly hijacks the browser and redirects a visitor to either CoolWebSearch or any of its affiliates. It is considered to be a ‘crossbred’ strain of scumware because it has the characteristics of both scumware and a trojan virus. Although it appears to be a scumware program, effectively disguising its true nature it is technically coded as a trojan. This makes detection of CoolWebSearch extremely difficult at times. McAfee Security provides a good definition of a trojan:

“A Trojan horse program is a malicious program that pretends to be a benign application; a Trojan horse program purposefully does something the user does not expect. Trojans are not viruses since they do not replicate, but Trojan horse programs can be just as destructive. Many people use the term to refer only to non-replicating malicious programs, thus making a distinction between Trojans and viruses.”

The difficulty in removing CoolWebSearch has increased with each release of the latest strain.

Adaware or Spybot are your best bet.,-Spyware,-Adware-&-Malware-Applications/

Good luck…Adaware and Spybot might work but I ended up wiping the hard drive and starting over. It’s a very very tough nut. Don’t click on pictures as that is where it usually hides…

Try what these guys said first. If it is still there, it is time to break out the heavy weapons.

Got to

Read up on hijackthis on Google and then kick some ass. You will save your hard drive this way. Good Luck. Go forward carefully and make use of the backup file included so you don’t throw away anything by mistake.

Read up here

Hey thanks a lot guys.A friend of mine gave me a download called “cww shredder” that wipes it out but not permanently.He said the buggah will keep coming back.According to him it takes a real pro-nerd to get it out and it probably came from looking at naked babe pictures on the web.(not me though…I swear…not me…honest…cross my heart…not even that hottie Blond doing a…never mind)I went to google and punched in “cool search sucks” and read about it.It even gives the name of the slimeball who created it.To me this this is just like breaking and entering my house.You can get shot for it.I do appreciate the help though. RB

Howzit Lee, Sorry to hear you had to reformat your hard drive and reinstall OS. Had to do the same thing a couple of years ago, a real pain in the okole. I found a free anti virus program AVG 6 at <a href="http://www.grisoft,com/" class="bb-url">www.grisoft,com</a> that detects viruses that norton and Mcafee don't find, ended up buying the better version 7 and it works great. Spybot S&D is a really good free program also. These days I run a fire wall which seems to work best at keeping viruses out. In this day and age of identity theft protecting your computer is a must and it's one area to spend a little extra money to have some peace of mind.

Cwshredder is the only way to get rid of it. Unfortunately the kid who makes CWShredder quit updating it because he realized it was a losing battle. If you have a newer strain there is not much you can do but reformat and reinstall.

I realize we are off subject (surfing) but I have one question that perplexes me?Why do people do this sort of thing.Does the person that created “coolsearch” make money from it?Whats it all about?If the person makes money from “coolsearch” who pays him?I read that the guy lives in Atlanta and is being prosecuted?I am going to Atlanta tomorrow,maybe I should look him up for a friendly chat eh.

 Howzit Mr. Clean, There's a story on Yahoo web site today about the doom viruses that's kinda funny. The anti virus guys took the virus apart and found that it included a application for work as an anti virus programmer. There's also a theory that the anti virus developers write them so we will have to buy their products. I wish these guys or girls would put their abilities to better uses myself. Probably just a bunch of bored computer geeks that don't surf. Aloha, Kokua

I struggled with pop-ups, redirects, hijacks, and trojan horses for years. I even thought about switching to a MAC to try to get away from the fact that so much of this stuff is done by people who apparently hate Microsoft. One computer got so infected that I junked it and started over. When I started over, February of this year, I decided to only browse the web with Netscape. I haven’t even launched IEx once.

No pop-ups, no redirects, no hijacks, no trojans. Some web pages don’t looks quite perfect, some flash animations don’t always work. But all the malicious internet germs that try to go straight to your Windows OS through the embedded IEx just hit walls. I totally recommend Netscape. Its still a free download, you can import your whole list of favorites, and you can still use Outlook or whatever email platform you’re using with Internet Explorer. No, I dont’ work for Netscape or own any stock. But I do enjoy browsing again without a lot of aggravation.

I keep spybot and adaware installed and run them once every few weeks…they still always find nothing objectionable.

Benny is right. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!!! But Jesus, don’t start using Netscape… Netscape is owned by AOL for christ sakes!!! If you want to pollute your computer with even more crap… go ahead. But really, do yourselves a big favor and go to and download Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla is what Netscape is based on. It works insane, and it is not a big wide open door for spyware/malware/trogans/virii etc. like IE is. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!!! -Carl



Firefox is the way to go! Built right; like we try to do here.

Other freeware spyware fixers are: Spybot; HijackThis; and SpywareBlaster. I used these a lot with Explorer. Since Firefox; I haven’t needed them.

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Firefox is a good browser and not as subject to hijinks as IE–if AVG.adware or spybot don’t fix it in windows try rebooting to safe mode and running the spybot program and deleteing the offending folder-erasing the hd is sometimes less frusterating but more time consuming setting everything up again

Had my computer professionally cleaned because of the severity of the problem. He said the biggest culprets are downloading free music and AOL IM. AOL IM is the worst. A firewall and Norton will keep out the rest.

the little bugger comes most likely back through “system restore”. disable system restore, restart, check if system restore is still disabled, run the killer program, restart and enable system restore again. if the virus comes back, do the same again and do not reactivate system restore (it never works when I needed it anyway).

Mozilla is a great browser and e-mail alternative and so is Opera 7.5. both will give you better performance, many more options and save you headaches in the long run too.

an easy option is to get a bootable Linux distribution (many free ones on the net) and enjoy the net via Linux without the dramas and problems. pop in the CD, boot up and off you go

Hmm only last week I had to reformat my hard drive as the browser had been taken over, tried adaware and spybot no luck But the tip about using a new browser sounds like an exellent idea, Thanks.

I have Linux installed on my personal computers, and i use Linux. I also have installed Linux on my office computers (where i use Windows) and on my father’s PC (where he uses Windows). And this helps me a lot when a virus attack my Windows system. I just restart the computer with Linux, and i fix the problem… that’s all.

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