Custom for Muggsie

7’x19.75"x 2.75" RP thruster with my G-10 fins. I haven’t seen Muggsie for 30 years.

Hi Greg, that’s a really nice board, bad thing it wasn’t with me on my last trip to the Canaries!

Greg, as i told you before i would like owning at least on of your board if you ever come to Europe, and i do really enjoy watching your boards but i have an small PERSONAl critic to your posts:

Here on the “General Discussion Forum” we are supposed to post threads where we discuss about surfboard design and construction, while on the “resources section” we post our/others creations so they’re there for everyone who want to check them, and they have easier access there also if some one wants to check again one of your boards a year or two after you posted it. People can also post there their opinions to your boards, etc. So nothing against you making public your creations (in fact i hope you keep doing it), but choosing the right place for this kind of post will help having the forum more useful for everyone, including you.

Oh, and your surfboards would be at the home page when you post them!

Just my thoughts… again, a really nice board.


I have posted many on resources and when it was mentioned in this section on the Surfermag thread that people here wished more people would show product here i began posting some here. There needs to be comments and questions for discussions to begin. On the board for Robin a comment about tucked edge being used from nose to tail was made and i replied- disscusion. This section posts much better pictures than the resources one also. Please reply back. I also have noticed these move out of view much quicker compared to resources.



Likewise regarding wanting a Griffin board. Greg’s boards are my No. 1 lust after board.

I disagree however about posting the boards in Resources only. I think design discussion doesn’t have to be with words only.

The photos are of a high quality and the beautifully lit boards show a lot of information about the boards design… The boards appear to be casually leaned up against a tree or put on shrub but the angle and lighting show that the shaper is keen to impart information…visually!


beautiful board again Griffin.

i’m in the same boat as WWMark and Coque.

i want a board from you more than any other shaper

that i can think of. i’ve read the discussions about your

5 finners and can see the obvious quality of your boards

and i’m hooked!

good to see that you are getting orders. keep up the great

work! one day i hope to be one of those orders.

I have been contacted by moderators saying i am spamming and that they are having disscusions about it. These are all custom made boards for customers with custom made fins. I am ready to answer questions to a point. This is what swaylocks is supposed to be about- custom board building and disscusion of it. I feel you need to figure out weather you want me to post here or not . It does take alot of time to take these pictures and post them. I did mention if i could get the same type of pictures on resouces i would gladly post there.

the resources are a good spot and it’s great whatever you feel you can comfortably contribute without giving away your trade secrets :wink:

You really hepled me out with the last board. (I made a 5 fins fish that Greg made the fins for. Some of you saw it at the last get together)

I like seeing them. Perhaps you could keep them all in one thread, like ‘latest builds’ or something. Others have done that before with positive feedback. I think you’re doing innovative stuff that people should see & its great when you answer questions about them. But they could all be together. It would be easier to compare that way as well.

Besides, its 50* and raining here again, with onshores. I’ll take any ‘real time’ photos of Sunset Point I can get!


Sorry Mods, althought I believe that you guys are the last word in what happens here and we should respect that, I agree with Griff wholeheartedly. These are custom one-off boards and, like Lob’s boards (and a few others), I think they are an inspiration to many of us, and these are the very guys Sways strives to create- small scale independent builders doing interesting boards. I say let 'em stay.


I like seeing them. Perhaps you could keep them all in one thread, like ‘latest builds’ or something. Others have done that before with positive feedback. I think you’re doing innovative stuff that people should see & its great when you answer questions about them. But they could all be together. It would be easier to compare that way as well.

I think that would be way better: you see a thread from GG and jump in to see all his latest creations in just one thread. and Swaylocks wont have five “Custom for X” threads at the same time.

Again, Greg, your contribution is much appreciated (and your boards are awesome).


I am opposed to this kind of regimenting whereby the shaper waits till they have a bunch of boards before posting a monthy?, weekly? new build post.

Why bring in a rule that stifles creativity.

What is so nice is that a shaper can finish a board thing yeah that one worked out good I’ll put it on Sways. You get an indication of what is currently in the mind of the shaper and also the customers. Why put breaks on the creative process?

Posts tend to cycle off the first couple of pages of the ‘index’ in 24h unless there are responses so they will be gone soon enough if no interest.



I am opposed to this kind of regimenting whereby the shaper waits till they have a bunch of boards before posting a monthy?, weekly? new build post.

Why bring in a rule that stifles creativity.

Hi Mark, no regimenting, but i think it was yesterday or so when we have 5 threads at the front page with the same sudject “Custom for X”, all posted the same day. So my point is, instead of doing so, to keep the forum well organized, i think would be better both for Swaylocks users and for GG to keep all those boards in one same thread if he post them all the same day for example.

Anyway i’m just writing MY OWN opinion.


5 different boards, 5 different threads. That sounds reasonable. Why do you want one thread? Is someone else being deprived of the ability to post 4 threads because there are 5 not 1? Sorry don’t get the need to tidy things up. Swaylocks isn’t big and impossible to navigate so there is no need to go through several layers to get to end results. Keep the field of vision wide enough that we can pick out the highlights ourselves. The only improvement I could suggest is more descriptive subject titles which may help people searching for stuff or catch peoples attention when they scan the ‘Discussion Home’. Even that can be counter productive in that I prefer to come to a thread open minded and may not bother with a thread about for example thrusters if I was currently interested in twin fins. I like the personal touch in naming the person who the custom is for.How stoked to know or know of ‘Muggsie’ and see his board.

As to whether they are spam, surely the moderators can see the difference between huge volumes of unsolicited crap and 20 or so recent pictures conveying information by a highly respected shaper. Isn’t it enough that someone like this should want to participate and be open to questions?


These boards were posted up for viewing and Disscusion. What has come of it is the same that is at Surfermag. Lots of disscusion of limiting rules. You can read what i said and posted and can see plainly see nothing but good veiwing with the possibilty for comments and disscusion of those comments. WWMark is on the same page as i am. I post on several types of forums and only surfer related ones are like this.

aloha Greg

Sorry I couldn’t get back to you yesterday but it’s pretty much a nightmare at work with all the security/risk initiatives…

If you try today I will commit to make sure I can get out of a meeting or two to talk about all the BS you’re running into.

Sways as a formal entity or organization(which it has now become) is showing it’s real colors lately which is why I’m concerned/sad enough to walk away and leave it alone to sort itself out or die a natural death as does all free for all BBs over time…

I hope you can show up at the get togethor that Blane(CarveNalu) is trying to organize at Puena Point Park next weekend. It’ll be good for everyone that shows and Keith will be there. If CMP and Bill show up that would real neat.

Anyway just a last comment which I sincere apologize for ahead of time but I’ve had it.

You folks are complete “sshole its all about me surfer idiots” if you don’t take Griff’s offer here to pass on his board building and fin design knowledge. He’s has as much if not more to offer you all as Jim Phillips, Bill Thrailkill, Halcyon, Cheyne, Bill Barnfield, Greg Loehr, Bert Burger or anyone else you online dreamers here idolize.

Those posts of his are only designed to solicit questions about the designs that he can answer and discuss on a true shaper to shaper level that no one ever seems to understand except those of us who’ve spent the time to have an actual conversation with him.

Greg thrives on design discussions, Like CMP I think he’s as willing to learn new stuff as he’s willing to pass on what he’s learned over the years being in the industry and shaping for the best… Only problem is that all he gets back are silly comments and “ooh that’s cool” stuff coming back his way…

That’s Greg’s style, to stick his stuff in your face and challenge you to think and question him about what he’s doing. It’s classic old school and how all the old shapers used to do it in the day for those of us that remember that far back…

And believe me he’ll explain to the tiniest detail about what he’s doing and why he thinks it works. If you think you know better he’ll listen but he’ll challenge you to think it out… But he’ll listen and counter if he feels he needs to. Either way someone learns something…

It’s opportunity here for another “seasoned” and “master shaper” as Bill calls them to step in like the others have in the past and pass on what he knows to the generations to follow. If you can’t apprentice under someone like this it’s an opportunity that would a sin to waste just becaure a bunch of folk here are jealouse that they can’t build theirs or take the time to photograph(another of Griff’s hobbies) them like Chandler can to make them shine.

So here’s Chandler opening up his house to you…

You can either approach it like Burkhart on 'roids

or you can approach it like Rick Kane

But if you throw away the opportunity

you don’t really belong on Swaylocks

in the spirit of what at least was Swaylocks

if that still exists today…

So don’t just waste space with the standard Swaylocks gobblygoop comments and chest pounding statements of little meaning …

Ask him your questions and pick his brain…


I’m out

Below is part of a PM reply I sent to Greg…


In my last PM to you, the bottom line was do what you want…

Swaylock’s is a big enough tent for ALL board builders to show their stuff… From first timers, to the respected sage gurus who have been at it since before Gidget, and Greg you are one of the Masters…

No one is limiting what you post…We are simply suggesting you post them where they belong…That is all…

Sure, every so often put a board in the General Discussion, add some text about what you’re doing…Go ahead and show your stuff…

Mike sets the rules here (remember it’s his website), most people respect his house rules, and put their stuff where he prefers them to put it…The Resources section…Mike consiously thought out how he wanted Swaylock’s to be…Mike took the time when he built this site, to create a specific place for showcasing and archiving the boards…The Resources section…Although we feel we all live here, we all need to remember it’s his house…He pays the rent, he makes the rules…

If you come to our house, and ask you follow the house rule of putting your six boards in the board rack, along with everyone else’s boards, you protest and claim we are questioning your motives, that we are regulating your growth, information and product, claiming we don’t understand who you are and your intent…So you put your boards in the middle of the living room anyway…Sure, they look good, but they’re not where we asked you to put them…

By the way, we are not self-appointed Managers…Mike Paler asked us to help him with HIS website…For whatever reason he trusts us with his website…It’s not mine, it’s not yours, it’s Mike’s…

Maybe you should PM him about changing HIS site…He’s always willing to listen…

Paul - once again, performing the thankless job of a modertor…

This place is really becoming the drama department.

I for one think Greg should post some of his boards. He’s always been a giver of free information and doesn’t post every board he makes thankless or not. Why wouldn’t a newbie of sophomore board builder take the opportunity to pick the brain of a great northshore shaper when offered for free? I really take note when Greg, Bill B, Blane, Robin and others post information or invite questions.

It’s obvious that even some Moderators post every board they make. Please, ease up on the policing. I’d much rather find out about Sunsetpoint or HandShaper than stitches and GPS.


Please, ease up on the policing.

This point deserves repetition and amplification.

No one is preventing anyone from posting every board they make to the resources section. Comments are allowed and invited there, discussion on boards can take place there. I think the moderators have been completely reasonable, and even quite patient.

I appreciate Greg’s contributions.

Its not like he is flooding the the forum with rhetoric or acting like a troll in way.

He is posting up pics of beautiful surfboards on surfboard a design forum, wow go figure.

How can he be critized for spamming when there are continous adds for $140 Shortboards made in China on the home page.

Don’t stop GG.

Some of us really like what you are doing.