Do twin fins need a little v??

Hey guys, i rode my twin fin this morning. Had a ball, but i did notice that turns can be a bit, well, uncentred. The board has a flat bottom, and i couldn't help but think a little trailer ( i have one fcs plug for a 1" x 2" trailer ) would have helped it feel more, um, i dunno, what's the word, i think it would help me to be able to feel the centre of the board. I figure the V in the old twins, helped not only rail to rail, but to feel the centre of the board during turns.

Is this making sense, or have i had one too many beers??

Fun board though, and since i dinged the nose of my 7'10", looks like i'll be riding it more often for a while!!!

Ok thanks NJ, so the other way around then, Cheers.

your logic makes sense to me but i've never ridden a twin...

where do you have the fins?

On this board the fins are in the keel fin position, around 6 3/4 up from the tail, with 6deg Probox inserts, and im using Probox keels ( which f&ken rock BTW ). Great board, i love it, and its no big deal, but i have heard people talk about surfers "feeling" the centre of the board, and normally on other boards ( like my 2+1 ) i can definately get a feel for centre stability, just not on this one.

Interesting thought… I’ve never ridden a twin fin without either vee or double concave, so I don’t even know what it feels like.

My first guess would be… twins fins don’t need vee, flat tail rockers do. But that has nothing to do with what you’re feeling. Pavel’s Rainbow Fish has no vee, but it has that double concave out the back, so you might still “feel the center” like you would if it had vee.

I haven’t ridden a twin in so long I can’t say for sure - But I figured it be fun to do one of the first posts/replies since Sway’s has been down…  Ha!

word has it that because of the high volume of the twinnies and their width,the vee allows it lean over easier from one rail to the other.what do you think ?

Leaning them over hasn't been a problem, but i find sometimes when turning, you can't "feel" the centre line of the board, and turns can get a bit slippery.


Cheers guys.

Back in the day the boys got off twins because of the slide, generally attributed to fin cavitation, rather than vee or otherwise.  Twinnies have to be put on rail in every turn or they’ll give way. That was my experience riding them. The vee might help with “encouraging” a rail buried turn.

Im gonna guess here

maybe not enough toe in on the fins

so I think what your feeling is the board wants to go either left or right when your trying to go straight

I cant think of the correct word but its the opposite of tracking,,,,,, skatey,,,, loose,,,,????

I’ve had several Loehr twin fish, maybe 4 or 5.  All had vee in the tail.  No concave.

Currently I have a twin fin with absolutely no bottom contours. I have found the flat bottom to work great…lots of speed and control…

tail width?

quads are better than twins....sorry I also like twins but this is true....if you put quad fins the fish goes better



quads are better than twins....sorry I also like twins but this is true....if you put quad fins the fish goes better



That's what YOU like. I have both, though my quad is a Mckee style. I set it up with Big fronts, and tiny rears, because otherwise, to me it feels stiff.

Yes, twins need vee.

Yo, my tail is 12" wide.

Thought so.  My mistake.  Say “twin” and most people think wide tail, probably fish.  Which really needs a little vee.  Your tail is like my mind:  fairly narrow.  Vee helps a wide tail get from rail to rail easier.

“Your tail is like my mind:  fairly narrow.”

Ha!  Good one…  Does that explain why I like 11" tails?  Ha!

Yes, twins need vee.”

Greg - Care to elaborate?  Not that I’m planning on riding a twin, but… I’m still here gathering as much “knowledge” as I can.

Beerfan - You may like to try an “edge” finned, with close spread (@1") quad some time.  Different feel than the McKee set up completly.