Does Swaylocks Feel Different?

I’m not talking about the aesthetic changes. For some reason Sways just doesn’t feel like the same 'ole Sways. Maybe I’m getting old and senile…

Yea, I kind of miss Otay.

It does seem that there are more postings that should have been handled with a little research, and some of the old timers are missing. And I miss your old avitar.

Feels different. Looks different. I refrain from having an opinion. Perhaps it will grow on us?

Does Swaylocks Feel Different?


Howzit dean, It seems that there is not as much posting or replying going on and that is different. It may be due to the changes Mike made and some of the members are having a hard time dealing with them. I knew there are some changes I don’t like but I don’t think Mike can take us back to the old Sways. I have been through a few chages over the years and this one has been the biggest and we can only wait and see what the future holds for the new Swaylocks. I do know that Mike had our best interests when he made the changes but I don’t know if he realized what the end result would bring. Where;'s chipfish,and so many others, I miss them all .Aloha, Kokua

Cats bum may be back some day. Or maybe even donkey. Or maybe, just maybe, camel toe. But it does seem like some folk are missing in action. Maybe it’s the recession.

Yes, of course. All things change, even the good things.

Howzit dean, I just checked the forums list and it seems there are almost more interesting topics there.Aloha,Kokua

just like a new board, takes a couple of rides to get into it but I figure once you get locked in it’s good as gold…


I miss the old Sways, but I have always lived by the addage that “There is no progress without change, and no change without progress.”

The last big change reformatted the archives to be nearly unreadable.

I think this one’s taken a lot of older folks and people with a lot going on out of their comfort zone, and they’re some of the ones with the best shit.

“Last Post” arrow is an intuitive cue that makes forums user-friendly.

I also liked the wider look and more space to the old discussion page, without the “new post count” column.

I still think there needs to be magazine-style view with year and month sorting of old threads. You couldn’t find your old threads with the old system unless you bookmarked them, and now even the old bookmarks are broken.

“I still think there needs to be magazine-style view with year and month sorting of old threads.”

If you look at the top of the forum page, next to the header “Created” there should be an up arrow and a down arrow. Click on either one and you will have all the threads sorted by date, in old-to-new (up arrow) or new-to-old (down arrow). Can do the same with the replies column.

Just poke around, there are some new features I think most of us haven’t found yet.

PS I agree it’s been hard to read stuff in the archives for a long time now. You can do it but it’s a big mind-boggling as it’s all run together, like James Joyce or something…

Aloha Keith, Another thing I have noticed is before when some one replied to a post it came to your email almost instantly. Now it seems to take almost 24 hrs before it informs you of the post. Ambrose wrote a reply early sunday and I just received the email about when I checked email this morning, kind of slow yeah. Aloha,Kokua

I wasn’t able to log in for a few days, trouble replying and posting and yes, the search functions are not up to speed especially when using Firefox.

Its still free though…

Me personally, for what it’s worth, and if any one gives a monkey’s; I feel like Sways has been changing for quite a while. I used to feel like it was a really friendly place to be where novices could hang out and be welcomed and if polite enough could share the warmth of the Sways campfire knowledge. I don’t feel that so much nowadays. I know that what it is a Surfboard design discussion forum, and thus will have much discussion about the finer and more intricate points of applied sciences, but I miss the basic discussion and banter. Don’t get me wrong, I also know that it is the best of what it is, but I do feel that something has gone from when I first started visiting.

What I have noticed that is deffinite is that there is less follow up on newbies build threads, with less encouragement from “US” lot here, and when there is replies and follow ups it’s usually the same folk doing it, and the same folk shouting to “search the archives!!!

Just seems less friendly, less of a laugh. I still love it though.

Well - It deffinately took some work to get back to posting… and that may have bummed some out, but it seems if they were into it, they would have persevered, but that’s my judgment.

I’ve suggested in the past there should be a section for newbies to ask basic questions, and people could help 'em out as they see fit. I’ve always found the archives to suck, and, if you’re new to all this kind of “forum”/threaded type thing - like I was the first time I tried Sways… it was so weird, I just looked once, and didn’t come back for a year (Thanks to prodding by “Uncle” Dale - MIA?) - It may seem hard to sus out good advice from jokes, snipes, etc.

Anyway - I’m feeling motivated by gratitude to figure out my crappy dig. cam. so I can share some photos.

As it is, it’s friends, “family,” and tidbits/chunks/loafs, of info now and then…

My biggest problem is i wish the discusion forum had the hourly discusion page back up. It was really helpful to see what posts were coming up during the hours-josh

This forum is what you make it. I haven’t had a chance to do much new lately as I’m real busy trying to hold onto my day job.

I will be making a compsand fish in the next few months, but it’s same old, same old compsand technique I learned on here with no new twists, besides I’m going to try future boxes for the first time on this one.

If people searched more, there would be less conversation, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

However research will never be as good and detailed as it was, at least for info prior to the new version of Swaylock’s. Many pictures and links to other areas of Swaylock will not work again. So if someone put in a thread, a link to another thread that explained something that link won’t work. Or if they imputed a driect picture link, it won’t work. If that picture explained something better it is lost now.

dean, the web moves in mysterious way. basically a comunity thats gets spamed all day by industry marketing ,and is subject to intense censorship and cliquey behaviour eventually wakes up and moves on. its happening universaly on the net. welcome to the facebook and blogger. sway will eventually take this format as well, it must to survive