Don't hide your keys while surfing

A friend of mine asked me to pass this along, he has had several of his friends victimized, including one whose vehicle was stolen.  I see too many surfers do this, and its really obvious if you’re looking.  There are people who hang out at the beach for no other reason than to look for easy theft.

I wear shorts with a loop for the key in the pocket. I had to get a key made without the electronic fob, but my key stays with me at all times.

Probably told this one before;  A friend of mines wife hid the key to her car in a magnetic “Hide-a-Key under her car in the Pismo parking lot and went for a surf.  Thieves took the car which contained her purse, drivers license with address etc.  They went to her house in Arroyo Grande and cleaned it out.  Car was found a few days later. Imagine the look on her face when she got out of the water, walked up the stairs to the parking lot and her car was gone.  But even worse, she hadn’t even yet thought of the possibility that they would go to her house until she got home.

Same here.     The extra, non-electronic key, is the ONLY sure way to avoid any problems.        Always be sure to store valuable things out of sight.      Don’t tempt a broken window.

I swallow my key 24hrs in advance, then I poop it out just before I need to go home from surf… or ill poop it out before my surf on the grass like all the other dog owners that dont pick up their little furry demons crap. Then it just sits and blends in like camoflage, Ha ha good luck theif trying to find which poop has the key.

guess i got last laugh on dem.

No affiliation; but I use one.

Totally makes cents to mi.  Then you can have a snack after your soifin’.

I had extra keys made up - no electronic fob, just a key.  You can’t start the ignition with it, but you can open the door and trunk.  I leave my car keys in my pants pocket, and take the extra key with me out surfing.  All my wetsuits have a pocket somewhere for a key, and most my trunks have a key pocket, although I seldom surf in trunks, always a wetsuit.  I see people "hiding’ their keys all the time, just asking for trouble.  Once a thief finds out how easy surfers are to steal from, its like an open invitation.  Sunset Beach (Sunset & PCH) in L.A., a longboard spot with a laid back social scene, is currently experiencing two or more breakins per week, including vehicle theft.

My friends and i use the hitchsafe or something very similar to lock the keys away.

Convinced my main surf buddy to use the same combo I have so it is easier to remember.

Rememeber to use some wd40 or equivalent since the sand and salt cause corrosion and sticking


Me three.

Ok, that’s gross,… but I’ve got to pay that one.

(Think the “Gru” voice from “Despicable Me”): “LIKE!!!” :)  :slight_smile:

As above.

Anyone have any suggestions on cars with proximity keys? The wife recently bought a car that unlocks doors once the key gets close enough and also has a push button start, so as long as the key is near the car anyone can open doors and take off with it. Only real option seems like somehow locking the keys in a hidden spot somewhere, which isn’t very convenient 




Creatures of Leisure makes a lock safe that has packets you put your fob in that doesn’t allow the rf signal to work. 

On my cars with proximity keys, there is a safety key that comes un-attached, with the push of a button. All proximity keys should have this ,what if your battery craps out. Every rental car with proximity keys have this.  The safety key goes in my wetsuit or my boards trunks.

Take a close look at your proximity key. 100% sure it has a detachable key inside.  if your car is older than this technology…you need a new car,…or a way older car.   My 1990 seal slayer XL with side pipes has 2 keys: 1 to open door, 1 to start engine…a engineering marvel in surfing advancement.

If not get a lock box for real estate properties, attached that to your door handle or bumper or grill or whatever.

The Realtor lock box is not a bad idea.

I’ll have to look into the creatures of leisure case. I think her key has the removable metal key, but I’m pretty sure the fob will still unlock the doors and allow the push button start with the metal key removed. I’ll have to test that out. The realtor box won’t really work because if it is locked to the car somewhere, it is close enough to unlock the doors. It would have to be locked to something away from the car.

Usually, the proximity portion of the FOB is removable from the key portion. I bought a Faraday bag from Amazon & place the that portion in it and lock it the car. I take the key portion with me when I go out.

If you wrap the fob in aluminum foil, it stops the fob from communicating.  Kind of a pain in the ass every time though. 

Realtor lockboxes are pretty common here on island. I almost got one myself, but YouTube opened my eyes to how easy it is to break into most of them. Most don’t even need tools to be broken into, just firm fingers and a little know how.