FCS2 compatible 3d printable plugs

hi to all,

I developed a 3d printable fcs2 plug compatible, to make it easyer and to make it safer I decided to remove the tension rod and replace it with a screw… basically for what I read online a lot of people use one screw to fix fins and avoiding releases. I printed them with abs, I changed a little bit the screw inclination compared to the original FCS2 to have more plastic between screw hole and tab. attached you can find gcode for 0 degrees, 3-5 degrees just the left one, for the right you can simply mirror it with your slicer program. Holes for m5 screws.
Plugs have 3 screws,1 for the normal FCS2 fins and 2 for the normal FCS fins.
I had to rename the gcode file to txt for forum limitations so download them and rename from .txt to .gcode.
One plug weight 37 grams so if you buy a cheap abs 20 euro 1 kg you can have more than 25 plugs for 20€ plus 3€ for screws.




Pretty cool.

Thank you very much for sharing this, much appreciated!
Would you consider also sharing the STL file or cad file, so that it can be sliced for printing from other materials than ABS?

yes but you can even change the gcode manually this is for ABS:
M140 S90
M190 S90
M104 S280 T2
M109 S280 T2

90 degree heating bed 280 degree on extruder n2 if you have only one put T1 and the temp you like for your PLA or other material

Nice work Nemoz_Z.
Exchanging the files via STL or other neutral 3D format would allow anyone with a different machine to post-process the data successfully for their exact machine. The gocde from your slicing operation is quite specific to a certain machine- including nozzle size, width of the extruded material, and layer height.
I run a small CNC mill, I could see trying to make this out of wood…:wink:

here you can find the STL file… you need simply to change file name from .doc to .STL.

Talking about about milling them on a 3 axis cnc machine is not possible you need to have minimum a 4 axis, or milling all the plug first without the slot, then inclining the plug 3 or 5 degree and milling the slot, but then finally you need to drill the screw holes… i think it is a creazy job… and even doing it in this way you were not able to mill all the “fins” on the bottom that are designed to have better bond with resin.




I think you are right! Too crazy for wood and a 3-axis machine.
Many projects I can split in half to get around undercuts but this one would take many setups and I would probably mess it up in the end.
Again, very nicely done!

Edit: just wanted to see if I could make a template compatible with a router bit I had in my toolbox.

I 3dprinted a similar jig, but was not a good idea to post the cad file because changing ball bearing diameter or tool diameter is not going to work, every of us need to create it following his tool specification.

Thanks for the STL files, much appreciated.
How did you create them? I would not have the first idea how to start making the asymmetrical figure-8 outline, just for starters.

I did something sort of similar but have never been able to print and test them.
If anyone with a 3D printer prints them and finds any design issues that might need to be rectified please let me know. I was pretty careful with my measuring of the plugs I based them on but mistakes do happen.

very cool! what i would love to see is a single tab fcs designed as a preglass plug similar to their leash plugs. one that could be installed using only a 1" or maybe 1.25" forstner bit. that right there would be rad!!!

I degigned them with MOI3D, the 8 outline is simmetrical not asymmetrical…

sorry, but I loose interest in old fcs single tab, the tabs are too small and I preferred to go on FCS2 tabs, anyway in this plug you can use the old FCS single tab fins, that’s why I left the 2 screws that even the original plug has and this is a preglass plug so you can use it.

Asymmetrical from end to end, not side to side is what I meant.

I should be able to sort that out pretty easily.
A single plug version of the FCS Fusion box?
I’m on holidays for the next couple of weeks but once I’m back at work I’ll see what I can do.

Hey nemoz_z,

thanks for your work. Would you be willing to post a .dxf-file of the outline of your Tabs. I have Troubles getting the outline extracted from your files to generate my own router jig.

Sebastian, this is a very easy function in OpenSCAD. Resultant file enclosed, rename the *.txt to *.dxf
I used Draftsight to design the 2D part of the template above after doing this.


Thank you very much! It worked.
Now I just have to convince my brother to print me some boxes.

Attached you can find the file in pdf format and in DXF format, you need to rename the file from doc to dxf.