Finished board

Board #5 finally finished. Thanks to all who replied to my knuclehead questions. I have included a photo, somewhat reluctantly, because I thought I hacked this board at lest 5 different times and considered tossing it into the dumpster at least once, so it has some flaws. But with a little help and some determination there is hope. Thanks again to all you shaping and glassing wizards my hat is off to you.

Nice job richard! Did you glass it? What are the deminsions? What kind of fin set-up?I am working on my 2nd board this weekend.It is a 9’1" what a differerence from the first it being 7’11". I found out that you got to do a lot of walking for them longer boards.

Thanks. I glassed the board myself. 6oz bottom double 6oz top. The board is 8’6"X18.5"X22.5"X14.75"X3.25". It has soft egg rails and is a single fin with finbox. I could write a short story about the lessons I have learned shaping and glassing each of the 5 boards I have done. Each one seemed to have at least one potential disaster. All in all I am having fun doing them, even when I sand through to foam or kick over the resin bucket or get the cloth ,that was smooth, screwed up because of my sticky gloves, or when my wife glares at me because I just left a dust print trail in the hallway…blah, blah, blah. Have fun.

I was just curious, could you show a picture of your logo? I’m trying to think of one for myself and I’d like to see others. Thanks

Here’s my logo…

Boards look better without someon’s logo/ego splattered on them. Fools names and fools faces are often found…

Yeah, maybe, but it sure makes you feel like a “real” shaper…

there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your creations. would you say the same of the artists who first began signing their names to their works just before the italian renaissance? or should we all return to the backwards pre-quattrocento philosophies forced onto artists by the corrupt church that they served?

The Logo on this board has neither my name or picture. It is named after the street my father lived on when he surfed in the 1930’s. So the Logo is to honor his memory rather than stroke my ego. The only reason for the picture was to let others know that even when it seems everything that could go wrong does go wrong don’t give up.


Boards look better without someon’s logo/ego splattered on them. Fools names and fools faces are often found…

…in public places.

I think it’s funny that you would use a quote by a Brit to try to illustrate a your point… the Brits certainly don’t lack pride, but differentiating pride and ego isn’t always easy.

I find it hard to believe that you don’t own any t-shirts with some form of logo on them. I find it hard to believe that you haven’t made a piece of art sometime in your life that you were proud of… ever show it to anybody? I spend lots of time on my logo’s, I make a new one for every board I make… I enjoy it, and I consider it art.

Do you rip the Chiquita sticker off your banana before you buy them?

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most fools do.

-Benjamin Franklin

Hi Richard,

Great looking board! That’s something that you should definitely be proud of!

Did you just paint the blue bands down the sides? If so, did you airbrush or spray can?

Kind Regards,


Board looks good!

Someone asked for logo’s. Well it’s funny I spent the last couple of days designing mine. These are the results (or other possible variations):

Just to give ya an idea…

What are you guys drawing those in?




Those look great Greg. If you use Illustrator you’ll have a much easier time resizing them properly and keeping the tight resolution. The one I posted above was a first draft that I did in Photoshop, and you can see how “pixely” it is…Illustrator is vector based and takes care of that. I also have a Wacom 15" drawing tablet that makes it real fun to mess around with freehand drawings in Photoshop/Illustrator…

Yeah I know I should use Illustrator it’s just that I’m much more comfortable using photoshop… I always make sure to save my logo’s in super high quality. 5000x5000 :stuck_out_tongue: I know it sounds crazy but doing that I’ve never had scaling problems. Never needed hihger res that that so it works for me. I’ll have to learn Illustrator some day i know…

I got a wacom too, but I don’t find it very useful for logo’s. I’m much more comfortable with just a pencil and a white sheet so most of the times I just draw something and then scan it in. But everyone’s got their own methods. You can’t do wrong as long as great logo’s come out…

Anyone else got some logo’s? I think it’s quite interesting to see other people’s logo’s…

here’s a sketch of my logo. i’m worried about doing it on logo paper and glassing it in for fear that it’ll run, so my artist buddy just freehands it over the hotcoat.

Hey that’s a cool logo too! I’d just turn it 90deg… I think it’ll look better on a surfboard then…

Well I still have to make my first board and I still don’t know where to put the rice paper. Under glass layer? Between the 2 deck layers? Under hotcoat? Under gloss?

i just do longboards, and there’s usually some airbrush work to accompany the logo. it tends to look better vertically on the board.

as for rice paper, it’s generally laminated between the foam and the cloth, or between 2 layers of cloth.

Hey, that logo looks great. Everybody’s does. It’s giving me some ideas. Anybody care to share how they came up with their logos (ie Dad’s street name etc.) Also, I guess I’m commercialized but a board without a logo looks weird to me, like its lacking something. Anybody remember all the trippy artwork on 70’s shortboards? I love that stuff too, then a logo would just wreck it.