Fish for my fins, ideas, then build thread

Ok these babies been a home thinking a kind of performance fish. Any hints pics of you favourite models etc. I’m thinking around 5’4" by 20. I’m a fan of this out line at the moment.



My fish. I got a 6’ and my brother got a 6’ 2". I currently have both. These boards are insanely good.
I have a fish template cut into sectins, but I don’t know how long it is. Probably closer to 6’, and you need an 11 x 17 printer.

Try sending Andrew from BC an email and see if he can hook you up with the template you seek…

I sent a message to their Instagram site. And thanks huck and SC.

Ooo I like that album one.

Make your own template, it’s really not that difficult. If you can shape a surfboard in 3D you can shape a template in 2D!

This is the last one I made. Mike

6-2 Halcyon keels.

I have the cardboard masking tapped together under my arm right now. I’ve seen this awesome guy who does scetches on graph paper and then traces it full size. I’m gunna do the same, but with squares over the dhd fish outline.

Love that one


Huck now you’re just teasing. I’m thinking about 3.5 nose rocker and 2 tail rocker thick foil in the middle and thinned out tail… and I’m leaning towards the red album mat as a guide now. More tail planning area. Around 5’4-5’6"

I keep changing and now I’ve be n going back through albummatt’s Insta it’s hard to choose

Have you watched the movie “Fish - Surfboard Documentary” yet? Good stuff about the original fish boards.
According to Skip Frye, the wider, straighter rail tail is the fastest, but the modern versions pulled in slightly with more curve offer more control. You’ll have to decide what kind of waves you have to ride.
I never liked the older original fish boards, but the newer version with more fins I like a lot. If you don’t sink the tail when turning it can do a spin turn. I have issues making hard cutbacks with these boards. Not the kind of board I can slam into a hard turn, but if I do smooth turns, they are great.
Frye makes a 3 fin fish that has a deep double concave, and a few extras. The Griffin 5fin fish are more like a thruster on steroids than a fish.

Made a start.
Went into the shed to pull out this blank and it had started to pull away from the stringer due to it being stored near the roof.
Well just go in and do the best fix job I could. See how it goes.

Here’s a 5’8"x21-1/2"x3" that I made awhile back for one of my customers with a quiver of my boards… this was the only fish among 7 other sticks. He wanted it leaning toward a more classic fish of yesteryear. His report after riding it was that he had never had such a short surfboard that was so fast and projected thru turns so well. So far so good.

Fish is excellent look at the history of the Fish surfboard. Lots of little nuggets to mine from the masters of those detected to building a fish style board. I have been giving a lot of thought into making a Fish knee boa d. There are just some days that I just can’t pop up on a board. On those days that my back is not cooperating I might look like kook ridding my longboard on my knees. I look at it his way at least I’m still in the water.

lets hope i have the same outcome.
pretty keen.

Bottom contours question.
Contemplating a double single at the very front then a LONG double from under the front foo to right out the V in the tail.
the thought is that the double concave will aid rail to rail but still provide lift?

The other option is to make it a single right thought the front foot ten transition to the double to v from between your legs and then out thought the v in the tail.