French hand shaper...

I stumbled across this guy and his board building videos on Youtube.  He calls himself an amateur.  I think he does a damn good job of demonstrating what can be done with very basic tools, good eyes, and a careful hand.  Well worth watching for anybody sweating over what it takes in the way of tools to build a board - he doesn’t use a power planer on this one… just surform, sanding pads and screen.  He has some mad skills free handing the box install with a router.  I also like his use of peel ply to minimize fill coat over the lamination.  Check it out:


I skipped to the lamination part (my weakest skill)

This is the best epoxy lamination video I’ve ever seen! Will definately check out the shaping part later.

The freehand routing is impressive.

Thanks for sharing, I’m impressed.

Interesting use of masking tape to define his bottom rail. I’ll have to watch the glassing section a few more times to pick up on everything. Thanks for posting.

Unlike so much on the internet, this was worth watching.        Thanks for posting it.     

His sailboard building video is even more impressive to me.

Nice find.  Thanks for posting it.

EDIT:  There is no way I could freehand clean curved lines with a marker.

A question for Hans , could you please explain the use of Peeltex it seems as though after glassing the board and while it was still wet , he then laminated it with Peeltex , using resin , on to the cloth and then striped it off after everything was dry ? Thanks 

Not sure what your question is, but what you say is correct.

The peeltex (peelply is the generic name) allows you to fully impregnate the fibreglass with an excess of resin so you avoid dry spots, but the excess resin will float on top of the peelply tissue and can be pulled of afterwards.

This results in a better resin/fibre ratio than is possible with a classic hand lam, without risking dry spots. An even better result can be acheived by using the vacuum bag to squeeze the lam even tighter.

So wait, does he cut out the part where he cuts the outline or am I missing something? He tapes the blank together when doing the stringer. Then he checks the stringer. Then he takes the tape off and the outline’s done. This is 3 minutes in. He just takes the tape off and the outline looks perfect. 

Was a hotwire involved, maybe?

Indeed hotwired. He orders his blanks CNC hotwire cut at

“Then he takes the tape off and the outline’s done.”

Yeah - I noticed that too.  Pretty slick.  

With no explanation he also demonstrates vacuum bagging on his windsurf video.

I thought the peelply was to flatten out the laps and use less fillcoat to fill the weave… the surface is much smoother when he pulls it off than it would have been with the just fiberglass fabric after lamination.

Did anybody else pick up on the tape trick (on windsurf video) - he demonstrates how plain old masking tape keeps the PVC foam from breaking as he wraps it around the rails… Have not seen that before.  Very slick.

I prefer to cut excess cloth before adding resin… it keeps my scraps clean for future uses like fin panels.  If I dripped resin all over them, the offcuts are too messy to work with later.

Have not seen the video but I use peel ply pretty much every day in my builds. From small repairs to major repairs. Full cork skin pulls(lavarat you listening?? last pic of your beautiful corked skinned board made me cringe with all the epoxy left on cork skin. PM me for some peel ply if you want for free). Also use for fiberglass of any type vac pulls. If you think saran wrap or release film is the bomb for ding repairs you definately have never used peel ply.

Lets face it guys. IF you are not using a SKUL 100 you pretty much are not a shaper.


Yes i use Peel ply to flaten laps and to reduce prep for over coat. John scotch to protect pvc from shear is the way to go on rails, i do it with wood too work very well. Need a good scotch otherwise it’s really hard to pull off after resin set.

Got that Lemat - 

Sorry to hear about what happened over there.  It’s a real shame.

Back on topic… any tips on wrapping peel ply?  Mine is super tight weave and likes to wrinkle up around curvy parts of outline unless I make a lot of relief cuts.  Those can be a problem after the resin cures and I peel the stuff off… lots of little pieces sometimes get left behind.

I guess it’s just part of the game(?)

Although I’m in the do as much shaping as you can with a power plane camp. Here is another example of the fact that a power plane is not the only way to produce a first class result. Looks like it’s not particularly quick though. Time, Cost, Quality, pick two ,something I’ve heard people in the construction industry say, points to the soul of craftsmanship.

I have same problem. Do many cut. I once have a nylon Peel ply that was stretchier but it did not want to stay glue, spend a roll of backing paper, a nightmare, never use it again on full hand lam.


What peel ply are you using?  Perforated?  Source?  Many thx

All the best 

Nylon treated fabric 80g/m2.

I feel as if I am finally at the point to call myself a shaper now that I am full on using my SKUL 100.