Fun with a GOPRO

First attempt


Are you coming from the future? :wink: 05-15-2012? :smiley:

kinda looks like a spot in someone's I hear barking seals in the background?   =)

Hi Huck,

How have you been?  Yup, you got the spot. 

And yes, that day a big bull swam by.  No females, so he wasn’t agressive. All the same, he showed his teeth.  Could be a good spring.  Lots of sand after a flat winter.  Are you ever in the neighborhood?

Hey Mark, not lately, but I should have a project coming up in the neighborhood.  First I had to get certified with the EPA for lead paint - what a crock, but I am now certified.  Still have some other hoops to jump through, but I'm hoping in about a month or so to be back haunting your neck of the woods. 

Was at your second home today, victory at sea conditions, but actually a few hearty souls out at "the corner".  Thought about it, but I did not join them.  Wifey wanted to take me roller skating - she actually bought us some skates - and we did it, old folks that we are, and all. Lunch at Super Rica. 

Still havent gotten to Super Rica, but I’ve become a regular at Los Agaves, a block down Milpas.  The Ceviche Tostada, and the Agave Burrito.  Oh My!

For Italian, Arnoldi’s!  Best Lasagna I’ve ever had.  But go at lunch time, or it gets a little pricy.

Cool video!

I really like the pov Gopro shots.


Today was a good day


Mark is that a wrist mount you’re using?  I got a GoPro for Christmas and used the deck mount on the nose of my board. The waves were small, Waist High and I was loggin… but the angle made them look like six inches!

So fun!

Hi Woody,

Yea, it’s a wrist mount.  Something I made.  Thinking about producing them, since the Gopro wrist strap wouldn’t work paddeling.  Never done anything like this before, so I need to check out patents and all first.  Make sure nobody already beat me to it.

The angle of them really distorts the wave and distance.  Anything but a barrel looks like waterskiing.

Here’s a video I made on my last road trip to CA using a couple different mounts, including an FCS plug mounted on my deck:


Disclaimer, the majority of riding is with a kite with some regular surfing and bodysurfing mixed in.

Keep us posted everysurfer, I looked at their wrist mounts too and thought the same thing…plus I’d have to stand their like Batman or something to get the right angle. I haven’t done deck plugs yet but looks like that may be ok for now. I saw a video somewhere of a female pro that they set up a little tower thing on the back of the board. The angle was much better but I’m sure it was to maximize the look of her best “assets” which were exceptional anyway.  I thought about cutting up an old production fin to get the thing a little higher off the deck. One more thing to add to my list!

I’d be doubtful of the tower thing for more than one use.  Kick it with your foot on a take off.  Forget kicking out.  Your back foot would take it right off, or break your foot!  I’ve seen pole handles, but unless your getting towed, how you gonna paddle?

The big question is would anybody pay cash for one.  It would have to be in the $50.00 range to make it viable.  Unless I went the China route, which I’m not really interested in.  They would make knock-offs faster than the originals, and painted with lead paint, or something radioactive they got at discount from Fukashima.


I’ve got the wrist mount from Gopro. I plan on lengthening the strap so it can mount on my left bicep (I’m goofy).

Then, while riding, I can signal a right turn and, the angle should be pretty good. We’ll see…

I’ve also wanted to build a “tower” but like Everysurfer said, it seems like a perfect place to get ripped off.

I was thinking the prime suspect would be the leash wrapping around it.



This video made me smile Everysurfer… Nice!

GREAT stuff , Mark !


  thanks heaps for posting those photos ! [my limited storage computer doesn't let me see any footage , so photos are the next best thing ! ]


cheers , keep clicking away on the good days , mate !


isn't it great to be able to surf AND shoot at the same time , an age-old dilemna solved for good ...



Chrisp! Will wonders never end!  How did you get a video to post directly onto Swaylocks?!!