Glassing question...

Folks -I’m still learning how to glass, but I learned how to tape + mask off the board on opposite side with painters paper…also, when glassing - I just pour to soak the resin in and squeegee out as much resin as possible w out causing air bubbles off flats and laps. My question is: how much catalyst to use for ample time(for newbie glasser) for a quart of resin to provide a good impact resistance, and not be a brick weight wise? And if I do two layers would I do both at same time? Sorry guys im not a glasser! Also, if you have any tips, or corrections do tell me. Also, is a quart enough resin to do two layers on deck?

The plan is to have a relatively strong but light board to surf overhead conditions, and be solid nuff to hold my own.

I also want ‘resin art’, or swirls of resin colors - only on bottom bcuz I want to airbrush the deck. The plan is copying a mango (green on bottom, feint yellow/0range/red) on deck…pinlines I think will be dark green? I might go just mango green w swirls and call it done? So please if you answer my post don’t steer me to a link. I am requesting tips on–just doing It ! Tia - Jim

ty everysurfer ! I could use all the tips possible as I plan to do a good job. Hope the vid has catalyst info for a newb glasser? Puters a bit slow right now…I got ten cc’s for a quart ratio of cat/resin, but if I add more cat would it lighten board sum? I was thinking about upping cat a bit to lighten it sum also…any tips here would be awsum ! I’m going to be surfing sum sizey waves, and trying to figure out a strong/light setup.thanks man. -Jim

“but if I add more cat would it lighten board sum?”

No.  Use recommended catalyst amounts… maybe a little bit LESS.  You don’t want a ‘hot batch’ kicking off  before you’ve even tucked your laps.  All the thought and work you put in to the shape is down the drain if your resin kicks off and leaves you with lumps, bumps and bubbles.

If you don’t know how to do it quickly, consider UV cure resin.  It’s been posted here a bunch of times.

If odor is an issue, consider surfboard grade epoxy… very little odor and longer working time than MEKP catalyzed polyester resin.

The weather this weekend should be ideal.  Get on it!


Catalyst amount has nothing to do with finished weight. Where did you come by that notion?

You should do both layers at the same time. Adjust your catalyst ratio downward a bit, to give you more working time since you have little to no experience. On that note, trying to do a fancy color job is a recipe for disaster and just making a simple task more complicated.

Don’t forget that ratios change with ambient temps. Warmer = less catalyst, cooler = more.

John and Sammy -Thanks a million ! I’m going w 2"'or so band w tape job…so I really want it good and strong, also a bit light. The plan is to see if my fishy can handle sum size bout up to double over head w a bit of curl…we just want it good n strong - yet lighter than a dog. Now I need to figure out where to get squeegee.

SammyA - I got that info reading the archives here. But I geuss I’ll stick to basic setup. Thanks man.

Anyhow, the just got done dustin off my tools for shapin. The $99.00 I payed for my HITACHI was the BEST investment I made to date. It’s more than what I expected. I dusted the rest out back. This is going to be routine for a long, long, LONG time…
Eventually I’m make own personal shed. I can’t wait to find something! I’m already addicted.:/?it’s the new “Shape n Bug!” - Jim

A pic of – “the Animal.” P20sb econo foam keeler !read and digest: this is not show and tell, I’m showing this PLANER to anyone who plans on shaping bcuz it’s a good doable unit - that’s affordable.nuff said. Enjoy pics!!! Upfront - I named zee planer " the Animal" bcuz it cuts thru foam clean and at good flow…good stuff !
Where I got it: Sears website during their sales.

Note: I personally like the feel if a stock knob bcuz it allows total control of the planer. Fyi - I thinned my bottom to rough thickness, skinned the deck, and cross cutted the nose, but didn’t dig my planer shoe in once. But when I should have put her on a low setting. But I did angle planer at a forty? Good news is, it was only minor, and ill plane it out to clean it up. Trust me, if you plan to make a good bang for your buck- you know where to go.

In 75° temps you can run 7cc of catalyst for a quart of resin and have about 30+ mins to work with. As sammy said, the hotter or colder it is will change the working life of the resin. -

If you can get your hands on some UV cure that is always a good option for first time lam jobs.

If you want color, I would stick with a single color or a two-color swirl - if you choose to go with a swirl, remember to kick your resin before you mix them together.

Use good tape for your cutlaps.

Stay clean and organized - walk through the process in your head a few times before you have a go.

Lam both layers at the same time - 1 quart will lam one side of a board under 7ft - With skill you can do it with less but thats a good starting number.

Any sloppy work will be magnified as you progress through the process


John - I went to Pearson Arrow surfboards in Santa cruz and already bought it (poly +cat), but I should be fine if I work it on w care… I geuss ill resin swirl on bot and leave deck keep it simple.upfront im not crazy about clear coat much.

WIdeawake - thanks . I those tips sound good ! Ill have to watch the vids to get the process digested in my cranium…after all, I’m riding it, and im hopeful it’s going to be Insane ! GENTLEMEN thanks MUCH ! -Jim

Thanks again Sir ! T c - Jim

I watched sum vids, and I need to get razor knife, squeegee, measuring cups etc…
But I got the Bosch grinder, soi better use it when we get to glassing! Once I get my own shaping bay/ shed id like a host a build party. And you guys can bring
A blank + material for your board’s. It won’t be until I find a affordable work spot. Shaping, test rides, pizza + beer … :O? Living the Dream- Jim


Which “info”? The silly idea that changing the catalyst amount affects weight of the finished board? Whatever the source, you either read it wrong or the person who wrote it doesn’t know much about glassing.

… I really want it good and strong, also a bit light.


I too want a strong light board, that short but catches waves like a long board…but turns on a dime,  also really pretty…  Come on man, you are on like board number?? 1 or 2?  You want a swirled board that is light and strong

 Shapaholic…just try to shoot for a board, that will be water tigh and smooth.   A good rule of thumb is if you can walk down the beach and someone DOESN’T ask you if you made the board. Or makes a comment like “THATS AN INTERESTING SHAPE”  If it passes the peer quality test, then you might be ready for more.

Let the process take you on the journey, make sure you stop at all the rest areas.  There is no rush.  Rushing will only bring you grief and pain…and untold sorrow.

Resinhead - I decided to do only the bottom color w swirls…and yes, I won’t rush my shape. Ty



Nonsense! If the “resin doesn’t seep into the foam”, then where the hell does it go to reduce weight? When you do a lamination the idea is to use as little resin as possible to wet out the glass and have it wrap and stick to the rail curves. A really slow kick can be troublesome if you don’t tend it til it gels, as the glass might release off the rails and make a mess. But, a fast kick makes no difference in weight and gives less working time. Plus, polyester resin mixed “hot” is weaker. So, given that you want the holy grail of boards (light yet strong, and pretty) you should aim for optimum cure time in your mixes.

Anyway, like I already said, the person who wrote it doesn’t know much about glassing.

“Just because you read it on the internet, that doesn’t mean it’s true” - Abraham Lincoln

Hello Sammy I hope all is well. I’m going to go with your advice. Yeah, that tip I read makes zero sense. Could be a myth, not sure why I believed it?

Anyway, thanks MUCH! I am going to take notes and work quik but sure so I can soak, lam and wrap those rails tight w out dribbles. It probably will look decent if I can stay stoked. But I got my gallon, but I need fin rope, make my fins at rooster’s . I could stop by arrow to get my hot coat resin. Im prob going to do a gloss coat if I don’t run out of funds. If so, ill live w sanded hot coat. T c - and Happy shaping/ glassing !- Jim


Don’t go crazy trying to find fin rope. You can make your own using scraps of 8 oz or 10 oz glass. I do it all the time.

Everyone is right I got to get it done in one piece. I thank you all.- Jim

really, thanks for the heads up ! Would six oz work bcuz I might have sum left? Thanks for the technical help man. Glassing is definitely an art form! And you have a good handle on it. I don’t. If I think about installing boxes I cringe. Lol. Man, I couldn’t believe I couldn’t even find many options for glass ons
As most of the commercial buyers alk want box fin setup…I geuss I should start making plywood fins for now!? Thanks for the heads up. -Jim