This is probably the first and last post I’ll write about me. I originated the ideas of DE for filler, and monolithic fabric insets. I developed a program for templating blanks, and designed shapes for posters here. I helped through Swaylocks to reintroduce epoxy/EPS surfboard construction to acceptibility. I’ve noticed how the entrenched poly establishment is already giving fake advice designed to give epoxy construction a bad reputation. Another poster, the designer of the “fat penguin” came here periodically, constantly shoving his “new” surf product down Swaylockian throats, attempting solely to use Swaylock’s Design Forum to sell his product. I complained to Mike our host during his other “binges”. Mike answered my complaints with basically, “I don’t like it, but stopping it takes too much time”. And there were support whines of, “Asking a host to moderate posts is too harsh”. The “fat penguin’s” last ego-binge merely reinforced the fact that he won’t leave unless he has to. Mike refused to make the guy leave, so I made him feel unwanted. No apologies here, but Mike has blocked my handle. Maybe it’s because the guy used it before leaving, but with Mike’s statements, I seriously doubt it. Mike: “If you ignore idiots, they usually go away. If you reply to them, they stick around.” I agree with you, but at the risk of disturbing your karma… Your solution begs a question. How’s that working for you? Somehow the obvious has escaped your superior intellect. You’ve read scores of responses to ego-posts but still haven’t noticed that somebody answers EVERY ONE OF THEM. It takes lots of kinds of people to make up this world. There is no collective restraint, so ditching your responsibilities on a non-existent collective doesn’t work. You complain about “idiots”, but refuse to handle them. When somebody else finally does, you blame both parties. Life isn’t about peace and harmony, it’s about right and wrong, about carrying out the responsibilities you’ve accepted, or not. Run your board, or don’t. Most of us use different methods to try and arrive at the same place, but this is a dead end. No feint here. Goodbye to my friends at Swaylocks. -Noodle

Aww, poor baby.

If there is no ego, change the handle and move on. The same information will get distributed to the needy.

Noodle, I could see this one coming a mile away, and it was only a matter of time. If it hadn’t been you it would have been someone else. I watched it unfold like fate. You never registered your profile, so you can’t shift the blame to Swaylock. That’s not his problem, you’re the one who dropped the ball. He gave you a solution. Choose another alias, create a profile, and get on with life, brother. Hey, everybody, register yourselves and create some credibility for your own words. Own your identity on the Internet, people. Don’t leave yourselves vulnerable to anonymous imposters.

bummer, noodle, i actually enjoyed reading your posts. it’s to bad you had to go out like a drama queen.

I heard Chris S. is to blame. aka Sarge. he’s a punk with a bad Noodle

Noodle I enjoyed your posts.Hope you come back.Aloha Bro. R. Brucker

Thanks for all the epoxy info and your help to me and many others with template designs. Apparently some people have forgotten how mnuch you’ve contributed.

Noodle- whether in agreement or not, Ive enjoyed reading everything youve written, from shaping to politics. You have real heart and will be missed. Aloha, Dale

Catch ya later Noodle Brain.

Noodle, You were generous in your responses to my questions, and I always valued the wealth of information that you provided over the time I’ve been reading. Take care.

Dammit, gone for a month and missed all the fun… Noodle, please stick around. I for one have enjoyed both your help and the arguments. regards, Håvard

…Hang in there buddy,the poodles will get bored and go away!Herb

Noodle, Thanks for your past input. I’ve learned a lot. (Example of Noodle’s generosity: Adios, Gary Geist

Noodle: I have not always agreed with you politically or liked your choice of words. However, if this site is about sharing, you have paid your dues many times over. I suspect that under the “in your face style” there is an honest and generous heart - rare characteristics these days. Take care and have fun. Patrick

ude, you can’t go now, I need info on extruded stryro foam… I agree with just getting another handle etc…

I don’t know anything as I have just found this forum. Have not read any bad words here or trolling like on most other forums. I’ve searched a long time before I found this forum. How long does it exist anyways? Surfing and Shaping espezially started out really, really late on the web. cheer up, this is a fun place to be and learn.

Noodle- Let me take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your template designs as well as your advice, opinions, etc. I built two nice boards from your plan-shape dimensions(I swiped your responses to other people, figured you wouldn’t mind) and I appreciate your generousity. P.S. It always amused me that some people would see your posted template numbers and then snort and grouse about how nobody could shape to those tolerances. Guess they didn’t understand that the program sees 5/16" as 0.3125". Uh, yea, umm- hey don’t worry about that last 25/1000" or so. It was kind of you to not embarrass them by responding. take care.

I enjoyed sparing with you on wave timing. I also will miss you. Go with joy.