hot generation boards

anyone have any more info on these boards(ie. tail width, nose width, bottom contours). I know PHD makes one like this, and kp is a member here so any info from him or anyone else is appreciated. also, how do they ride? thanks in advance. 

i personally have not ridden one. however, kp says his 9 footer is a blast to ride. jumps into waves super fast and easy, turns and trims good as well. the few guys that ride the 8 foot model swear by it. that’s all i know. having seen  and held kp’s board i would personally have it made thinner and that’s about it.

Looks like they get could get a bit of nose time in the steep stuff, but turn with a bit of hull feel. just curious, but thanks for the response.

My 9’0’’ is n. 16’7/8’s w. 22 7/8’s t. 16 7/8’s th. 3 1/4 this board is not a longboard, it has to be surfed a bit more aggresively. I rode a 8’5’’ last weekend and really liked that one also, great to turn off that big hip and when you step up on ther sweet spot it really takes off , the longer ones do nose ride but it’s a quick trip to the tip and back, lots of good feedback on these, funstuff.

thanks for the response..

they really look and sound fun to ride. how do they go in jucier surf with that wide tail?

thanks again

Brian Hilbers is making some fantastic surfboards. Here’s my 9’ (top) and 8’

I just got the 9’ and rode it 4 days in a row. Unreal.  I feel what really makes these boards different than the run of the mill crap that’s out there is the wide point floats back of center, foil (slight S-deck/spoon) and hull up front. The 8’ has hard rails in the tail and the 9’ has slight roll all the way through. Bank & Crave, Bank & Carve.

With mine , it just gets better , hits another gear and keeps carving, I have had no problems with the wider tail. We use a 9.5 or 10.0 Liddle narrow or widebase , some guys like the Wilderness Greenough fins also.

Thanks again,

I was looking at pics of one of your PHD HG boards online yesterday. Are the rails down and hard in the tail(behind the fin)? Is the rail line similar to a displacent hull, up in the front transitioning to down in the tail? how bout bottom bottom contour? I noticed that S deck on the pics as well. At first I thought that 3.25" thick seems a bit on the high side but it now seems necessary in order to get the right amount of curve in the S deck. these things look and sound great. sorry to slug you with a ton of questions but I really appreciate your time. thanks

It was Evolution and Hot Generation (among others) that got me going on single fins in the first place so I really appreciate the shapes on these boards and the way a somewhat piggy shape + Waveset-style fin combo turns.  


those things look sleek. do they go completely flat in the tail like a traditional hull? again, nice rides and thanks for the pictures

I’m diggin’ that Hot Gen!!!

They have a soft rolled V just in front of the finbox then flat off the tail, that way thet don’t track like the old V - bottom’s did.

ahh. okay thank you. just got back form a fun waist high session this morn and wish I had a HG to try out. I gotta get on the boat. thanks again

one more question...I have a three day weekend so Im gonna try to bust one of these out in my spare time. what are the approximate tail and nose rocker numbers? also, are the nose rails turned up, middle 50/50 and tail down like a displacement hull type board? thanks again for the time. I'll put pics up once I get this thing done.

kirk putam or pointdog, do you know more about the rocker and the rail line of theseboards?? thanks

**then the wheel went round and we started again **


cheers huie

nice one. that looks like fun. you surf it yet?

So I didn't end up doing the board this weekend cause I was busy with other boards for friends and some 4th of July stuff. I did however study a couple more rocker shots of the HG that putnam hilbers designs makes. I'm thinking 2 3/4" tail rocker, 3 3/4 for the nose on a 8'10" board. Does this sound about right? nose rocker is probably lower than normal but I am a fan of low nose rocker. I am still trying to figure out if the rail line is like a traditional displacemnt hull, because I can't find any pics of the rocker line. thanks for the help

Why don’t you go buy one? Don’t you feel the designers/builder deserve some compensation. Are you chinese?


Why don't you go buy one? Don't you feel the designers/builder deserve some compensation. Are you chinese?


no, not Chinese. I like building boards more than buying them and don't have the cash on hand to sink in to one, which is why I am here asking these questions. I do however appreciate the help that  I have recieved thus far. thanks again.