How to get this finish ???

Does anybody have some tips on how to glass a board like this, i.e how they get the cutlap to disappear/ how they get the mat effect ?.[img_assist|nid=1066516|title=Black Bonzer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=360|height=640][img_assist|nid=1066517|title=c|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=360|height=640]

Pigmented, not tinted hotcoat, with no sand throughs,  Pre-pigment enough resin for two coats, because you won’t be able to match it.  Finish to sand coat.  Spray a mat finish sealer.

Pigment.  Spray Acrylic Finish.  3m Scotchbrite pad for final finish.

…hello fellas, that s not an speed finish or like that; is a sanded double hot coat.

No cut laps with a solid pigmented glass job:

Pigment free lap bottom & rails.

Pigment 1st layer of deck glass trimmed to bottom edge (not overlapped) then sanded/ surformed/ blended smooth to the rail.

Clear 2nd layer of deck glass that’s freelapped onto the bottom.


Not to argue with the experts, but two things I notice,

  • If you pigment the lamination, you would see the weave, just opaque
  • In the picture, there is some washing of color, from green to yellow, that doesn't follow a lamination pattern, but more of a brush stroke.
I'm sticking with hot coat theory, with a clear of something over.

Top is ziplapped on rail edge, and sanded, then a silane clear over the rails.  Just like atomized said.  i personally think this looks the best for solid opaques, and Bobby Allen who is Ambrose’s friend and Greg Noll’s old laminator taught me that one.  Finish appears to be a scotch-brite on some type of water-base acrylic.


May I ask what type of scotchbrite you use to get that type of finish? I’ve tried gray and white (very fine, ultra fine) over wipe on acrylic and they don’t seem to do a thing. Do I need to go coarser?



spray painted,,, look at the center box,,

the board looks used and the lines in it looks like it was scraped with a plastic wax scraper

then rubbed with a cloth

it probly looked cool when it was new, now its used and dull

it also looks like it was sanded directionally(nose to tail). Supposed to be the fastest finish, so that is why I do it and it looks similar even without color…exaggerated with color though. no reason to do it on the deck…just rails and bottom for me. good luck

I have done this finish on furniture. Sprayed with silver paint (probably car paint) A dark pigmented glaze was applied and streaked in a linear motion. Next is a clearcoat (probably automotive) . Rubbed out with wetsand and red scotchbrite. Any custom car paint shop could pull this off. (Not saying this is how it was done but it is how I would do it.

The guys who did it.

Ken is right about the green on the box, but the board is new.

Some of you guys who know everyone in the surf industry should make a call to Carl Lamaitre in France.  Looks like all their other boards are cutlap.

I’m still sticking with Hot Coat Tint, or maybe paint.  Otherwise you would see the weave, and really after looking at their work on line, these guys are just too good to miss that detail.



The finish on the board looks good and the Lucky Bastards do some beautiful work!

if sprayed, how’d they get the logo to show?..that would be a heck of a tape job

From looking their site, I’m thinking that’s a sanded gloss. As far as the logo being shinny – if I had to do it, I’d cut a paint mask and stick it on the gloss so when sanding the gloss, the spot would be protected.

Come on Guys!  It’s not that hard! 

They did the deck in two seperate laminations.  Frist was hot coated with pigment.  Then the second deck was clear with the lamination.  The logo wasn’t any shinier than the rest of the board.

Still a beautiful board.  And one of you name droppers should give them French guys a call.

Logo could be freehand with something like posca pen. All of this is speculative and I am just guessing. I dig this trend of building boards as works of art. The French were always ahead in this game. Watching all of this transpire is inspirational.

    I reckon if we keep talking about it the Frenchies will weigh in and give it up. Or…maybe they will just watch and laugh.

the green that is mentioned looks to be glare from background.

that box looks grey like the board which leeds me to think its been painted

and I dont see the stringer which is a tell tail sign of paint

the fins at the bottom of the board look too perfect of a color match for me to believe it a color lam

the logo could easly be painted on before a clear coat

then the board was scotch brighted to give it a sanded finnish

thats my 2cts

note ; the top of the nose looks like it has a shitty lap line


I think the logo was an unsanded, taped over portion of the gloss coat… check out this picture.


I can only speculate without the board in front of me.  Still there are more than a few ways to make a board.  The zip-lap on the rails mid-point and sanded in on the top lamination, with a clear over still is cleanest in my eyes.  Malcolm is a class act as a shaper, nice to have worked along side of him, upstairs on Helena St. SB.  That guy is all passion, and a great shaper.