I finally got a Lazor zap

Very excited to receive my board today. Wanted to share my joy.

6x6 x 22.25 x19 x 12 Greg Pautsch via revolutionsurfer.

Thanks Noel for being patient with me and all the changes to make me happy.



Beauty! Brings back surfing memories of 1981-82

My freind has the exact same one as that, but nowhere near as mint condition!!! you must be frothing!

I can’t stop staring at. Work of art. Now for some wax!

“Keel” fin!

Online http://revolutionsurfer.com/cheyne-horan-winged-keel/

VERY Nice! Jealous

Hi Steve

I had a thruster zap in 1984, loved the ride!

Has Greg shaped in the Loaded Dome? I think its the dome, more than any other design feature, that defines a McCoy board.

Having ridden McCoy nuggets from about 2000-2010, I sold them, and spent the next 3 years trying to find a non McCoy board that I liked. Finally, in frustration, I bought a 6’6 McCoy nugget again in January this year and immediately reconnected with the feel of the loaded dome under my feet. So much so that within a few months I had swapped 6 of my 6’6-7’ single to doubles for 3 more McCoys.

I now have three nuggets, 6’3, 6’6, 6’8 and a 7’ double ender, and am thinking of getting a zap thruster as well.

To be honest, Ive never really got on with any of the McCoy singles (I’ve only owned 3 though). I find that they lack accelleration in the turns, and as a consequence, you must sit more passively in the energy section of the wave, rather than being able to generate speed at will and then place yourself where you want to be.

How about posting a ride report?




Being a old school single fin surfer, I can’t wait to have a go on it. I know and have heard about the loaded dome, but I can’t say for sure what Greg did other than shape a beautiful board. Dan Taylor in Costa Mesa, CA. Did the glass and color. I need the best fin for such a wide tail. Looking for suggestions.


See my post Ah and a


Saw that fin recomendation. You still use it? I was leaning toward the Spitfire fin. Both out of stock.


Steve…there used to be a fin we called the Lazor Zap fin. Basey pivot fin. I think GP has some more on order. Any basey pivot style fin should work as the rails and bottom are really where the hold is on singles in my opinion. Not that some fins don’t work better or different than others. Love them as thrusters also. Enjoyed dealing with you Steve. GP is a great guy to do a reshape to give you more what you wanted. Not many shapers will do that with as good a spirit as Greg who is a truly humble builder considering his talent.  Turned out nice as his usually do. Been awhile since I have posted on old Sways. Nice to see it still around and kicking. Thanks for posting the pictures. Greg did put a round bottom on this as you can see if you put a straight edge on it.  All the best.

 Thanks for the plug Mattwho.

On his website McCoy disavows the keel fin. He favors those boomerang looking fins.  

Not now ! Holy shit I’m 62 ! McCoy boy HB late 70’s that is a long long time ago (some of best days BTW).

And like a fool I can only drool…

I had some Terry Fitzgerald Lazer Zap like singles and used the Star Fin (gdaddy’s keel) in the 80’s. I liked the star fin a lot. I thought it reacted more like a thruster than a single, fast and snappy in turns, but with the ability to do big roudhouse cutbacks. However, it kept snagging my leash, it was so annoying that it took away my enjoyment so I had to move on, that was when I bought the Lazer Zap thruster.

Terry’s boards had very hard panel V in the last few feet, as do my current nuggets (starting just after he dome though). This is a change from the rolled V right through the tail of my earlier surftech nuggets. My impression is that the panel V really adds to the acceleration generated in a turn.

I have tried the Spitfire fin (thanks Noel) and that was almost as good as the Star Fin, but without its annoying leash catching. I felt Geoff’s Gulwings were better than the classic dolphin style fins, but without the snap and drive of the spitfire inspired fins. I haven’t ridden any of those long curved fins that Ceyne used in his early zaps so I can’t comment.

I think you should try the Star Fin (as well as others) as its a very different ride to any other fin. I think Cheyne still sells them and they aren’t too expensive. 


I have a board I did with a Nugget type tail and bottom and I ran it with a Starfin for a couple months.  TO ME the fin felt too small for the tail.    I think I would have liked something with more base.  Having seen the fins ACE has run on his singles I’m thinking a Spitfire template with more base could be good but I never got around to making one.  But for this Zap design with the pulled in tail that Starfin might be just right.    With that Starfin my board worked a lot better when there was some juice.  

I have ridden all the fins mentioned and liked them all. I have found that disavowing something doesn’t really mean much with equipment since surfing is extremely individual and no two surfers weight and unweight the same as another. I have sold Keels and just about every other style there is over the years and have only found I few I hate. Like eating various deserts. I will say that on my singles…Spitfire, Winged Keels, and gulls have gotten the most water time over the last few years. Enjoyed a couple of retro inspired fins also last few times I surfed.  I’ll try it all. I have been riding a super wide, super wide tail quad of late. First Quad I have owned since the 90s.  BTW: The tail on Steve’s board is around 19. "  

i’m glad you’re stoked, and I know a lot of guys froth on them - but those mccoy’s are boards I just cannot get excited over. 


Buy 'em direct fron Cheyne, http://www.cheynehoran.com.au/starfin.html

I got a couple three years ago, dealt with Mrs Cheyne, he was somewhere exotic.

I’ve ridden nothing else on single fins since 1989, lots of drive for such an upright fin.

Sorry Man.  I just don’t see it.  No need to get wet over an outdated design.  Lowel