Importing Epoxy to Canada

Hey Guys,

I’m wondering if any other Canuks around here have imported RR Epoxy to Canada, and what hazardous material fees (customs) came with it?

Currently, I’m currently looking at SB112, but at 196.00CAD/ 1.5gal kit, a hazmat fee on RR may come out cheaper!



The only issue I’ve had with shipping to Canada is with UPS, which is really sticky. Shipping via regular ground trans through any of the trucking companies is never a problem but they expect some quantity. Three gallon sets just don’t go through that system at a reasonable price. If anyone has any ideas …

I’ve wanted to do this too but the hassle seemed too much. Then my brother told me about shipping depots they have in the states near border crossings where you can get your stuff shipped to for a small fee, and then you come and pick it up. I assume hazmat would still be an issue, but it might be easier to do it yourself than to get UPS to do it for you. I haven’t looked into this issue further, but if it works I would like to give it a shot.

Probably any UPS store near the border could facilitate that.

I’ll look into that idea…

Hey Greg, out of curiosity what does it cost to ship a pallet on a truck?



Anybody get any answers since this thread was active?

I’m on Vancouver Island and would love to try RR… My local supply shop is a satellite of “Fiberglass Supply” out of Washington State, and neither carry RR.

Any thoughts on System Three SB112? That stuff is readily available here, as is 2# eps. Can’t wait to shape another board, and was looking forward to trying eps/epoxy.

We cab ship resin to Canada through our trucking company no problem. It doesn’t look cost effective till it reaches about 36 gallons. UPS and other small packaging companies are ridiculasly expensive. If you guys get togather I’ll be glad to send some your way.

Greg… I know as a business owner you might not like posting prices publicly, but for you to ship to Vancouver, could you give us a breakdown on how much it might cost for assorted sizes. (eg… 1.5, 2, 5, 10 gal etc.) I llive just outside of Vancouver, so prices would be pretty similar, and if there are any other guys in this area, then please pm me here and maybe we’ll get a bulk order in.

Hey, loney, I’m down in NS and also want to try Greg’s resin. if you want maybe we can work something out and split on an order. let me know if you are interested. Maine is about a 7-8 hour drive from here.

i have been using the SB 112 for a while now and have no complaints about using it except cost. (I also have to get it shipped down from T dot.)


hey Art, SB 112 works great with #2 eps finished looks just like a poly sanded hotcoat. just let it sit for two days before sanding. actually what i do is let the hotcoat harden then use a sureform and razor blade scrapper tool and shave it down smooth. you barley have to sand it at all. then put on a thin sealing coat.

Greg’s stuff is supposed to have better flex and no smell though.


Our prices are posted on our website.

I’m looking into getting as well. I am in Montreal and was thinking about a 3 gallon kit.

My feeling was to look for a depot in the US and go pick it up myself, but on the way back I’m sure the Customs guys would not only charge a duty fee and GST+PST, but might have something to say about the Hazmat issue. Though, I don’t know how high epoxy rates on the hazmat list, doesn’t seem too bad according to the MSDS.

I am going to call my aunt this week and talk with her, she is a customs broker at Dorval airport and has been doing it for over 20 years. She should be able to give me the lowdown, and just maybe some tricks or loopholes.

Other than that, its either there are enough of us in Canada to get a load up on common carrier and split it up or we’ll have to do our arithmetic and see if it’s still cost effective to go our own. For systemthree at 196$ a gallon, plus getting it from Toronto… I would think that it still can’t be that much to ship it here… Greg’s website lists a 3 gallon kit as 181$US. Shipping??? Maybe a bunch of us will make some calls in the next few days and we’ll see what we come up with.


Hey Shoelesspat, how bad is the System Three smell?

I’ve read so much good stuff about RR that I wonder why my local supply shop doesn’t just stock it. We’ve got a few “actual” shapers that get their supplies there besides all the backyarders. Should be enough of a demand. I’ll talk to them tomorrow…

Hey everyone.

Have got the lowdown from my Aunt. (Customs broker)

Yes, apparently UPS does not take any dangerous goods, but most other carriers will. FedEx?? What carrier do you use Greg? As long as it is packaged and labelled properly (according to carriers specs) it is/should not be a problem.

As to the cost of shipping it to Canada… I guess it depends on the company.

Another bit of info for the Canadians bringing in stuff from the US. We can save on duty charges by getting the supplier/shipper to fill out a NAFTA certificate. I have a copy of the Low Value form (under 1600$), and long as the products are all MADE in the US it can be declared under NAFTA and no duties will be paid. It can not be something made anywhere else in the world and just shipped from the states, otherwise you might get away with it, or you might get caught and get fined. Talk to your suppliers next time you order.

Maybe Greg will chime in here and let us know what he thinks and maybe what kind of shipping fees we’re talking about here.

I’ll attach a copy of the form to this post so anyone needing it can use it.


The easiest way to bring stuff across the border is to get a broker. Their prices are usually reasonable. Most have a depot on the US side. You can then have the goods shipped by the cheapest method to the depot. The broker will bring the goods across, handle the paper work, and deliver them to you if you want or place them in their Can. depot for you to pick up. Pick up is cheaper if you live near the depot. It would be desirable to have a business license so the broker can get the goods across without all the duty and tax problems - except for the PST.

Hey Art, The SB 112 doesn’t really smell that bad. I would definatly wear a mask (3M organic respirator type) but it is not as bad as some other epoxy’s i’ve used like west or cold cure. I am glassing a board right now, i have a small room/workshop in the back of the house and the smell in that room is noticable but not overwhelming like it would be with say poly or the above resins. I put the board in a heated box insulated with foam and open a window to ventilate and with the cold air smell is gone in a couple hours.

It sounds like the RR would have even less smell which would be a really positive thing for me, i am sure it is just a matter of time before there is a canadian distributor for it.

great game at world juniors last night.



Thanks Pat.

As long as it’s nowhere near polyester’s reek! I’ve done all my glassing in the garage, and my wife complains each and every time, even though I never use the garage door into the house and I leave a fan running.

My garage is pretty cool, so I think I’d do a heater box as well. I’m assuming a plywood coffin-kinda-thing… what do you use for a heat source that won’t burn the house down? Light bulbs? Do you circulate the air like a convection oven somehow? I should probably just do a search…

Patrick Shannon:

Thanks for the info. Sounds like a lot of work for a hobbyist’s resin… I’ll probably stick with System 3, since I can get it a few blocks away. You got any projects on the go? I always admire your work.


An old friend of the family’s (now deceased) used to make Guitars, Mandolins and Dulcimers. He had a box to dry the wood and frames out. It was just a foam insulated box with a lightbulb in it. I believe that it easily got temps around 100-110 Farenheit.


Hello Art,

Yes, it is a bit of work to set up your hobby as a business, but there are some tax savings. All you need to do is register your name with the prov., register with the Feds as a sole proprietor, and keep a record of expenses and sales. While there is suppose to be a prospect of earning money eventually, both levels of gov. are reasonable as long as you claim to be working towards that goal - pace is not an issue. Many people register for GST who simply are hobbyists who sell at flea markets. The advantages are you can bring in goods duty free from the USA, and claim a net business loss against other employment income - so long as your costs are reasonable. Plus once people find out you work with fiberglass you will have to avoid jobs to pursue your hobby. It is nice to have a hobby that pays for itself.

The System Three resin works well. Can’t remember the number but they make a hardener for canoes that comes out clearer than the regular one. Still, I think, the RR stuff is worthwhile. They have several hardeners, one of which goes off fast which is nice for hand layups.

No surfboards on the go at present. However, I completed a Pacific City Power Surf Dory in the spring. It is now back in the garage for a center console and fish boxes. The most interesting project on the go is the repair of a birchbark canoe. It was originally done by a First Nations artist in the traditional manner for the museum in Vic. I got the canoe not because of any ability, but rather because my wife helped her grandfather build them when she was young. Got to spend some time following my wife around the bush in northern Saskatchewan looking for suitable bark this past spring.

Mmmm… I am rambling on! What can I say - sick and confined to the computer. In any case, good luck with your project. Post a picture or send me a copy when done.

Take care,


Hey Patrick,

I actually just went through all the business stuff! I left the company I was working for and bought my own excavator. If I could see myself building boards for other people, I would consider importing my own stuff. As it is, I’ve made one board, repaired a break, and fixed many many dings. I’m looking at getting the foam for board #2.

Here’s #1:;#181110 Turned out nice. Works very well in smooth, fast pointbreak. When it gets lumpy, it’s hard to really dig the rails in for turns. Should’ve probably made them thinner…

That sounds like neat stuff with the canoe etc. Hey, I actually emailed you a couple years ago about building a board for me, but you didn’t have the time then. I ended up getting a 6’5" made by Carl White. Nice board, but for sure the last one I’ll ever buy!

Thanks for the info, Johan. I’m just wondering if a light bulb would heat uniformly, or really cook the part of the board it’s nearest to… Fan?