KG twinser fish demensions?

I am ordering a KG twinser fish. When I called down there the guy who took my order (Larmo does not take calls…) I had intended on pushing my demension envelope by goind 6’0". I currently spend most of my time on 6’6"x20x2.65 thruster and have a canard cutaway fish 6’2". I am 6"4"x215 ish and surf primarily SF-SC was concidering going 6’0" but was maybe going to stay with 6’2" but the guy down there was thinking 5’10" would be suitable. Will I be painting myself into an ultra small wave corner at that legth? I mean this one is for small (head high and under) but… That is a full 8 inches shorter than my standard thruster and 6 inches less than me. I went 5"10 but might call back for a 2" upward adjustment… Anyone else gone through the trial of ultra small fish with success or maybe a suggestion? Thanks!

I think it depends on your personal comfort factor. Have you ever ridden a board under 6’? You’re a pretty tall guy at 6’4" and if you haven’t ridden a board this short, it could be a hindrance. I’m 6’1" and 185 lbs. and I do have a 5’10" that I ride in the small stuff but, it still feels small to me. Granted it has plenty of volume and width but I couldn’t imagine someone your size riding it comfortably. You’re going to be paying good money for a top knotch board, I would be sure to get what YOU WANT and NOT what some 150 lb. teenager thinks is cool. IMHO.

Sr Pato

i am your height but a little slimer. its a matter of preference for me i, i prefer and mostly ride boards over my height. for you it shouldnt be as big of a deal.

you can go short if you go wide. you might want to consider your other dimensions before you decide to chage the length.

5’10" is plenty board for you. If you have any amount of good surfing experience you’ll be fine on a Mabile 5’10". I’ve surfed a Mabile 5’4" and I’m 5’10" 185.

If you’re used to surfing a 6’2" canard fish, the jump to 5’10" wont be too bad for you.



I am in the same boat as you shaun 6’5 200lbs and a 5 10 to six foot board should be fine. Your first couple of sessions will feel weird at first with so much of your body hanging off the back of the board, but you will figure out how to move your weight forward and back around on the board while paddling to catch waves.

My suggestion would be to trust the only person you can really trust in this world…yourself. Go with your instincts. Some big guys feel comfortable on teeny boards and thats cool for them. Those guys would freak if they saw how big my Lis fish and the fishes I’ve shaped for myself, they’re 6’4". You know what feels good for you…good luck with your KG.


I agree with FD, I know a lot of guys say a fish over 6’0 won’t work as good, but I see more and people surfing on em and surfing really well. I also see guys ripping on sub-6 footers so it’s really It’s up to you.

“Search within yourself young Luke Skywalker, and you will know what size twinzer to choose.”-Yoda

let us know what KG you go with…

now this is crazy talk …

a guy your size on a board like that ??

im 6’-4" by 220 my standard setts are 6’-9" x 20 1/2 …

i recently went down to 6’-4" by 23 , i really loved it but felt it was to short , like my front foot was to close to the nose , plus the width gave it narrower range,

ment it was really specific small wave ,now im on a 6’-6" x 22 and loving small waves more then ever , but it also allows me into a bit more punch …

alot depends on the power level of the waves your surfing , a surfboard is a planeing hull , which means it only functions correctly while its on the plane , your body weight needs to be tied to your planeing area which also correlates to speed …

the less area , the more speed you need to get a given weight up and planeing …

the more area , the less speed you need to get a given weight up and planeing …

the more weight , the more speed you need to be up and planeing on a given area …

the less weight , the less speed you need to be up and planeing on a given area …

there all interconnected …

im bigger than your average guy , but put me in a waist high wave and 100lb groms have trouble in the same size waves …

be realistic , you need a big guys small wave board …

if your board is sinking while your trying to ride it , youll just look like a kook …

i lent my board yesterday to a guy my size , i watched him go from struggling to catch waves , try to get some speed and do 1 turn before he bogged a rail , to paddling into the tiniest waves and belting 3 turns in a row , busting spray and getting all excited about how fast he was going …

i couldnt even get his board moving let alone do a turn , most guys never progress because there given bad advice on there boards …

i wouldnt go under 6’-4" if i was you go 21 plus and thinner , you wont regret it …

choose function over fashion , understand your needs , for your body size …

you wouldnt try to squeeze into a small guys pair of shoes ???

so why squeeze into his board , its only going to hurt your surfing …



i would have taken a pic but more board is packed in the back of my car and its late …

maybe another time

And consider this. If the board is a bit too big you’ll still be able to surf it and have fun. If it’s a bit too small it will be collecting dust in your garage. Mike

Shaun, If you’re going to spend that kind of money, get it with a better fin setup than those twin foiled fins. They are no.1 ugly no.2 sharp as hell no.3 you better get into better shape due to the pumping involved in those twin foil keels(less drive.) Its your money get a fin system that works, the new keels shown on sways last week are great looking and functional too! Oh. the size thing, go 6’-6’4 x 21.5"-23" cause the KG has that old school shape we all love so the widest area is in front of center, might as well have them do concaves, cant 5*, toe in 1/4-3/8", have it your way!!! And by the way who said fishes are for kids, fishes are for big waves too, you can paddle in easier and just do everything smoother/bigger funner. Oh yea, Happy Easter…I’m starting to glass N0.7 for this laywer chick, got to put some color on it Hum? it easter :slight_smile: ////////---------///////---------in pink and yellow and some nile blue…sick!


And consider this. If the board is a bit too big you’ll still be able to surf it and have fun. If it’s a bit too small it will be collecting dust in your garage. Mike

Well said. You and Bert have it right. That should be on the wall at surf shops.

I’m 6’2", 215 and also surf SF-Marin. I have been on 9’10-10’4" equipment for 20 years, with just a few mid 7’s and a couple 8’ eggs thrown in. I just finished a fish, about 5’11.5" x 23".

First session, I thought it was too small. By about 3 waves into the second session, I wouldn’t want it any other size. Yes, my front foot is alarmingly close to the tip and looking down on it is very strange. But looking up along the wave and projecting where I want to go is amazing. The biggest adjustment is to throw a cutback a lot sooner than I would ordinarily, because this thing is outrunning every wave I’ve had it on so far.

I’ve seen guys at my local on fish for 5 years now. I hesitated to make or buy one because they looked like a one-trick thing: Most of these guys take off deep and hold perfectly still as they jam along, fast & low on the wave.

Now I’m convinced that - with these 6’6" and 7’0" “Fish” - these guys made a mistake and didn’t go short enough to take advantage of the design characteristics. Sure, they went flat & thick and the things are fast. But they are too long and it makes the raiuls too parallel & the boards get tracky. But hey, they can honestly tell their buddies, “It paddles just like a longboard.” But to get all the wide swallow tail & forward of center width has to offer, I think you have to go short.

Don’t resist. Don’t overthink. Don’t second-guess the guys that make them. Unless you want a fast, tracky board that “paddles just like a longboard”. If you do, get a 6’6" fish. If you don’t, get a 6’1" x 23" x 2 3/4" with almost no rocker. And skate away like never before…

Not to hijack this thread, but about what dimensions for someone 6 feet and 160 lbs. Do you think a 5’11" x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4 is about right?

5’10" x 22 x 2 5/8" would really give you the feel…

Hey Coldwater

I’m 6’2 190 and ride a 5’11 x20.5 X 2 3/4-3inches thick Brom fish. Really nice float and paddle and I’ve only ridden it with a 6mil wetsuit on. The board is just so fun…

I think you could go down to a 5’9 or so depending on other dimensions.


Thanks for your reply. I am comfortable on my 6’2" and have 20 years experience. I feel pretty sure I can handle a 5’10" but concerned it might not be the best option. You said you surfed one 6 inches smaller and that you did not think that 5’10" would be bad for me. I guess that did not really sound too convincing to me… My question for you is did you like the 5’4" you tried or you just made it work. I have an option to make it a board that is more suited for mre as opposed to making it work.

Anyways I am leaning toward maybe 5’11".




Thanks for the reply. Do you ride a fish around those dimensions? I see we are about the same size and I am exploring 5’10"-6’ because I know I could make either work I some times ride my sons 5’5" softie but only for novelty. If you had the choice which would you get. This is primarily for head high and under summer/spring Nor Cal.




Thanks for your reply and I have alot of respect for your expeience and always enjoy reading your posts.

For all around I guess would say my demensions are similar to you but I like my 6’6" because I can slide it after offf the lips or cutbacks. This new stick will be for mostly Summer spring Nor Cal wedges under head high. I really liked the 6’2" canard cutaway fish at 2 5/8x 21.2ish (just measured it tis weekend.) The speed was sick and I am doing airs on it and now have brought those to my thruster only less frequently. Anyways I do feel comfortable on these smaller boards and probobly alot to do with the fact that I surf with my 8 year old alt now since he is excelling at a fast rate now ( but still a 2 foot and under wonder) and we mostly go out in pretty small stuff where he is comfortable ans I am groveling. But I have found these boards go fine in over head and alot of fun in that as well.

In regards to turning The fishes definatly dont turn the same as normal thruster. But bthe way they go wide cutting back to tail slide I like and the big guy boards I have tried just dont perform for me, the way I like.

The KG fish will be alot wider I was told at least 22" so I think the vollume will be there and enugh planing surface. But 5’ 10 is probobly a hair too short. I will probobly go 1"-2" longer. I like your analagy (s?) about the shoe I think for this I wear a size 6 (ish).

Sorry if my reply is scattered I am rushing around right now…

Best regards,


Thanks Gonzo,

I am going twinzer with this because I heard they are more versitle that standard twin fish. I sure would like to try one of those though I heard for front side they are incredible… One day!



Thanks benny,

I want to skate for sure I really never even concidered over 6’2" and will probobly go 1-2-3 less. I am very indecisive.

Wind wind go away!