Let's Make a Deal 2011

Post your location. Network with people in your local area. Network outside of your area and go on a road trip.....Let's make a Deal!

I scored some great deals at Segway Composites last month. Thanks Ken

I have a deal going with MarkSSD. He helps out around the house and buys beer ...I let him use the shop. We split 3 gallon kits of RR.

I help Mark glass boards...he helps me glass boards.

I'm working on a deal with Swied right now. I help him with glassing and hot coating on some longboards. He helps me make some fins.

Last year a blank company in Oxnard went out of business....Swaylock's deal making brought blanks to my house in San Diego county.

Today I'm out of money. I need 6oz fiberglass cloth. There's a 12' SUP in my shed that needs to get glassed......:)

I have a 5'7" egg up for sale or trade.....who wants to make a deal?



Any one in auckland nz want to trade some cloth or fin plugs etc for dust masks got a board to glass soon and lot of 3m dust masks and a heap of gloves? Or if ya local your welcome to have a few.

hey Ray - last thing I need is another surfboard… but I have lots of glass if you need some, just swing on by.   we can work out a “swap” later… maybe labor instead of materials? you can glass a board for me or do some sanding?  whatever…




Nice shape. 

cool Idea, happy to do a deal with any Aussies, I'm on the Sunny Coast so keen to discuss with anyone who is keen .....





hey Ray - last thing I need is another surfboard... but I have lots of glass if you need some, just swing on by.   we can work out a "swap" later... maybe labor instead of materials? you can glass a board for me or do some sanding?  whatever...



Hi Keith...I'd be more than happy to trade labor for cloth. Maybe glass your next XPS/EPS/PMS board???? Sounds like a good excuse to swing by your place. My Home Depot sander with the vacuum cleaner attachment just died....2nd time this year and I have two delams to fix...sometimes life is not fair.....ha, ha............

 If you like the little purple egg...post up....I'll trade for sand paper...masking tape/masking paper...fins....pigments...tickets to Sea World ???? a little cash....whatever....let's make a deal....I need to clear out the shop...I also have a 7'2" I will trade.

I'm not good at BullShitting people on Craigs List... You know...acting like your stuff is gold and everyone else sells junk.

I would much rather barter with people on Swaylock's...Let's make a deal....



OK...I've got this 12'6" Flat Water SUP blank. It's machine shaped. It's not for surfing. It looks more like a canoe than a surf board. Keith is going to help me with fiberglass cloth. The guy I got the blank from says I will need about 2 gallons of epoxy resin to glass this monster. I'm ordering resin this week.

Anyone in San Diego / So Cal want to split a 3 gallon kit of Resin Research CE resin?

I'm also going to need padding for the deck. Any deals out there?

I’m getting ready to buy some resin this week.  Send me a PM.  


I'm getting ready to buy some resin this week.  Send me a PM.  


PM sent. You're somewhere in San Diego...right?

I need epoxy too. Maybe we can do a three some.   But I need a 3 gallon kit at least.

I got some quality 3M products..masks, super 77, hearing protection, eye protection, car wax, some tape,sand paper, plastic measuring cups, seal pelts, and 1998 Johnson 200hp Ocean Runner parts etc.

I'm in.

NSW south coast



Hey S'Ray, If you can't find a deal, check out:  www.closedcellfoams.com    I was surprised to learn Dennis Pangs' paddleboards have 2&1/4 thick padding on his laydowns. They are some of the nicest paddleboards I've seen.



I don't want this thread to morph too much...but. You are only going to need a very small patch of grip deck on that SUP.   Just right in the middle of the board where you stand, no need to put it all over the place. Something like maybe  2 pcs , at 16 inches long by 12 wide.  put one on the Starbord side and one of the Port side.  You could buy a nose rider nose patch...that would work with a little Stinger Raymundo creativity,.... and a razorblade.

I don't even have a pad. I taped off a design, layed down some epoxy...kept the tape there, then sanded it with 80 grit..all going the same direction. And I just wear my wetsuit booties.  The only time I fall off is during complete operator error, or a huge fricking boat wake comes by.

No need to get all fancy, because you are never going to be running around on that boat...or laying down for that matter.  So just scuff it up a tad.

Are you a "springsuit bootie man"?

The spray-on traction works really well.  I used a 3-coat application of it - which is what they recommend for SUPs - on a couple shortboards and there’s plenty of traction to keep you connected to the board while “crawling” and surfing.    The problem I ran into with the stuff is that it is abrasive and it will tear up a wetsuit (or bare skin) when laying on it. Obviously that would not be a problem with an SUP.    I ended up sanding it down on those boards and applying just a single light coating and using that in lieu of a basecoat of wax.  Now I just use a really light coat of wax over that for my shortboards - makes pretty good bumps that don’t wear off.  

Maybe use a combination of a traction pad for the high impact areas on your deck and the spray on stuff for the other areas.    The spray is something like $20/can, which is enough to do an entire SUP with 3 coats.  

The SUP I'm working on is a Lake Board not a Surfboard. 100% flat water. I just need some cut offs or scraps of padding. Whatever comes my way.....low budget...

I drove down to Keith's place with Mrs.Stingray on Sat... Great day for a drive down the coast... Got to hang out with Keith and Brad for a while. Came home with about 60 feet of cloth. I'm a happy guy!

MarkSSD called. He wants to split a bucket of resin filler. That will work. I'm doing two ugly delams right now.

Hey Resinhead...do you have any Ultra fine sand paper?  800,1000, or 1200? I could use a sleeve.

Gdaddy....got your PM's....we'll work something out....


...AND....I have this cool little purple egg I'd like to trade for something......

Fun stuff...Stingray...

The resinhead...aka the bootieman.


Resinhead always has sand paper.  The resinhead will have too see if he has fine grit.


The resinhead like the bootie.

Hey Ray - I have a box of 800 grit velcro backed 6" discs, should fit your Rigid sander once you get it fixed (although its 9 holes for Festool, so not a perfect fit)… didn’t know you were looking for that… if you want some let me know.  (I have 600 grit as well but no 1000, as I am not that patient, ha ha).



Wet sanding with ultra fine......by hand...mostly small repairs.....

ha ha.... they tell me you can't buff epoxy....that's why we do ghetto gloss.......ha ha...