Let's Make a Deal 2015

Let’s Make a Deal 2015.

I can make deals with Keith and Resinhead all day long. We live in the same county. We met through Swaylocks.com. Let’s make a deal…barter is a good thing.

Here’s what I have for trade today…

15 feet of 6 ounce cloth 38" wide.

3 ounce Volan cloth 50" wide. Lenght unknown. Great for vac bag and tail patches. ( got it from Keith in a deal).

2 PVC stringers…Black…1/4’ wide…Clark or Us Blanks 6’2" fish rocker.

One Longboard. 10 feet long. Made from a Warvel Foam Blank. Super heavy, flat rocker. Might make a nice park bench before I cut it up into tiny bits of foam.

Redwood and other interesting wood scraps for tail blocks.

Also have a fresh 3 gallon kit of RR KK I will split in half with someone…

And I went in halfs with a Swaylocks Friend on a roll of 4 ounce cloth…we can sell off a few yards and still have plenty for Our projects…


What I need / want…

anything interesting. Longboard fins. deals on fin boxes. CASH, EPS block foam, surfboard blanks, dinner for two…Lets make a deal!

Stingray!  bring over that bit of 6 ounce, I have lots to trade…longboard fins…or balsa wood… or redwood for stringers…or probox boxes…and cold beer of course.

what width is your 4 ounce cloth by they way?

I am working on an even cheaper longboard than Resinhead, wait till you see it. 

Impossible…I’m insulted!!


Not so impossible…check this out.  So far total expense for blank, stringers, and fin is 50 cents.  And that was for the dark strip of wood in the middle of the fin.  Blank was free from a guy who had it for 9 years and was leaving for Texas.  Stringer wood came from neighbors’ roof remodel, redwood circa 1921 with lots of rusty nails in it.  Fin wood also from neighbor’s old roof, with a short strip of purpleheart found at the swap meet…  and yes, its crappy foam… old xps is the current theory…  but it was the right price, ha ha. 


Yes its a cheap build…but will it float?   .50 cents is pretty cheap. are you going to lam it with free glue and horse hair?


.50 cents…I’m insulted again.!!

iIt will float because it weighs less than a duck… in fact less than some small rocks!  and if I can find enough free glue and horsehair, then I’ll consider it.  if not, maybe some old bed sheets.  or just fiberglass… signed,

lower tech labs.

Downsizing in order to move to the Central (CA) coast. My deal for you is all my consumables for free. Have 2 Warvel blanks, a 10’1" and 6’0" fishy/pescado/simmons-type. lots of cups and stir sticks, disposable squeegees (100’s), fiberglass fin layup panels, enough for 50-60 fins, templates and template material, other odds and ends. Long Beach,CA area, South LA or North Orange counties. PM for particulars and we’ll hook it up.

I’m in TKelly…and I’ll share the stuff with the crew down South. PM sent. What do you need ?

Text sent to your #

Ok…I went on vacation…missed a deal with TKelly but he had some guys he is working with…I’m overloaded with work and home repairs / drought lawn removal…

…and then the Swaylock’s Underground kicked in…McDing left a message that a Sways friend needs to talk to me…and now I have 12 EPS blanks in my side yard…

Funky, stringerless, EPS…longboard…I put out the word to the guys I normally do deals with…some deals will go down in San Diego…The first few people to contact me via PM can have a Free blank. The rules are simple. You cannot sell the blank. You must shape it or give it away for free. And the guy I got the blanks from stays anonymous…and…it’s take it or leave it…if you need to ask questions about the blanks you can move on…


Hi Ray -

Awesome score!  If you have any left, maybe we can work a deal for the biggest one you have?  Do you need anything down there?



All bets are off !!

One blank set aside for Nathan in Ventura, One for Rick in SD, and One for John… Mrs Stingray wants to do another road trip so maybe we’ll head up the coast ??? !!!

All the blanks are the same…too busy to measure…about 9 feet…Stoked…Ray

Carpo--------  aka Shark City.

Bless you guys…

Wish I was close enough to play…

A guy named Rick from SD came over and scored a blank. He gave me a 6 pack.I asked him to do a thread on the board he builds. Nathan from Ventura sent pm’s. I gave Nate my cell phone number but he never called or sent a text. I don’t like giving out my number. nate your out…sorry pal. I took 2 blanks down to Keith’s place and we cut them in half with the band saw…and went crazy making an agave stringer…Keith and Resinhead got a blank. Working on something with John…you see…Mrs Stringray loves the Central Coast and John has been our guide /host more than once…good Karma there…Tuesday Mrs Stingray and Mr Stingray drove 40 miles to San Diego Plastics in National City. We picked up a 4x8 sheet of 3mm PVC foam for stringers…after I make my stringers there should be enough material to make a few more…if you need a stringer maybe we can make a deal…and I have 2 black PVC  Fish stringers that I need to get rid of 3/8 thick…

…and the 4oz cloth…I scored a deal because the roll was 109 yards instead of the standard 125 yards…but it’s 27 inches wide. Great for short boards…but I mostly do fish / eggs and longboards…price needs to stay pm…hope you’re getting some waves…totally flat at my home break right now. have some surf trips planned soon!


Shame youre on the other side of the pacific.

Done, 6" Huge thick blank with Agave stringer.  Removed at least 3 inches of foam from these beasts.  Great blanks…you can make a SUP,Boat, Noah’s Arc, Boat Dock…or even a surfboard.  Never mind the space heater and 5 gallon of gas next to it, when it goes…it will make a great fireball tobe seen allthe way to El Centro.

Copy of a 1967 Hansen Hustler outline.

For Sale $600.00…contact me. Has nice Balsa Fin too.

I’ve got a 9’9"A USBlank that I will not be using.

I paid $170 ish with tax a month or so ago for it.

I need glass, epoxy, other blanks, cash, maybe other stuff…

Located on the central coast in CA.

anyone have a surplus of cork they would trade or sell?

I’ve been wanting to use some cork on a compsand build.

located in SE Alaska. 




You can buy cork on wayfair.com , the last time I bought some 1/8 it was 4ft x 25ft and I think it cost about $45. free shipping . hope that helps .