My cousins and I pryed this board out of one of their neighbors rafters this Christmas. For monetary compensation of course. Good for us and good for the neighbor… I get to be the test pilot. I think there’s gonna be wave on Saturday…



Just think… It’s so pristine… as old as me… I get to be the first kook to ding it, and I’d like to think I’m not a kook!

Hey Colin,

For what it’s worth consider that the board may be worth a considerable sum in pristine condition. In your place I’d find out before I waxed it down.

Mahalo, Rich

I wouldn’t ride it either!

Why ride something I rode in the early '70’s, made from '69 thru mid '70’s, to revisit old times?

Yeah, works on a overhead fast steep waves. Sucks everywhere else, what else is new.

Place on EBay, sell. Might be some fascinated youngin’s who wished they were around during Gerry’s heydays. They’d prolly be rich too!


I wouldn’t ride it either!

Why ride something I rode in the early '70’s, made from '69 thru mid '70’s, to revisit old times?

WHY THE HELL NOT! A high performance 6ft2 thrusters going to rule everywhere but maybe riding different boards with a different aproach may be good, let everyone try it for themselves because after all who cares what everyone else thinks! its about U!

see ‘Sprout’…

and , SteveWilking’s photo gallery and any ‘Surfer’ and ‘Surfing’ magazines from that era you can get your hands on . and ignore LeeDD .

scan it dupe it and make three maybe five of em and ride 'em to obliviousness and coincidental destruction.

The old guys are saying this pristine example will yes will be destroyed in short order by no intentional overt action of you-all gifted yungins.

the kids in the neighborhood brought back a Hansen stringerless ultralight from the mainland and it was perfect…the ding in the nose was just a little one,the water forced into it opened up the sucker and ripped out the bottom glass a foot back…too bad that pristine perfect example that was worth a small fortune -two or three new boards- is now a 150.oo repair liability that sits collecting dust in the shed,oh yea it had the tiny one sticker right under the ding the hasty repair of this ding willerrode the vaue of this research piece down to zip…oh yeah it has a 3/4 length stringer… not stringerless

…ambrose… make a new one … what is a kook?..kuk-kukae…

I’m not a kuk

I;m not a kuk

I:m not a kuk

Eye’m not a kook

i am just a kid

look back on the mistakes you once did old man

pan right an see that young man doing it again

if you mention

it they will just say…

that was then this aint then


see ‘Sprout’…

See single finners struggling to make sections, gain speed and keep from spinning out. All while wearing the same 70’s hair styles.

At this point in my surfing existance, I don’t own a working thruster. I gave up on them. Granted most of what I ride is 9’+ but this Lopez is a fat boy’s gun!! Yes, a small fortune, And I’m gonna ride it. When somebody lays down $1200 on a Tyler or a Cooperfish, should the hang it in the den?

Last time it got to 10 foot here, the current was running like a river. I was on another '70 throwback. Pristine little 6’8" pintail. I was wishing for a little more board. This lopez is 6’10" and thicker thruought! I’m stoked. I’m about 190 and 5’6". I need a little bit extra. I’ve even got a fin bolt with the loop in it. Anybody got a few extra of those? I have one I have to move around to whatever board.

I remember awhile back on this site, somebody had dredged up some sick Hawaii gun. He saw showing his find and feeling out the crowd. Much like the response I got, there were the collectors waiting to bid on Ebay… some guy came along expounding, “It’s a hammer! Beat it!!”

It’s supposed to be 5-6’ with offshores this weekend…

forgive them father they know not what they do…

… ambrose … build a new one, wreck that

…so the young bull said, Hey! Come on! Lets hurry up!, run down and screw a cow…to which the old wise bull replied…lets walk down and screw them all.


Glad to be looking back in time, when my very valuable baseball cards became noisemakers in my bicycle spokes.

ride it.

it was made to be ridden.

ride it.

after it’s life is gone, it can be restored and hung on the wall.

ride it.

the pleasure will be worth more than the money.

ride it.

there will come a day

when you can’twon’t be able to

ride it.

and what does it matter its worth

having lost the chance to

ride it.

WORD ambrose. Make a copy and ride it. Finding a board like that in pristine condition is unheard of and from the timeperiod it is like finding a missing link in surfboard progression. If it was knocked up and falling apart it would be one thing but personally i would feel bad even putting foot dents in the deck.

I recently saw a board in the classifieds around here and contacted the owner, this is what she had to say about it:

"It’s an old board that my bro got from an Aussie neighbour. It’s from the 70’s, very narrow and wide.

It doesn’t have the shapers name, but I’ll tell you all I know about it. It has a blue bottom and green rails, the top is yellow and it has the lightning bolt sign with the circle around it. I have been told it’s a big wave board, as it is very thick, but really narrow. The fin (only one) is a really weird shape and I’m not sure if it’s the original or not. There is no name, just the sign which is a jerry Lopez signiture sign or something like that. I don’t have a digital camera, so I can’t send you pic’s, but my number is ***, you can give me a call, or just email me back…I’ll try to get those dimentions for you. It’s a little beat up, but I’ve been told it’s a collector’s item and it looks pretty cool."

If I go look at it, is there anything I should look for to help me decide whether or not to buy it? Did Mr lopez not put his name on some of them? Thanks,

If you scan this board and make copies to ride, please let me know, I’d be interested.


I like what Peter G has to say. I’m a poor man from a poor family. We’ve all got lot’s of love for each other, so maybe we’re not that poor. I could never afford to buy a board like this on the collectors market. It was made to ride. We’ll take care of it don’t you all worry. When I’m too old, there’s a bunch of young bulls behind me. I’ll wait for those dredging days off the jetty and see where it can go though. I’ll even take it to Bungers Surfshop on Long Island, when I do, I’ll let you know if he want’s to do a run…

Won’t be riding it tomorrow afterall. Have to do a Paddle Out for our brother Patrick. He had a run-in with the Third Rail.

that board looks sick. i’d ride it for sure. sorry about your friend. i’ve met him a few time and i’m a fan of his mag.


teddy williams sr. told me that…I think it applies here

…ambrose… if you know you dont have to be told

if you dont know some times you think you do

if it gets wrecked its your responsibility

I wash my hands of the whole deal I’ve done what I can

I wouldn’t have ridden it when it was new

yo estoy muy pobrecito y muy particular

Thanks! I only knew him from the Beach. Nice guy.