Mick Fanning and Asher Pacey surf the best Kirra in 20 years...some say?

Mick Fanning and Asher Pacey at Kirra on the 16th of January 2011, there
was a report on Coastwatch that this morning was the best Kirra has
been in 20 years. Micks words after that barrel were “that was so crazy I
was frothing all the way”. And a simple reply was “So were we”…




I watched it in the morning, could be the best since they broke it, not 20 years, basically as the youtube shows it was a close out with a few mental barrels, Asher, Mick, Dylan Longbottom and a few others were getting some great barrels, there were 6 jetskis out there???????????????? in amongst a lot of guys just trying to catch one, 5 to 6' surf ? very thick but don't let anyone tell you Kirra is anywhere near it's former self, H. There were double the amount of skis at Currumbin, dropping in on each other.

Hey buddy thanks for the negativity…so you watched it ehh? If you had the balls to paddle out you would have seen some of the best barrels on the Goldie for years from the perspective that it can be true appreciated.

Thanks to people like you these boys don’t get the respect they should taking on these conditions…everyone know it looks smaller on vid.

Asher said some of the hold downs were amazing for the size…6 foot? NO MATE 8 Foot!

Grow up and paddle out…do you live in Brissie???

can’t say I’ll see you in the lineup???




harry it will never change with all that sand in the wrong places

as soon as they threw the first lot of rocks it has  gone backwards   ** sand pumping is just another f#k up**

cheers huie

welcome to sways you ##

Grow up and paddle out...do you live in Brissie???

 That's the problem old mate, grown too old, still trying, As for negativity about Kirra, ask anyone who surfed it when it was Kirra, it's not the same, so relax on me , have another read and see that I said thick. Height wise it wasn't 8', I was being negative about 6 jetskis out there, hey it wasn't too long ago when I was, injured and old and I do know mate, Tweed Heads, not Brisbane, H. ps stay on here , this site needs Aussie firebrands.

Sorry for the agro but it was as solid as you would want to paddle into…you have to give it to the boys who make those sections…they are only for the fast and a surfer who can truely read the wave!!!

I love to surf solid waves but the punishment handed out this day was pretty heavy and I’m not sure i would want to be caught on the inside…Mick was frothing spoke to him personally and he thought it was the best barrel he had there in more the ten years…

I surfer kirra 20 years ago and it still breaked out over the sand bank…but traditionally it breaked only meters from the road???

Huie is a major kook and should be expelled for such unwanted language…%$$^wit!!!

I’m repulsed by the attitude given to other members by long time members, I have never been called a “&^$%ing idiot” in any forum ever…this forum needs a major rehual as I sue Huie…see you in court!!!

I have contacted administrators for your contact and legal action will start ASAP!!!

Huie see you in court, love you work!!!


I'm hearing you Mate, it was very heavy that morning, HEAVY, so the guys that paddle should be able to catch one,not have a fucken jetski drive past them , whilst bumping the swells too, cause it must have been impossible to get back out and I didn't see anyone walking back like was the case , let alone jumping of the groin, well the bit of groin. You probably have seen me in the lineup. It was basically closing out, except for the odd one and those guys we mentioned were ripping. You could put the best from anywhere else out there and they wouldn't stand a chance, ie, Mick and Joel's heat the other year or what the boys were doing when I watched, H.

Hiue the hero just cut off his nose despite his ugly face…bring it on, you will be held accountable.


Harris love you work mate, out there!!! When you see guys like that perform under yuor nose you realise how much you need to learn…but at the end of the day people out there are learning…next time you might be in the pit on cam…really hope so bro!!

See now we're going ok, I wanted to be out there, but as I said it was heavy, as for Huey, he's older and even more fucked up than me, he was sticking up for me as we Aussies have to do here, we are so out numbered with our lovely seppo mates, they usually just send us to coventry. Ther'e are a lot of good blokes here and a few mean barstards. like everywhere, if you were out there that morning, good work and I hope you got some, enjoy it while you can, H.

I usually shoot water camera but an oring busted two days before I was so %$%^$%$ but happy not to be caught inside some of those bangers…Aussie? I was staying with Asher and i live on the Sunny Coast…wednesday is a big day mate???

I surfed in Cali a year ago and couldn’t believe the lack of rippers and shredders, so the sep’s have a long way to come??..and now I just started another bashing! Yeow!!!



Yea but we can Handle Huey, no need to piss off the whole gang , that's usually my job. Go back through the archives and find out about this site, deep down I think they really like us, I watched Shane Bechen get 3 10's when it was Kirra, heard Jay Phillips got 2 10's in the semis at Greenmount on Sunday in the teams titles, he is a mate of mine, please do me a favour and make it cool with Huey, he has saved my arse a lot of times here, thanks H.

I’m more than happy to make it up with Huey but he has to realise when you call someone a “%$@#ing idiot” the back gets pretty arched and I go into head hunting mode…noone should ever call anyone a %^%ing idiot with faceless media.

It’s really bad taste and coming from an aussie is crap??

So has Huey got anything to say from himself other than slander???


The crap thing is once it is said, it is on record and the person responible needs to take responsible action…and this is not what I’m seeing???


Even Huey is not above Slander laws…

Saying that crap and then going to ground is unexplainable???